TOWIE: is Diags still dating Jodie Wells following Elma Pazar kitchen canoodle?

Is Jodie still with Diags after he - frankly - mugged her right off?

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With just one episode left of this season of TOWIE, we know drama is going to be drama-ing.

The finale is always some sort of chaotic celebratory event that features couples breaking up, somebody announcing their dramatic departure from the show (cough, Gatsby, cough), co-stars secretly locking lips or a drink being thrown in someone's face.

We're looking at your Mario Falcone.

The trailer for this week's finale episode promises many of the above and one person who is, unsuspectingly, caught up in a love triangle and therefore this season's key storyline and therefore guaranteed to be facing some serious drama in the finale, is TOWIE newbie Jodie Wells.

jodie wells
Jodi recently joined the series as Diags' girlfriend ©itv

Jodie rocked up during the cast's staycation in Somerset but nearly everyone was mildly confused by her arrival, especially Elma Pazar who had just spent the past day flirting with Diags – the very same James 'Diags' Bennewith that Jodie is in a relationship with.

Oh, we live for the messiness of our Essex babes.

Diags, Jodie, dan
Diags, Jodie and dan at an upcoming party ©itv

Who is Jodie Wells?

Jodie was introduced in series 32 of TOWIE as the girlfriend of fan favourite Diags, despite him apparently having a romance with Elma.

Where is Jodie Wells from?

She lives "about an hour away" from the cast's Somerset hotel, according to Diags.

Jodie wells
jodie finds out diags kissed Elma ©itv

What does Jodie Wells do?

Jodie was an extra on TOWIE which is how she met Diags, but she also works in beauty.

Her insta bio sends you over to her work account @beauty_byjodsx which showcases a whole host of cosmetic treatments; manicures, waxing, massages and facials - to name but a few.

She also has over 20K followers on TikTok.

Is Jodie Wells on TOWIE?

She sure is. Jodie joined the show on episode eight of the 32nd series (yep, you read that right, we are currently on series THIRTY TWO.)

It looks as though it all comes to a head when Jodie finds out her fella, Diags, smooched his on/off friend/not quite lover Elma at a boozy party.

Elma, Diags and Dan
Jodie, Diags and Dan in somerset ©itv

Is Jodie Wells still with Diags?

Judging by social media it's a strong yes. Jodie shared a video of the two on her story on 7 November 2023 and there's a cutesy couple pic on her grid.

Was Jodie Wells on Love Island?

Ermmmmm nope, we don't think so....

*Checks through the 7685693759683489 former Islanders*

Elma, however, was on Love Island back in 2019 – is that where the confusion lies?

Elma was on Love Island before TOWIE ©itv

Does Jodie Wells have Instagram?

Yup: @jodwellls.

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