Love Island 2019 cast – where are they now?

Fights! (Good) bombshells! Maura Higgins! Love Island series 5 was absolutely iconic

love island 2019 where are they now

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Let's not lie, Love Island was iconic in 2019.

We had Amber Gill remaining a true queen, we were first introduced to Molly-Mae Hague, and Maura Higgins putting Tom Walker in his place was TV gold.

Also, remember when Yewande Biala said that iconic "have a nice life" line? Sherif Lanre got kicked off the show nine days into the series and Michael Griffiths mugged Amber off but then changed his mind when Joanna Chimonides was dumped.

Oh, and we'll never forget Anna Vakili screaming at her boyfriend Jordan Hames for trying to crack on with India Reynolds just two days after they became an official couple. So shady.

love island 2019 cast anna jordan
Remember when it kicked off between Anna and Jordan? ©ITV

After Amber and Greg O'Shea were crowned the winners of Love Island 2019 the Islanders have gone on to have major success and we dare we say it? Are probably the most famous bunch of Love Island stars around.

Who won Love Island in 2019?

Despite being mugged off by Michael when he returned from Casa Amor with Joanna, Amber still managed to win the show.

love island amber gill
amber won the show alongside Greg ©ITV

She was in a friendship couple with BFF Ovie Soko for quite some time but the last bombshell to enter the villa - Greg - managed to sweep her off her feet and the rest is history.

Well, they've since split but are both loved up in new relationships.

Amber is dating footballer Jen Beattie and Greg is now coupled up with presenter Jeanni Mulder.

Are the Love Island 2019 couples still together?

There's only one couple from Love Island 2019 series that's still together and it's Molly-Mae and Tommy. It might come as a shock to viewers who branded Molly as 'Money Mae' during her time in the villa and Anton Danyluk who accused her of playing a game - shortly after she pied him.

Molly gave birth to baby Bambi earlier on this year and the duo seem to be happier than ever.

Molly Mae
Molly is one of love islands most successful stars ©itv

Love Island 2019 voting results

Despite Tommy and Molly-Mae being in an actual relationship in the villa, Amber and Greg won Love Island in 2019 with almost 50 per cent of the votes.

Greg and Amber had 48.8 per cent of the votes, Tommy and Molly-Mae were in second place with 25.56 per cent of the votes, bombshells Ovie Soko and India Reynolds came in third place with 18.21 per cent of the votes and in fourth place was Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins with 7.4 per cent.

love island amber greg
amber and greg won the show with the majority of the votes ©ITV

Former Love Island stars have also opened up and revealed all their tips, tricks and advice on being successful during the audition process.

Amy Hart has even shared a video of her audition to give everyone some inspiration and we have to admit it's very creative.

Oh and make sure you've read the rules for inside the villaso you don't do a Sherif and get kicked off the show.


Love Island 2019 - where are they now?

yewande biala1 of 72

Yewande Biala - arrived day one, dumped day 22

Yewande was the fifth Islander to leave the villa after Danny decided to recouple with Arabella, leaving the scientist single.

Yewande Biala2 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Yewande Biala

After leaving the villa single – and throwing shade at Danny by telling him to "have a nice life" – Yewande went on to date Casa Amor star George Rains but later discovered he had a secret girlfriend. She and Molly-Mae also confirmed that they were not friends amid reports of a feud. Since leaving the villa, Yewande has launched her own In The Style edit alongside Amy, Anna, Joanna and Francesca, and is the co-host of Capital XTRA's 'Tea Time'. She also released her first book, titled Reclaiming, which hit shelves in 2022.

lucie donlan3 of 72

Lucie Donlan - arrived day one, dumped day 36

Lucie Donlan was savagely dumped from the villa on day 36 alongside George Rains, after their fellow Islanders opted to save Curtis and Amy Hart. Lucie was initially coupled up with sandwich maker Joe Garratt, before admitting her feelings for boxer Tommy.

Lucie Donlan4 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Lucie Donlan

Since leaving the villa, Lucie has been dating Love Island 2020 star Luke Mabbott since July 2020 and got engaged when he popped the question during a trip to Finland.

amber gill5 of 72

Amber Gill - arrived day one, finished first place. WINNER

After a tough journey and being cruelly labelled as 'chaldish' by Michael, Amber overcame all obstacle and won Love Island 2019 with her knight in shining armour, Greg. The new couple left the villa as winners on day 49.

Amber Gill6 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Amber Gill

Weeks after winning the show and bagging £25k Amber was left devastated when Greg dumped her over text. It wasn't all bad news though because after she landed a contract with Miss Pap she became a millionaire. She's also switched her hairstyle a few times and launched a podcast. Much like Yewande, Amber also released her first book, Until I Met You, a fictional novel. She's now dating Arsenal footballer Jen Beattie.

amy hart7 of 72

Amy Hart - arrived day one, quit day 31

Amy went through a traumatic time in the villa after her fairytale romance came to an end when Curtis revealed his head had been turned. Amy decided to quit the villa to leave Curtis to pursue other relationships and to deal with her heartbreak on the outside world.

Amy Hart8 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Amy Hart

Amy didn't have the easiest of times in the villa and after leaving, she confessed she went to therapy 12 times during her stint. The former air hostess has admitted after her time on the show she'd 'get into bed at lunchtime and cry' before confessing at one point ITV 'stepped in and made me eat again'. Although she didn't find love in the villa, Amy confirmed she was dating model and entrepreneur Sam Rason in 2021 and they welcome baby Stanley in 2023.

anna vakili9 of 72

Anna Vakili - arrived day one, dumped day 45

Anna Vakili was dumped from the villa on day 45 alongside her ex Jordan Hames and other dumped couple, Harley Brash and Chris Taylor. After a blazing argument with her so called 'boyfriend' Jordan, the couple were dumped from the villa.

Anna Vakili10 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Anna Vakili

Anna joined forces with Amber and Yewande for a podcast, she had her own In The Style edit and launched a collection alongside he sister Mandi for Simmi Shoes. The sisters have also launched their own podcast Sister in the City.

anton danyluk11 of 72

Anton Danyluk - arrived day one, finished 5th place

Anton and Belle Hassan just missed out on attending the Love Island final as they were dumped on day 38, and titled in 5th place.

Anton Danyluk12 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Anton Danyluk

Shortly after missing out on the Love Island final, Anton unfollowed Molly-Mae and claimed it was because they were never friends. Five weeks after the show ended and Anton and Belle ended their relationship. These days, however, Anton is living in Dubai and all loved up with. He is also now working as a fitness coach.

tommy fury13 of 72

Tommy Fury - arrived day one, finished second place. RUNNER UP

Tommy and Molly-Mae narrowly missed out on being crowned the winners of Love Island 2019. The couple, who had been the most secure, lost out to Amber and Greg.

Tommy Fury14 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Tommy Fury

Tommy is still happily dating Molly-Mae and the couple welcomed baby Bambi into the world. Tommy's boxing career is still going strong though and he remains undefeated with eight matches and no losses under his belt.

joe garratt15 of 72

Joe Garratt - arrived day one, dumped day 16

Joe was whisked away by ITV bosses following his axe due to the backlash against him after fans claimed he was "gaslighting" Lucie.

Joe Garratt16 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Joe Garratt

Joe famously snubbed Lucie in a savage tweet but after she was booted from the villa, he managed to put the past behind him and get back together with her. However they've since split. In 2021, Joe dated Frankie Sims and appeared alongside her on TOWIE. However, their romance wasn't to last and Joe will be starring on Ex on the Beach.

Michael Griffiths17 of 72

Michael Griffiths - arrived day one, dumped day 42

Michael's time on the show was rocky and he was branded a 'snake' and 'fake' by Joanna when he refused to leave with her. Days later he attempted to rekindle things with Amber but she gave him a taste of his own medicine and instead, decided to couple up with new boy Greg. Michael was dumped from the villa with Francesca Allen.

Michael Griffiths18 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Michael Griffiths

Michael appeared on Ex on the Beach series 11, he's part of the Dreamboys cast and there were rumours that he dated Love Island 2018 star Ellie Brown. He's also appeared on his on reality show, Living the Dream, alongside housemates and former co-stars Chris, Danny and Jordan.

sherif lanre19 of 72

Sherif Lanre - arrived day one, axed day nine

Sherif was removed on day nine after breaking villa rules.

Sherif Lanre20 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Sherif Lanre

Following his short stint Sherif opened up about being booted from the show and confessed ITV bosses made their decision after he had a play-fight with Molly-Mae. He has since said 'there wasn't anything that appealed to me' about the ITV show. He also denied 'rekindling' things with Anna after they met back up outside the villa. Sherif appears to have gone back to his day job as a rugby player and regularly shares snaps of him in the gym on Instagram.

callum macleod21 of 72

Callum Macleod - arrived day one, dumped day five

Callum was the first Islander to be dumped from the villa, lasting just five days on the show.

Callum Macleod22 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Callum Macleod

He was the first star voted off the show following his failed attempts at coupling up with Amber. According to his Instagram bio, Callum has returned to work as an aircraft engineer. Callum married his partner Jade in June 2023.

curtis pritchard23 of 72

Curtis Pritchard - arrived day one, finished fourth place

After lying about his romantic feelings for air hostess Amy and shockingly having his head turned, Curtis ended up finishing Love Island with Irish beauty Maura in fourth place.

Curtis Pritchard24 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Curtis Pritchard

We were all shocked (still are) when Maura and Curtis coupled up in the villa. Months after coming fourth in the competition they went official with their relationship. Curtis became a receptionist on the Greatest Dancer and despite becoming an ambassador for WW he has confessed he never wants to go on a diet again. He has since split from Maura and has been focused on work ever since, appearing on the likes of Hollyoaks, Stand Up & Deliver and Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion. Curtis will also head back into the villa when he takes part in The Love Island Gamesthis November.

Molly-Mae Hague25 of 72

Molly-Mae Hague - arrived day four, finished second place. RUNNER UP

Molly-Mae and her boyfriend Tommy narrowly missed out on being crowned the winners of Love Island 2019.

Molly-Mae Hague26 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Molly-Mae Hague

Despite being the only couple who were actually in a relationship, Molly-Mae and Tommy came second in the competition. In 2021, Molly was appointed the creative director for PrettyLittleThing but recently stepped down. She also gave birth to a baby girl in 2023.

Danny Williams27 of 72

Danny Williams - arrived day 7, dumped day 21

Fans turned on Danny Williams after he picked Arabella Chi over Yewande during a recoupling. He then returned from Casa Amor with newbie Jourdan Riane. Danny and Jourdan were dumped from Love Island on day 21.

Danny Williams28 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Danny Williams

Since leaving the villa, Danny has continued to work as a model and according to his Instagram bio he's now an online coach and is dating dance teacher Becki Hughes.

Elma Pazar29 of 72

Elma Pazar - arrived day 10, dumped day 16

Alongside Joe, Elma Pazar received the fewest public votes and became the third contestant to leave the show.

Elma Pazar30 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Elma Pazar

Elma returned to her day job and in 2022, she joined the cast of TOWIE.

Maura Higgins31 of 72

Maura Higgins - arrived day 10, finished fourth place

Maura finished Love Island with Curtis in fourth place. The ring girl was a fiery contestant during the 2019 series and stunned everyone when she revealed her interest in Curtis just days before Amy's shock departure.

Maura Higgins32 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Maura Higgins

Even though Maura came fourth in the competition she's become one of the most successful contestants. She landed a TV presenting gig on This Morning, she was a Dancing on Ice 2020 contestant and she became an ambassador for the likes of Boohoo and Ann Summers. Maura recently returned to the world of Love Island as a social media ambassador and will continue the role for The Love Island Games.

Tom Walker33 of 72

Tom Walker - arrived day 14, dumped week 4

We're still not sure why Tom was so surprised when the girls voted for him to leave over Curtis and Danny to be honest. He became the seventh contestant to leave the show as he argued with Maura when he was caught saying, "It will be interesting to find out if she is all mouth".

Tom Walker34 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Tom Walker

Since leaving the show he has returned to modelling and often posts sponsored content on Instagram. He left us all shocked in January 2021 when he revealed he'd secretly married his on/off girlfriend Chloe Rayner, who he dated before appearing on the ITV2 dating show.

Jordan Hames35 of 72

Jordan Hames - arrived day 14, dumped day 45

Jordan was dumped from Love Island on day 45 alongside his ex Anna and other dumped couple, Harley and Chris. Jordan was slated after he asked Anna to be his official girlfriend and then just days later, confessed his head had been turned by Ovie's girl, India.

Jordan hames36 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Jordan Hames

Since leaving the villa, Jordan has made waves in the world of fashion and is often spotted walking the runaway and has worked with both Jean Paul Gaultier and Lanvin.

Arabella Chi37 of 72

Arabella Chi - arrived day 17, dumped week 4

She was only on the show for a few days (bless!) and despite being the sixth star to leave the villa she certainly made her mark after recoupling with Danny and causing tension between him and Michael.

Arabella Chi38 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Arabella Chi

After leaving the villa Arabella revealed why she snogged Danny hours after Yewande left and what really happened with ex-boyfriend Charlie Frederick. Arabella returned to modelling and is often enjoying nights out with TOWIE's Amber Turner

Lavena Back39 of 72

Lavena Back - arrived day 23, dumped day 30

After arriving and visiting Casa Amor, a massive group of newbies (including Lavena) left the show, with many of them having seen little or no screen time.

Lavena Back40 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Lavena Back

Despite saying she was going to "take" the original Love Island girls men, Lavena left the show days later single. Fast forward to 2022 and she's now married and had a baby with her husband.

Nabila Badda41 of 72

Nabila Badda - arrived day 23, dumped day 30

Nabila was another Casa Amor casualty who left the show having barely been on the show.

Nabila Badda42 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Nabila Badda

Nabila was only on the show during the Casa Amor saga but after leaving the villa she's gained a few thousand followers. Judging by her Instagram photos she often posts sponsored content and is basically a blogger. A few years back she appeared on Celeb Ex in the City to confront Michael.

Joanna Chimonides43 of 72

Joanna Chimonides - arrived day 23, dumped day 37

Joanna was sent home following an explosive dumping that left her and Michael in the bottom two alongside Anna and Jordan. As only one Islander had to leave, fellow contestants picked Joanna and strangely, Michael didn't choose to leave with her. Joanna branded him a 'snake' before her shock exit.

Joanna Chimonides44 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Joanna Chimonides

Joanna was furious that Michael stayed in the villa despite them being in a couple and although they made up outside the villa it didn't last long and they've now split. She's since become a radio presenter on Fubar, she's best pals with Kady McDermott and she regularly posts ads on Instagram.

Belle Hassan45 of 72

Belle Hassan - arrived day 23, finished 5th place

Belle Hassan and Anton just missed out on the Love Island final as they were dumped on day 38, and titled in 5th place.

Belle Hassan46 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Belle Hassan

Following her time on Love Island Belle exclusively revealed to Closer Online that her dad got her on the show and that she was told off by producers during her time in the villa. Five weeks after the show ended and Belle and Anton called it quits. Belle now works as a make-up artists and posts tutorials on social media.

Jourdan Riane47 of 72

Jourdan Riane - arrived day 23, dumped week 5

Danny had caused conflict in the villa as he flirted between Yewande and Arabella before moving to Jourdan in Casa Amor. However shortly after returning to the main villa, they were dumped.

Jourdan Riane48 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Jourdan Riane

After being booted from the villa Jourdan and Danny's relationship appeared to go from strength to strength with the pair moving in together. Unfortunately it wasn't to last and weeks later they ended their relationshipwith Jourdan hinting he had a "lack of respect, disloyalty & dishonesty". She's since started her won skincare brand 'Tàsi Skin and has continued to model.

Maria Wild49 of 72

Maria Wild - arrived day 23, dumped day 30

Maria was part of the Casa Amor group of newbies who left the show having never made it to the main villa.

Maria Wild50 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Maria Wild

We still feel for Maria. She was only in the villa for a few days but we barely saw her. She's still managed to gain 70k followers on Instagram and she regularly posts Instagram ads online, so she's doing quite alright.

Stevie Bradley51 of 72

Stevie Bradley - arrived day 23, dumped day 30

Sadly, Stevie was another Casa Amor reject after Lucie decided she'd prefer to hook up with new boy George, leaving Stevie single, and heading back home.

Stevie Bradley52 of 72
CREDIT: Instagram / stevie_bradley1

Stevie Bradley

Aww Stevie. We thought he'd make it back to the main villa but at the last minute Lucie picked George. Stevie has pretty much gone back to his normal life but has over 40k followers.

Dennon Lewis53 of 72

Dennon Lewis - arrived day 23, dumped day 30

After arriving and visiting Casa Amor, a massive group of newbies (including Dennon) left the show, with many of them having seen little or no screen time.

Dennon Lewis54 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Dennon Lewis

Not much has changed with Dennon; he's still hot and a footballer. Like the rest of the Islanders he has posted a bunch of Instagram ads but he has now gone private on the 'gram.

Marvin Brooks55 of 72

Marvin Brooks - arrived day 23, dumped week 5

Although he bonded with Maura in Casa Amor, things changed in the main villa. Marvin was left single and then dumped after Francesca picked Curtis.

Marvin Brooks56 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Marvin Brooks

After being dumped (alongside George) and then booted from the show, Marvin returned to his day job as a trainer and shares vegan recipesand outfit inspo pics and vids on is Instagram, he has amassed a following of over half a million.

George Rains57 of 72

George Rains - arrived day 23, dumped day 36

George was savagely dumped from the villa alongside Lucie, after their fellow islanders opted to save Curtis and Amy.

George Rains58 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

George Rains

After barely speaking and being on the show, there were reports that George was 'seeing' Yewande but that fizzled out and it was later claimed that he was 'dating a model' and using Yewande for fame.

Dan Rose59 of 72

Dan Rose - arrived day 23, dumped day 30

After arriving and visiting Casa Amor, a massive group of newbies (including Dan) left the show, with many of them having seen little or no screen time.

Dan Rose60 of 72
CREDIT: Instagram / danrose_

Dan Rose

We're still annoyed that Dan was barely on our screens but he's still hot and you can see from all his Instagram pictures. He may have only been on the show for a few days but he's apparently charging fans £1,000 for a PA.

Ovie Soko61 of 72

Ovie Soko - arrived day 23, finished third place

After coming across a total gentleman and the smoothest guy around, Ovie and India finished Love Island in third place.

Ovie Soko62 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Ovie Soko

Ovie is still the hottest main to grace reality TV and we're fuming that we haven't randomly bumped into him. Months after coming third in the competition he split from India but the pair appear to be on good terms because they've not unfollowed each other on Instagram. Career wise Ovie landed a gig on This Morning, he became an ambassador for ASOS (pretty boujee for a Love Island star) and he joined the Sky Sports team. Ovie is still playing basketball and a reg at fashion weeks worldwide.

India Reynolds63 of 72

India Reynolds - arrived day 38, finished third place

India won Ovie over almost straight away, after she arrived as a bombshell. The glamorous model fell for the handsome basketball player and the couple finished Love Island in third place.

India Reynolds64 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

India Reynolds

After leaving the villa there were reports that India cheated on Ovie but she was quick to slam down all rumours. Weeks later they split and she broke her silence by encouraging fans to "be kind". India is also an ambassador for Boohoo, TikTok and a model. India has also launched her 'India Loves' collection with lingerie brand Pour Moi.

Chris Taylor65 of 72

Chris Taylor - arrived day 32, dumped day 45

Chris Taylor and Harley were dumped on day 45 after Chris awkwardly swilled himself during a Love Island challenge.

Chris Taylor66 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Chris Taylor

Weeks after the Love Island final, Chris and Harley became the first couple to split. He then moved in with co-stars Michael, Danny and Jordan. After months of rumours surrounding their relationship, Chris went public with Maura Higgins in 2021 but their romance only lasted months before they parted ways.In other news he had a role in the Barbie movie after meeting Margot Robbie at a party and clearly making a good impression.

Greg O'Shea67 of 72

Greg O'Shea - arrived day 38, finished first place. WINNER

Greg won Love Island 2019 with his new Islander beau Amber Gill and they left the villa as winners on day 49.

Greg O'Shea68 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Greg O'Shea

We LOVED Greg during his time in the villa; he seemed to be one of the only guys with sense (remember he questioned why Curtis gave Jordan terrible advice?). Unfortunately that all changed when he apparently dumped our babe Amber over text – rude. Greg bagged a law degree after the villa, competed in the 2020 Olympics as part of Ireland Rugby 7s and all loved up.

Harley Brash69 of 72

Harley Brash - arrived day 38, dumped day 45

Harley Brash and Chris were dumped on day 45 after Chris awkwardly swilled himself during a Love Island challenge and Harley felt mugged off.

Harley Brash70 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Harley Brash

Harley may have been part of one of the first couples to splitbut she's still living her best influencer life. She's gained over 330k followers and often posts sponsored content.

Francesca Allen71 of 72

Francesca Allen - arrived day 32, dumped day 42

Francesca arrived as a bombshell and took an interest in Curtis and Ovie, choosing the two boys to take on her first dates. However, when Curtis rejected Francesca in favour of Maura, Francesca was left in the friend-zone with villa bad boy Michael. The platonic couple were dumped on day 42.

Franesca Allen72 of 72
CREDIT: Getty Images

Franesca Allen

Francesca didn't find love in the villa – remember she left alongside Michael following her epic speech - but she's certainly loved-up on the outside world after getting engaged to fiancé Ed Crossan.

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