Katie Price’s 3-year drug hell. Pal Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace: ‘She’s struggled for so long… I’m desperate for this to be her wake-up call’

Following Katie's shocking drink and drug-driving car crash, Closer speaks to Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, who says her friend is a ‘brilliant mum’ and hopes she’ll get sober for her children

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Her troubled life reached a terrifying new low last week when Katie Price sparked shock and concern after crashing her car and being charged with drink driving – as well as driving while disqualified – with the threat of jail now hanging over her.

The mum-of-five – who has gone into rehab and will find out her fate when she reappears in court in mid-December – was arrested and taken to hospital to be checked over after admitting to police at the scene, “I took drugs. I should not be driving. I admit it all”. A swab test later revealed cocaine use.

Reports claimed Katie had been on an “all-nighter” after a row with on/off fiancé Carl Woods, and was on her way to buy more drugs when the she lost control of her BMW on a country road in Sussex at 6.20am. After her arrest, Katie's family posted a statement to Instagram, revealing how they’d been “concerned about her wellbeing and mental health”.

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katie leaving court after pleading guilty ©Getty Images

The post, on Katie's personal profile, read, “Today, our worst fears nearly came true. As a family we have been and will continue to help Kate get the help she needs. We hope that she will realise she cannot battle her issues alone.”

Her ex-husband, Kieran Hayler, also spoke out about his fears for her, saying, “A lot has happened recently, and I felt like, ‘Oh God, not another thing, when is the drama going to stop?’ And then I feel sad because this woman has been through a lot recently…

“How much more can somebody take before they break? If Kate carries on like this, she’s going to end up dead.”

Despite sympathy from some fans, there was an outpouring of anger on social media. Katie, 43 – who, in 2016, morbidly predicted she would “100 per cent die” in a car crash – has been banned from driving six timesover the past 10 years, and was arrested for being drunk in charge of a vehicle last February.

Among the comments online, one post read, “If that was any normal member of society they’d have been in jail years ago”, while another fumed, “She won’t do any prison time, sob story about depression, the kids, being bankrupt... She could have KILLED someone!!”

Katie's issues with drugs have been ongoing for three years. She first entered rehab in 2018, and admitted to using cocaine for six months as a result of stress, shortly after her divorce from Kieran. She then spent five weeks in The Priory early last year for post-traumatic stress disorder, following another turbulent year, which includedher split from then-fiancé Kris Boyson, and again Katie admitted to self-medicating with cocaine. She said she had reached a “dark place” and had been “going through hell”. She later revealed how her children – Harvey, 19, Junior, 16, Princess, 14, Jett, eight, and Bunny, seven – had told her they wouldn’t speak to her if she took drugs again.

But last week, Junior and Princess, whom she shares with first husband Peter Andre, both showed their love and support. Princess wrote, “Love you mum, so much,” followed by a heart emoji, while Junior added, “Love you mum”.

Now Katie's close pal, model and reality star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, says she believes she’ll change her ways for the sake of her children.

Aisleyne, 42, who has seen Katie regularly this year, says, “I was devastated when I heard about the crash. My initial reaction was that I hope she’s OK and that nobody else was hurt. I felt a sense of desperation that this will be the ‘thing’ that finally helps her. It will have been a roller-coaster for the children – to hear their mum was in an accident would have been awful. Katie is such a strong mum and she plays a huge role in their lives. They would have been terrified. They need their mum, and Harvey especially really needs her – he responds to her better than anyone.”

aisleyne horgan wallace
aisleyne has opened up to closer magazine ©Shutterstock

Aisleyne and Katie have often been spotted out together – last year breaking Covid guidelines during a boozy night in Essex – and she reveals she was with Katie at Sugar Hut the night she met Carl last year.

She says, “She’s so fun. She’s an extreme person, but I had no idea what was going on for her. I knew she had personal struggles, but when we are out, she always seems to be having a good time. Yes, she’s controversial – but that’s just Katie. It’s hard to know if she was having problems because a smile can hide a thousand tears.”

But Aisleyne says she’s now hopeful that the thought of leaving her children without a mum will be the wake-up call Katie needs.

katie price carl woods
Things have been on and off with Carl ©Getty Images

She says, “I know the kids will be at the forefront of Katie’s mind and, if anything is going to motivate her to change, it will be the children, and her family. That nobody, including herself, was harmed is a miracle. It could have been a different story – she was lucky. I just hope she takes some time out away from the limelight and gets rid of any toxic people in her life. She’s struggled for so long – I’m desperate for this to be her wake-up call.”

Katie's lawyer told last week’s preliminary court hearing how she has had “a lot of personal problems recently”, including the risk of losing her house after bankruptcy, and adapting to living away from Harvey – who is at a college for young adults with disabilities in Cheltenham – with Katie revealing last week that he regularly calls her because he misses her “kisses and cuddles”.

Katie apparently told police at the scene she had been “lonely”. Despite wearing her engagement ring, it was reported she’d had a row with car dealer fiancé Carl.

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CLOSER Katie Price husbands and boyfriends - SLIDER

Warren Furman1 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Warren Furman 1997 - 1999

One of Katie's lowest-profile relationships, she was engaged to Gladiators star Ace - real name Warren Furman – from 1997. The 47 year old was engaged to Jordan for two years, presenting her with a £3,500 diamond ring before they split in 1999.

Warren Furman2 of 21

Warren Furman

Warren appeared on This Morning last year to speak about "crashing back down to the real world" after Gladiators ended in the late 90s. He is also a born again Christian, and exclusively told Closer, "I feel God is saying to me, 'Warren, Katie might listen'. She's caught up in materialistic things."

Dane Bowers Katie Price3 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Dane Bowers 1998 - 2000

Katie began dating Another Level (remember them?) singer Dane Bowers during her Jordan days in 1998. Katie has since spoken about how devasated she was after the pair split in 2000. She even revealed in the CBB house that she nearly committed suicide over it and confessed that Dane was the love of her life.

Dane Bowers4 of 21
CREDIT: Instagram

Dane Bowers

After his smash hit 'Out of Your Mind' with Victoria Beckham (who Katie reportedly had a feud with) Dane went a bit quiet on the music scene. Fast forward to 2013 and he reformed with Another Level for The Big Reunion. More recently, Dane has been linked to Love Island star Laura Anderson, who he apparently ended up cheating on. He must have been out of his mind #sorrynotsorry

Dwight Yorke Katie Price5 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Dwight Yorke 2000 - 2001

Katie dated the former Manchester United and Aston Villa footballer, Dwight Yorke. The pair dated for 18 months and had baby Harveytogether, who was born with autism and blindness.

Dwight Yorke6 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Dwight Yorke

Katie has spoken out many times about Dwight's reluctance to be a part of Harvey's life. She recently revealed that he hasn't seen his teenage son in over 10 years. Dwight has since had a second child with another woman, and he continues to work on international football projects.

Gareth Gates7 of 21
CREDIT: Shuttestock

Gareth Gates 2001 - 2001

Baby face Gareth Gates shot to fame during Pop Idol in 2002. He started dating a pregnant Katie Price when he was 17, and was reportedly a virgin before they met.

Gareth Gates8 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Gareth Gates

Gareth went on to star in The Big Reunion with another one of Katie's exes, Dane Bowers. Awkward. Katie has also said that she would totally go back 'there' with Gareth. Unfortunately for Katie, West End actor Gareth is now happily in a relationship with Corrie star Faye Brooke. In January 2019 it was reported that the pair were engaged.

Matt Peacock9 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Matt Peacock 2001 - 2001

Former Corrie heartbreaker Matt Peacock stirred the infamous feud between Katie Price and model Jodie Marsh. He dated Jordan for a few months, then later married Jodie as part of Totally TV show Jodie Marsh: Who Will Take Her Up the Aisle?. They divorced three months later.

Matt Peacock10 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Matt Peacock

Matt married an actress and model called Rachael in 2016. Bizarrely, his photos have also been used in quite a few catfishing incidents. But Katie recently started following Matt on Instagram - what can this mean?

Katie Price11 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Peter Andre 2004 - 2009

The nation watched Peter Andre fall for Katie's charms on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! in 2004. The pair then starred in a string of reality TV shows documenting their life after a fairytale wedding. They even released an album of duets, which we'd all rather just forget about. Katie and Peter had two children together, Junior and Princess, during their five years of marriage.

Peter Andre12 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Peter Andre

Things between Pricey and Peter have soured in the years following their split, after he blasted Katie for her 'wild' behaviour. Peter is now married to Emily MacDonagh, who Junior and Princess see as an older sister figure. Pete also landed himself a role in the next Thomas The Tank Engine film.

Alex Reid13 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Alex Reid 2009 - 2011

Katie married cage fighter Alex Reid less than seven months after splitting from Peter Andre. Their wedding was filmed for a TV show, but their marriage only lasted for 11 months. Katie has since admitted that it happened too soon after Peter.

Alex Reid14 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Alex Reid

Alex went on the star in Celebrity Big Brother and he continues to fight. He's been married to Nikki Manashe since 2013. Most recently, he has been involved in a sex tape allegation - claiming that Katie showed a group of people a video of him performing a sex act. Will the drama ever end? (We hope not.)

Leandro Penna15 of 21

Leandro Penna- 2011-2012

Katie got engaged to Leandro after a whirlwind romance shortly after splitting from Alex Reid - despite the couple barely being able to communicate thanks to his limited English and Katie's non-existent Spanish (former model Leandro hails from Argentina). Leo said of their split, "Katie's brain is not wired right, or the wires don't connect properly. I don't know what's wrong with her. I was thinking it over recently and one day decided to pack my bags and leave. There was nothing else I could do. She was driving me insane."

Leandro Penna16 of 21
CREDIT: Instagram

Leandro Penna

Since splitting with KP, Leandro has quit fame to return to his native South America and now runs a successful avocado farm and business. Launching in October 2021 he said, "I present my new avocado venture @paltasroyal. Thanks to all the businesses that gave us confidence, to all the avocado-loving customers and to those merchants who have not yet bought them, do not hesitate."

Kieran Hayler17 of 21
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Kieran Hayler 2012 - 2018

It looked like Katie had a good thing going with Kieran Hayler and their two kids, Jett and Bunny. But Kieran had to go and ruin it by cheating on Katie with her nanny, two best friends (while she was pregnant), then again with a 19-year-old shop assistant. Katie kept taking him backbut she FINALLY called it quits in May 2018.

Kieran Hayler18 of 21
CREDIT: Instagram

Kieran Hayler

Kieran is now engaged to Michelle Pentecost, who he met at the school gates, and is a great dad to Jett and Bunny and Michelle's son from a previous relationship.

Kris Boyson19 of 21
CREDIT: Instagram

Kris Boyson

Katie started dating personal trainer Kris Boyson within weeks of splitting from Kieran. She celebrated her 40th birthday with him and her family are said to have approved of him. Their relationship lasted a year before split rumours started to circulate, and the pair have been on and off-ing since September 2019.

Kris Boyson20 of 21
CREDIT: Instagram

Kris Boyson

Kris is still posting insanely buff topless selfies (keep 'em coming, Kris) and his personal training business is thriving. After his split from Katie, he began dating Katie's former pal Bianca Gascoigne, much to Katie's dismay. The couple moved in together within days due to lockdown but split after nearly a year together, citing their hectic work schedules.

Carl Woods21 of 21
CREDIT: Instagram

Carl Woods - 2020

Could it be fourth time lucky? After months of speculation, Katie and Carl confirmed their engagement in April 2021.

Closer magazine
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Just two weeks before the crash, questions were raised over their relationship after Katie was reportedly seen “knocking back white wine and asking for vodka” when she attended the NTAs alongside Harvey, after being nominated for her January documentary, Katie Price: Harvey and Me – which, in light of her crash, has been axed “indefinitely” by the BBC.

Onlookers revealed how she had said she was “single” and flirting with other men – which she later denied.

Katie had also alleged she was assaulted at her Essex home last month, and an investigation is ongoing after a 32 year old man was arrested.

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There have also been concerns for the former model after she had extensive surgery – including full-body liposuction, a “fox-eye” lift, a third face lift and a Brazilian bum lift – in July. It came less than a year after she broke both feet after jumping off a wall in Turkey, and was told it would cause “life-changing” problems.

Now, three months on, her family, Carl and ex-husbands Pete and Kieran are said to be begging Katie to get clean and focus on her mental health, with her family statement urging her to “return to the Kate we love as a mother, daughter, and sister.”

Friends have reached out to support her too, and Aisleyne says that Katie needs help to come back stronger.

She says, “I hope Katie gets the help she needs. She is hurting. She needs to go on that journey and come back stronger. Sometimes you need a shock like this to give you a new outlook on life – I hope this is the thing that will help her move forward with sobriety. Life is too short.”

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