Britain’s most jealous woman Debbi Wood: ‘I’m a plus-size model- now my hubby’s jealous of me!’

Paranoid Debbi Wood used to worry that husband Steve would stray, but as she strips off for a Closer photo shoot, she says that plus-size modelling has improved their relationship

jealous woman

by Miranda Knox |

Debbi Wood was once so paranoid her hubby Steve might cheat that she forced him to take monthly lie detector tests and checked his phone and emails multiple times a day.

The mum-of-two, 44, dubbed “Britain’s most jealous woman,” even reportedly banned Steve from watching TV shows featuring Holly Willoughby and Anne Robinson, whom she suspected he fancied.


Debbi – who’s been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder called Othello syndrome, which causes the sufferer to believe their partner has been unfaithful – also applied security filters to their computer to ensure he couldn’t look at porn sites.

But size 22 Debbi reveals that since she decided to start working as a plus-size model earlier this year – hoping to get into catalogue modelling – 32-year-old Steve is now jealous of her.

Debbi, who is 20st and lives with Steve in Leicester, happily stripped off for Closer’s photo shoot. She says: “I want to shake off my reputation as a jealous woman. For the first time in ages I feel good about myself, and as I’ve become more confident I can trust Steve more. He gets jealous of the attention I get – but that only makes me feel more secure."

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