TOWIE’s Roman Hackett: who is the Essex reality star and model?

Roman joined The Only Way Is Essex earlier this year

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Before series 29, TOWIE fans waved goodbye to a lot of Essex stars following a huge cast cull but one of the newest members Roman Hackett managed to survive the axe.

Roman is best friends with fellow newbie Dani Imbert and we've previously seen him grow close to Ella Rae Wise - but who is he? How old is he? And does he have a girlfriend?

Don't worry, we've got all the answers...

Who is Roman Hackett?

Roman is one of the newest reality star to join the TOWIE cast. Before heading onto the screen he was family friends with Dani. In fact, Dani has said they're "semi cousins", although Roman denied it.


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How old is Roman Hackett?

Turns out Roman is the youngest of the TOWIE bunch at 19 years old. Shortly before joining the show he had just turned 18 and went out to his first bar during his first TOWIE scene.

What is Roman Hackett's job?

He's just joined reality TV but it turns out Roman is actually a model and a lifestyle manager for his mum's brand AMLuxe The Agency.

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How tall is Roman Hackett?

He might be the youngest TOWIE cast member but he's one of the tallest - standing at 6 ft 2.

Is Roman Hackett a footballer?

Nope but his older brother Reeco Hackett plays for Portsmouth FC but is currently on loan at Southend United FC.

What's happening between Roman Hackett and Ella Wise?

Well, after Ella posted a "mad photo" (Roman's words, not ours) he slid into her DMs telling her she was "looking nice".

The duo came face to face for the first time during TOWIE and appeared to hit it off over a drink.

They had a short lived romance but are now close friends.

How old is Ella Wise?

Ella is slightly older than Roman - she's now 21.

Who is Roman Hackett friends with?

Roman is one of those rare cast members who actually gets on with everyone. He's especially close with the Sims sisters but in an upcoming episode it looks like he's going to fall out with BFF Dani.

What's happened between Roman Hackett and Dani Imbert?

Dani and Gatsby (aka Liam Blackwell) have insisted all is well with their relationship despite rumours but in a preview for an upcoming episode Roman asks Dani, "Have you said to me before you're not happy with Gatsby."

She then replies, "Maybe I've confided in you a bit too much. Maybe it's insecurity, whatever."

But things take a turn when Roman leaves the conversation and says, "Crack on with your fake relationship, yeah. You're a f---ing joke."

It's not yet know if they're still friends but they both still follow each other on Instagram, so that's something...

Are Roman Hackett and Dani Imbert related on TOWIE?

Roman and Dani are close family friends but when he first joined the show, Dani did say they're "semi cousins" but Roman denied it. Good job too because he's since revealed that they're shared a kiss.

What's happening between Roman Hackett and Chloe Brockett?

Following Chloe Brockett's fling with James Lock, there was speculation surrounding her relationship with Roman.

However after a fan asked Chloe if there's something between them, she was quick to respond and spill the tea.

Does Roman Hackett have Instagram?

He sure does. You can follow him on Instagram @roman_hackett.

Does Roman Hackett have Twitter?

Roman does have Twitter but he rarely ever tweets. You can still follow him @roman_hackett though.

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During his first series on the show it appeared that romance was on the cards for Roman and Ella. The speculation began shortly after it came to light that she had a flirty friendship with Pete Wicks.

Viewers (and TOWIE star Clelia Theodorou) were shocked when Ella revealed she'd snogged Pete after his relationship with Chloe Sims broke down.

Chloe broke her silence about Pete and Ella and it appeared that she wasn't that bothered.

"In Pete’s defence, even though I hate him right now, he is a natural born flirt," she said on TOWIE's spin-off show Dragged Out.

Ella, 20, has since opened up about her relationship with Pete, 32, and told followers that "age doesn't matter" for her.

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