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The queen is back for series 33

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We're not sure the cast of TOWIE has ever had a drama-free day in their entire lives; they seem to just wake up day after day and choose utter chaos.

One person who is often caught up in Essex dram is TOWIE's answer to Regina George, Amber Turner.

Amber Turner is back for TOWIE series 33
Amber Turner is back for TOWIE series 33 ©(C) Lime Pictures ©ITV

No shade to Amber whatsoever with that comparison – Regina is an icon in our books. And sorry, but Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green SCREAM Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners.

The part of Cady Heron is interchangeable, but for this era would probably be played by Chloe Brockett.

Amy Childs and Lauren Goodger can fight it out over who gets to play Regina's iconic mum.

Chloe, Courtney and Amber

After splitting with long-term boyfriend Dan Edgar in 2023, Amber had a tricky time of it, but started building bridges with the likes of Ella Rae Wise and enjoying nights out with other reality TV stars on the last series of TOWIE – until Dan and Ella got with each other in Bali in early 2024 while filming the latest series, and all that went to hell, that is.

Let the drama commence...

Who is Amber Turner?

Amber is a a reality TV star and social media influencer best known for being a cast member on TOWIE since 2017.

She is best friends with Chloe M and Courtney and they regularly appear on the show together.

She dated fellow cast member Dan Edgar for six years before splitting in 2023.

How old is Amber Turner?

Amber is currently 30 years old. She was born on 10 July 1993.

Why did Amber Turner and Dan Edgar split?

Amber and Dan first started dating in 2017 following her split from Jamie Reed and his split from Kate Ferdinand.

After six years together, the couple split in May 2023 and a few months later Amber spoke out on the break-up.

Dan and Amber
Amber and Dan split in May ©ITV Lime Pictures

Is Amber Turner single?

It’s been claimed that Amber ended a “rebound” romance shortly before jetting off to Bali to begin filming series 33 of the ITVBe show earlier this year.

A source revealed, “Amber had been seeing a guy who was based out in Dubai in recent months, but she recently called it a day with him.

“She realised it was a rebound after her break-up with Dan, and she didn't see a future in the new relationship, so she quietly ended things before she went to Bali to film TOWIE."

What happened with Amber Turner and Chloe Brockett?

They were once fellow members of 'Girl Band' but after a rather drastic showdown in Thailand last year, Amber and Chloe B are very much NOT friends.

Chloe B – who recently quit TOWIE – is now besties with Dani Imbert and Junaid Ahmed aka Janis Ian and Damian Leigh (we'll stop now) and since THEY fell out with Ella, we've officially lost track.

Are Amber Turner and Megan McKenna still friends?

Amber and Megan were childhood besties but fell out shortly after she joined TOWIE. The pair did patch things up though, with Amber telling Digital Spy, "Me and Megan can argue as much as we like, but we would never not be friends. We support each other through everything and the only reason we row is because we love each other. She's my best friend and no matter what goes on, we'll always have each other's back."

However, it seems to be a different story these days, as Amber and Megan are no longer following each other on Instagram.

Megan McKenna and Amber Turner outside Faces nightclub
Amber joined TOWIE as a friend of Megan McKenna ©Getty

Which TOWIE cast member called Amber Turner 'socially awkward'?

Series 30 wasn't the best of series for Amber following that voice note drama with Ella, not to mention her brutal rows with the likes of Junaid and Harry Derbidge.

The phrase that seemed to be trending across Essex - coined by Amy Childs - is "socially awkward". There's obviously nothing wrong with being socially awkward, introverted queens, but having to look at Amber's face react to those words time and time again is nothing short of cutting.

During a recent filming session with Closer, Amber's co-stars also went in on her (although in a joking way, of course...)

Did Amber Turner date Joey Essex?

It certainly seems that way. But it was way before Amber joined TOWIE. In 2012, Amber was papped leaving London nightclub Mahiki hand-in-hand with Joey and it shocked us to our very core. That must've been her Aaron Samuels phase (okay, we'll really stop now).

Has Amber Turner quit TOWIE?

Definitely not – in fact, she looks set to have some major storylines (thanks to Dan and Ella's tropical canoodling) in series 33.

You're forgiven for asking though, as when the TOWIE cast flew out to Paphos in Cyprus last year for YET ANOTHER lush TOWIE family holiday, all eyes were on missing cast member, Amber.

The Queen Bee was busy sunning herself in Dubai leading fans to believe she was officially distancing herself from the series following her recent, and very public, split from Dan.

According to The Sun, Amber "pulled out" of joining the Essex clan in Cyprus due to the break-up, with a source telling the publication, "Amber made it clear she wasn't going to go on the overseas trip if Dan was there."

Then – in a dramatic move that Regina effin' George would stand-up and applaud – Amber surprised her cast mates by making a dramatic entrance a few days into the filming schedule in Paphos.

Iconic scenes from our reigning queen.

Amber laughing

Amber stopped the rumour mill firmly in its tracks and cemented her inclusion in the latest TOWIE series by dropping a telling TikTok just before she surprised Chloe and Courtney while they were filming abroad.

She told her subjects, "Get ready with me to go and surprise my best friends Chloe and Courtney at a TOWIE scene. Surprise, I'm in Cyprus."

Very Emma Roberts saying, "Surprise, b*tch. Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me."

Amber continued, "Obviously I'm not in the [hotel] they're in – I'm in one round the corner. But yeah, couldn't stay away for too long. I've been in Dubai, but I thought, 'Do you know what? I miss my besties'. So here I am."

During the GWRM Amber continued, "Obviously, the press have been speculating why I quit, blah, blah, blah."


"But no, I've not quit. I just wanted to turn up late."

"You guys watch it and see milliseconds of scenes, but we actually live through the whole thing and we live through the repercussions of the things and that we say and the things that we do."

She continued, "A lot of people come on my TikTok and say I've outgrown the show, that I shouldn't come back to it, that I'm better than it, etc. I just feel like I'm not a quitter. I know at times it's going to get tough and it's going to be sh*t. Obviously I've been through a break-up. You guys have had so much of my life, and I just feel like it wouldn't be right for me to just duck out now."

Long live.

What has Amber Turner said about Dan Edgar and Ella Rae Wise?

In case you missed it (HOW?), Dan has been getting up, close and personal with Ella this series which has apparently caused a rift between the cast. That's the very same Ella Rae Wise who has only JUST made up with Amber and even enjoyed lunch with the Queen Bee and her 'girl band' minions last series.

Ella recently told Closer, "[Dan] has been split up with Amber for nearly a year.

"He is okay to move on now. I have had a chat with Amber, she is completely fine with it. I would never be that girl to rub it in her face, that is just not the way I am. I will have respect for her as it would hurt my feelings."

While Amber has remained characteristically quiet about the alleged hook-up, she is no longer following Ella on Instagram and we all know what that means in 2024...

Saying that, according to an insider, Amber was left “heartbroken” by Dan’s blossoming relationship with Ella.

Does Amber Turner have Instagram?

Yep, you can follow Amber on Instagram at @amberturnerx.

Does Amber Turner have TikTok?

Yes, you can follow Amber on TikTok at @amberturner_x.

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