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Kelly Alleyne paedophile hunter CEOP

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**Mum of two Kelly Alleyne works in an ordinary-looking office block in south west London. But that’s the only thing ordinary about her work. **

Kelly's in the thick of the fight against paedophiles, working for CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection) which is part of the National Crime Agency.

A team of nine people watch endless hours of videos and scrutinise thousands of images depicting the vilest sexual abuse against children in a bid to bring the perpetrators to justice and hopefully rescue the victims.

When you stop a child being abused, the relief is enormous.

Kelly, 39, who lives with her husband Darren, 40, and her two sons aged 10 and seven, says: “It’s not a job anyone can do.

"I became a social worker when I left university and then moved to the NSPCC to work in child abuse enquiries and finally to CEOP, where I started out working in victim identification.

"It's not easy at all spending hours at a time looking at these images of the most hateful crimes against children – I’ve even seen babies being abused.

"The main thing is that I focus on the background of the image or video not what's actually happening to the child.

"I'm looking for clues that will lead to identification, so you narrow it down by, for example, looking for food products in the background. You have to have a good eye for detail.

"It is tough and I have to take regular breaks as well as having mandatory psychologist appointments every six months. But when you stop a child being abused, the relief is enormous."

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