TOWIE’s Harry Derbidge: his age, his fallout with Ella Rae Wise and his new boyfriend drama

Harry joined The Only Way is Essex in 2011

Harry Derbidge

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When we think of TOWIE staples we think of Sugar Hut, Nanny Pat (RIP)'s Sausage Plait, Amy Childs, The GC, Lauren Goodger and OF COURSE, Harry Derbidge.

If you've been watching the show since its glory days then you'll have watched this ray of sunshine grow up on-screen and what a breath of fresh air he has become – he somehow manages to bring the drama and keep it wholesome every season. It's an art form.

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Saying that, this series, Harry is definitely not steering clear of the drama. In the first episode he declared that he had joined Amber Turner's girl band and even told her about Ella Rae Wise and Dan Edgar's Bali fun in the sun (and in the pool at night time). It was giving Randall from Recess, and if you get that reference then, heya, how are your 30s going?

It also seems that there is trouble in paradise for Harry and boyfriend Joe Blackman this series – which we're not exactly surprised by, after all, producers didn't invite Joe to Bali, but did invite Diags' girlfriend, Jodie. Savage.

Who is Harry Derbidge?

The iconic TOWIE star is a make-up artist, beauty blogger and owner of the lash company, Beauty Brave. He was only a teenager when he became one of the original cast members alongside his cousin Amy Childs in 2011 before leaving the show after three series.

He returned for one series in 2014 with then-boyfriend Bobby Norris and made a comeback for good in 2020.

How old is Harry Derbidge?

Harry is currently 29 years old. He was born on 3 April 1994.

Why did Harry Derbidge quit TOWIE?

Harry joined The Only Way is Essex in 2011 but left the show after just three series. He then popped up again for one series back in 2014 before returning for good in 2020.

According to reports, Harry was axed form the show in 2021 although he's since rejoined the cast once again. Thank goodness for that.

When did Harry Derbidge return to TOWIE?

He came back to Essex for series 28 and is currently still part of the show.

Who is Harry Derbidge currently feuding with?

The official TOWIE Instagram has been sharing snippets of what we can expect from the upcoming series of the reality TV show and in Harry's reel he mentioned Junaid Ahmed's name.

"So, obviously Junaid is not here and I've been hearing a lot of rumours," Harry began, and that is NEVER a good sign.

"In these last five or six months Junaid has just been throwing little comments about me," he went on, "Saying to people not to talk to me and not to be friends with me."

He also appears to be feuding with both Ella Rae Wise and Dani Imbert after telling Amber about Ella and Dan.

Harry is now part of 'girl band'
Harry is now part of 'girl band' ©ITV/©Lime Pictures

Who is Harry Derbidge's boyfriend?

Harry is currently dating digital creator Joe Blackman who filmed several scenes for series 32. He joins the cast again as a guest this series.

What happened between Harry Derbidge and Bobby Norris?

It was the romantic couple everybody wanted on TOWIE but the relationship between Harry and Bobby Norris was not to be. Bobby dumped Harry on-screen after accusing him of cheating with an ex. Eek.

Who is Harry Derbidge's ex-boyfriend Dean Rowland?

Dean is from Essex and he owns Celebrity Brushes, a cruelty-free makeup brush and beauty brand.

Despite Dean, 30, saying he had the "utmost respect" for Harry when he announced the split on Instagram in October, things soon turned sour between them when Harry accused Dean of "assaulting" him on a night out and leaving him stranded in London with no phone or money.

Dean denied the claims and insisted that their relationship was "toxic".

Does Harry Derbidge have Instagram?

He sure does, @mrharryderbidge.

Does Harry Derbidge have TikTok?

Yep. You can follow him at @mrharryderbidge.

Who has Harry Derbidge dated?


Harry Derbridge ex-boyfriends

Harry Derbidge ex boyfriend1 of 4
CREDIT: Instagram/@harryderbidge

Rhys Alan Smith

Harry dated Rhys back in 2013 and they continued to be friends. In 2021, Harry paid tribute to Rhys after he tragically died in Tenerife, saying the news had left him "heartbroken". Writing a tribute on Instagram, he said, "He was the most caring and thoughtful man and this news has truly broken my heart. My thoughts right now are with his family, mum, brother, sister, nieces, nephews, Nan and all he's friends. I still can't believe this is true. RIP Rhys, I will never forget you."

Harry Derbidge ex boyfriend2 of 4

Bobby Norris

Harry and TOWIE co-star Bobby Norris got together way back in 2013 and dramatically split after Bobby found rumours that Harry had cheated on him with his ex early on in their relationship. Fast forward to 2021 and Harry and Bobby's failed relationship was still a talking point, as Amy Childs cousin returned to TOWIE and claimed that he never cheated on Bobby. It was all a HUGE drama and Bobby even had to take time out from the show to get away from it all.

Harry Derbidge ex boyfriend3 of 4

Dean Rowland

Harry was engaged to Dean Rowland for two years, but they split in October 2021. Weeks after the split, Harry claimed Dean had assaulted him on a night out and then left him stranded in central London without a phone or money. He shared a lengthy post detailing the incident, along with images of a black eye and scratches on his neck. Dean strenuously denied the claims.

Harry Derbidge ex boyfriend4 of 4

Jackson Longergan

In February 2022, just before Valentine's Day, Harry went Instagram official with a new man named Jackson Lonergan. They dated for a while and Jackson even appeared on TOWIE, but it wasn't meant to be and they split later that year.

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