Love Island: Anna Vakili: ‘I’ve always been the heartbreaker… men shake when they speak to me’

Anna Vikali

by Rebecca Twomey |

Iranian pharmacist, Anna Vakili isn’t shy when it comes to boosting about the power she has over men

With her stand out curves and full pout Anna Vakili – who won’t reveal if she’s had cosmetic procedures – is every inch the sex symbol and it’s not hard to see how she manages to have the power with men.

Anna, 28, says, “All my life, I’ve been in relationships in and out and I’ve always been the heartbreaker. I’ve gone for the wrong kind of guy, not going for the bad boy, maybe the guy who’s too good, too sweet that I end up seeing more as a friend. So there’s no excitement there.

“I’m a bit difficult to handle as well. I’ll take some of the blame myself. I feel like I’m improving over the years. I’m a drama queen! You could just do one little thing like cancel dinner and I’m like, ‘What? Why am I not important to you? You don’t make me priority!’”

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The Love Island contestant works as a pharmacist and reveals men who she helps at work are often shocked by her profession.

She says, “When men come in to the pharmacy, they come up to me and say, “Can I speak to the pharmacist?” And I’m like, “That’s me!” They start shaking. Especially if they’ve got a penis problem.”

Naturally confidence is something she’s attracted to, and Anna admits personality always comes first when looking for a boyfriend.


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She says, “I need a guy that’s going to make me feel like a girl. For me it’s more the aura, the way they talk, look and move. I like a guy that’s honest and funny is a bonus. Personality is more important. I hate a guy that’s a man whore and will go for anything. I like a guy that’s a bit fussy. As the years have gone on I’ve become more fussy. With age women get more fussy, because we see with one guy what we want and don’t want.”

While she’s a slightly curvier frame than the other contestants Anna is totally body confident although did step up her workouts days before entering the villa

She says, “I haven’t been going to the gym every day at all. I don’t know how to go to the gym. I’ve been doing 100 squats a night."

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