WATCH: Adorable little girl won’t let Dad leave her cot

A father who climbed into his daughter's cot to stop her crying was left trapped after his baby wouldn't let him leave.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Canadian father Nunzio Raso came into his infant daughter's room to find her crying. To help her fall back to sleep, the dad is seen trying to make her lie down, stroking her and coaxing her back to bed.

However after this fails, Nunzio climbs into the (obviously very well-made) crib, placing his daughter on his chest to comfort her.

Sure enough, the little girl quickly falls asleep on her dad, trapping him in the crib.

As she snoozes away, Nunzio looks around trying to establish how to make his escape without waking the sleeping baby.

Unfortunately his daughter is not happy to give him up without a fight, and wiggles around to keep him in place as she enjoys a peaceful slumber.

Watch the cute footage below - for anyone with babies, we're sure this rings true!

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