TOWIE: new cast romance rumoured and we did NOT see this one coming

There's two new romances in the latest series of TOWIE

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There must be something about the Bali sun that makes you fall in love; at least if you are a TOWIE cast member.

The Essex guys and girls have just returned to the UK after filming scenes for the upcoming season of TOWIE in Bali and it turns out that a fair few of them did more than sip Piña Coladas and sunbathe.

harry and amy
harry and Amy ©towie- itv - lime pictures

By now everybody knows that a newly single Dan Edgar and Ella Rae Wise shared some sort of hot holiday fling complete with selfies and frolicking on the beach, but it turns out they aren't the only ones.

Apparently, the Bali vacation prompted another romantic dalliance between two other cast members and we didn't even think these two were on each other's radar.

Roman Hackett, who has already flirted up a storm with Dani Imbert and Chloe Brockett in the past is rumoured to have set his sights on Elma Pazar and erm, what?

Elma ©Lime Pictures - ITV - TOWIE

Last we checked the Love Island bombshell was still crushing on Diags, who is obviously pals with Roman. In fact, one of the main storylines from the last season was the whole Diags x Elma x Jodie Wells love triangle, despite Diags apparently being in an official relationship with Jodie.

We suppose a great deal can change in a few months and to be fair a lot HAS changed for the babes of Brentwood; Ella and Harry Derbidge have fallen out, Chloe B has quit TOWIE, Amber Turner went from being to single to having a boyfriend to being a single again and Dan Edgar is snogging yet another blonde who isn't Amber.

dan, diags and roman
Dan, Diags and roman ©itv - towie - lime pictures

But still, we didn't think Roman necking it on with Elma would be the news landing on our desks today.

"Roman has enjoyed his fair share of Towie flings but now it’s Elma who has taken his fancy," The Sun has reported, but it looks as though this might be another failed love for Roman.

"Elma was flattered but she thinks he is too young for her, so she hasn’t accepted yet," the source explained.

"He can pull out all the stops and be very charming, so he could well change her mind."

If Elma isn't keen, someone let Roman know we'll do a Katniss Everdeen and volunteer as tribute.

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