EXCLUSIVE: TOWIE’s Ella Rae Wise and Dan Edgar speak out about romance

'It hasn’t needed deep conversations'

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The new series of TOWIE cannot come around soon enough if you ask us.

We are always excited to catch up with our Essex guys and gals but when we found out they were heading to Bali for the latest season we were even MORE excited because it would provide us with some summer style inspo.

The anticipation for the reality TV show to return has quadrupled in the past few weeks with news that Dan Edgar has been getting up, close and personal with Ella Rae Wise which has apparently caused a rift between the cast.

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Yep, the very same Ella Rae Wise who he apparently flirted the night away with when he was still in a relationship with Amber Turner. Naughty Daniel.

The very same Ella Rae Wise who has only JUST made up with Amber and even enjoyed lunch with the Queen Bee and her 'girl band' minions last series. Naughty Ella.

But do not fear, as we managed to catch up with both Ella and Dan and quiz them on what the hell is going on with this potential new couple.

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Ella made up with amber ©LIME PICTURES - TOWIE - ITV

"It is innocent, isn’t it? Who is to say?" Ella teased, "it might be serious, it might not be serious."

We're not sure Amber will see it as 'innocent' but like Ella declared, who are we to say?

"It was going to happen at some point," she went on, "Although that sounds bad. He has a type. It was obvious to everyone else."

In Ella's defence, Dan does seem to have a penchant for blondes; he used to date Kate Ferdinand (formerly Wright) remember?

dan and Kate
dan also dated Kate wright ©(Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

"He has been split up with Amber for nearly a year," Ella went on, "He is okay to move on now. I have had a chat with Amber, she is completely fine with it. I would never be that girl to rub it in her face, that is just not the way I am. I will have respect for her as it would hurt my feelings."

Dan also opened up about what went down between the two and we're not sure we have ever heard him talk so much.

"We [me and Ella] spent a bit of time together out there [in Bali]. We’ve never really spent a long time around each other," Dan explained, "It hasn’t needed deep conversations."

dan ©lime pictures - towie - itv

"[We'll] see what happens when we get home. I don’t think she’s been out of a relationship very long so I assume she is in a similar situation."

Oh God, not the "I assume" – that can never mean anything good. Let's see how well Dan's assuming goes when the Essex guys and gals return for series 33.

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