Kieran Hayler on Katie Price: ‘We’re such different parents – I’m strict like Peter Andre’

As he awaits the birth of his baby with new fiancée Michelle Pentecost, Jordan’s ex- husband Kieran Hayler explains how settling down has helped him mend his ways

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He forged a playboy reputation for cheating on his ex-wife Jordan, real name Katie Price, with three different women during their five-year marriage – but these days Kieran Hayler’s life is a picture of family bliss.

Now a doting dad to the kids he shares with his ex – Jett, seven, and Bunny, six – he is excitedly waiting on the arrival of his third child – a son – with fiancée Michelle Pentecost.

And ahead of Father’s Day, Kieran, 34, credits parenthood for making him a better person.

He exclusively tells Closer, “I had a past with cheating – but I’ve grown up now.

“Being a dad has totally changed me for the better. Thanks to the kids I have learned patience. It taught me to have responsibility. Now, I’ve grown up enough to find someone I’m completely and utterly in love with – that’s another bit that’s really changed me.

“I couldn’t be arsed or cope with the stress of being with someone in the public eye. There’s quite a lot of pressure. But I 100 per cent trust Michelle. Trust is a massive thing.”

Kieran was thrown into the spotlight when he began dating Jordan in 2012 after meeting her through Blackberry Messenger, and just two months later they tied the knot in the Bahamas.

kieran hayler katie price
He and Katie wed soon after meeting in 2012 ©getty images

Soon after, Jordan – who also has son Harvey, 19, with footballer Dwight Yorke and Junior, 16, and Princess, 14, with Peter Andre – announced she was pregnant with Jett.

But their wedded bliss didn’t last as, in 2014 and while pregnant with Bunny, Kieran admitted to cheating with Jordan’s best mates, Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas. Although he underwent treatment for sex addiction, he confessed to cheating again in 2017 with their kids’ nanny, Nikki Brown.

However, last year, he said he and Jordan had “made up” the story about him being a sex addict.

Now Kieran is ready to welcome his first baby with flight attendant Michelle – who is mum to son Valentino, 11, from a previous relationship – in August, three years after they met at the primary school their children attend.

It was a rocky start for the couple as Michelle, 39, was confronted by a screaming Jordan, 43, at the school gates in 2018.

A year later, the former model pleaded guilty to using threatening and abusive words or behaviour after admitting to repeatedly calling Michelle a “f--king c---”.

Although Michelle and former stripper Kieran have weathered the storm, Michelle admits that while being part of a blended family is “lovely”, it comes with its obstacles.

She says, “It’s not always a bed of roses. There’s no point in sugar coating it. It is hard, but if you love someone, you have to make it work. I would say I discipline Valentino more strongly than I do Jett and Bunny, but I’m not afraid to do it when needed. It’s the same with Kieran, we can tell them off.

“But Jett and Bunny and Valentino get on really well. They call each other brother and sister, which is super cute.”

Kieran says incidents such as the drama at the school gates have made them closer. He reveals, “I think that’s what makes us stronger and now we can get through anything.”

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Katie Price and Kieran Hayler Relationship Timeline - SLIDER

Katie Price Kieran Hayler1 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkatieprice

Here's a look at Katie and Kieran's relationship from the very beginning...

Katie Price Kieran Hayler2 of 49
CREDIT: Twitter / katieprice

December 2012

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler's love story began only two months after she split from her fiancé Leandro Penna. The couple first met on Blackberry Messenger - aka BBM - and it's safe to say they hit it off. Only three weeks after they started dating they got engaged on Christmas Day.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler3 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkieranhayler

January 16 2013

It was only a few weeks after their engagement that Katie and Kieran flew out to Barbados and got married.On January 16 2013 the happy couple became man and wife.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler4 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

April 6 2013

Katie and Kieran looked majorly loved up during their public appearances.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler5 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

May 12 2013

Kieran has said in the past that he'd love to adopt Katie's eldest son Harvey Price. He explained to OK! magazine: "I've always thought it would be good because I'd like us all to be connected."Why not actually make him mine, because he feels like he's mine anyway?"

Katie Price Kieran Hayler6 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

June 18 2013

Yaaaas Kieran supporting your wife for her book launch.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler7 of 49
CREDIT: Twitter / katieprice

August 18 2013

Eight months after the pair tied the knot, Katie gave birth to her first child with Kieran - baby Jett. At this point, she was already a mum to Harvey (from her relationship with Dwight Yorke) and Junior and Bunny (from her marriage to Peter Andre).

Katie Price Kieran Hayler8 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

October 24 2013

The happy couple loved to step out in unusual outfits; exhibit A Kieran's semi-transparent mesh top.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler9 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

February 5 2014

All black everything - Katie and Kieran looked totally adorable at the world premiere of RoboCop.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler10 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

February 9 2014

Katie, Kieran and their children stepped out at The Lego Movie premiere alongside the reality stars former BFF Jane Pountney and her husband Derrick.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler11 of 49

May 7 2014

It was on May 7 that Katie Price shocked all her fans and revealed her plans to divorce her husband after she discovered he had a seven-month affair with her best friend Jane Pountney.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler12 of 49

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

It's safe to say that Katie did not hold back

Katie Price Kieran Hayler13 of 49

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

Katie revealed that she discovered her husband's affair while they were all on holiday with their families.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler14 of 49

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

Kieran and Jane were sleeping together while Katie was pregnant with Bunny.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler15 of 49

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

Katie was devastated at the news and let all her Twitter followers know.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler16 of 49
CREDIT: Twitter / katieprice

June 12 2014

A month after revealing Kieran's affair, Katie posted an unflattering picture of her former BFF before warning other women to "keep her away from your husband or boyfriend".

Katie Price Kieran Hayler17 of 49
CREDIT: Twitter / katieprice

July 7 2014

Just months after Kieran's affair with Jane came to light, Katie revealed he had also been having an affair with her friend Chrissy Thomas who she has known since she was 18!At eight months pregnant with her fifth child - Bunny - she revealed that he finally confessed to both affairs during therapy.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler18 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkatieprice

August 4 2014

Katie and Kieran welcomed their second child together - Bunny - into the world in August. Despite the fact that Kieran cheated twice, Katie forgave him.At the time she told OK! magazine: "We're working on our relationship and taking it day by day. Things are starting to get better together now."

Katie Price Kieran Hayler19 of 49
CREDIT: Twitter / katieprice

August 22 2014

Even though Katie forgave her husband it soon became clear to her Twitter followers that she hadn't forgiven her former BFF's.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler20 of 49

Katie Price Kieran Hayler


Katie Price Kieran Hayler21 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

November 10 2014

Proving that their relationship is back on track, the couple continued to step out together at public events.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler22 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkatieprice

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

Mrs Pricey and her husband were looking fairly bleary eyed in this snap.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler23 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkatieprice

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

Katie and Kieran out for a drive...

Katie Price Kieran Hayler24 of 49

December 31 2014

Katie threw major shade at her former friends on New Years Eve.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler25 of 49

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

She waved goodbye to 2014 with a bang

Katie Price Kieran Hayler26 of 49
CREDIT: Channel 5

January 2015

In January 2015, Katie entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and wasn't afraid to open up to her housemates about her husband's infidelity. She revealed she would never wear a onesie again because it reminds her of the time Kieran cheated."Last year I did a onesie one [fancy dress party] and Kieran and Jane f--ked in my stables so I'll never wear a onesie again. "It's on my cameras. You can see them walking up to the stables, I never knew. Everyone was in my house partying."

Katie Price Kieran Hayler27 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkieranhayler

February 2015

Months after discovering her husband had been unfaithful, Katie and Kieran decided to renew their wedding vows.However, in true Pricey style she slated her husband during her speech and wasn't afraid to admit it. She told OK! mag: "I think guests were very shocked by how I attacked Kieran in my speech."But they wouldn't expect anything less from me. You could not have attacked a man as much as I did."

Katie Price Kieran Hayler28 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

June 15 2015

With their wedding vows renewed the happy couple appeared better than ever.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler29 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

July 16 2015

Aww! Look at them grinning...

Katie Price Kieran Hayler30 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

November 5 2015

...and again.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler31 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

March 17 2016

Pucker up would ya?

Katie Price Kieran Hayler32 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

April 27 2016

Err, we're not quite sure what to think of this photo from the launch of Katie's reality show Pony Club.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler33 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

May 27 2016

Katie and Kieran seem to have nailed their pose together.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler34 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

November 24 2016

It's safe to say the couple were happy at the ITV gala in 2016.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler35 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

February 9 2017

It was just days before attending the Fifty Shades Darker premiere that Katie admitted she had finally forgiven her husband for cheating.She explained on Loose Women: "I've got to the point where he doesn't ever give me a reason not to worry."He's changed so much he's proved himself and the best thing I ever did was stay with him."

Katie Price Kieran Hayler36 of 49
CREDIT: Getty Images

March 18 2017

After going on a shocking drunken rant back in December 2016, Katie said she plans to give up alcohol for the whole of 2017.Unfortunately it didn't last long as she later admitted she did have a "few drinks" for Kieran's surprise birthday party.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler37 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkieranhayler

May 10 2017

In May, Katie and Kieran laughed off rumours that she cheated on him after she hung out with DJ Tom Zanetti and was spotted with a mystery man in Miami.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler38 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkieranhayler

June 22 2017

There was a lot of speculation that Katie would have baby number six, especially after she and Kieran seemed to confirm their plans on Katie Price My Crazy Life.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler39 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkieranhayler

June 24 2017

On her reality TV show, Kieran claimed that he found text messages on Katie's phone to Tom Zanetti where she apparently described, "how much she loved him."'How much she wanted to change her name to his name when they got married and had kids."He was less than impressed especially after he pointed out that her surname is still Price.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler40 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkatieprice

August 27 2017

Shortly after Katie tweeted and then deleted cryptic messages about cheating, she told her fans that she's divorcing her husband after he admitted to a year-long affair with their children's nanny.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler41 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkieranhayler

September 3 2017

After Katie Price's nanny Nikki Brown denied the affair and branded the Loose Women panelist a 'liar', Kieran then publicly confirmed that he had cheated again.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler42 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkatieprice

September 5 2017

Following the devastating news that Katie's mum Amy has a terminal illness, it then came to light that the mum-of-five suffered a miscarriage days before she discovered Kieran had cheated again.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler43 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkatieprice

September 26 2017

Amid all that Katie Price/Chris Hughes 50 odd screenshots drama, it appeared that Mrs Pricey forgave her husband AGAIN.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler44 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkieranhayler

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

Here they are again looking loved up and both Katie and Kieran posted this adorable snap on their Instagram accounts.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler45 of 49
CREDIT: Instagram / officialkatieprice

December 11 2017

Just when you thought their marriage had already gone through enough, the mum-of-five reportedly said her marriage is over for good after Kieran 'cheated again' with a girl from Katie's horse school 'Pony Club'.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler46 of 49
CREDIT: Shutterstock

February 2018

In February, Katie Price revealed her reality show My Crazy Life is returning and teased that she'll reveal the truth about her marriage to Kieran Hayler.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler48 of 49
CREDIT: Shutterstock

May 2018

In May 2018, it was reported that Katie split with her husband Kieran and allegedly had a new boyfriend.

Closer magazine
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When it comes to parenting, Kieran reveals he and Michelle share the same views – although with his ex-wife, they’re polar opposites.

Kieran says, “Me and Michelle have similar parenting techniques, which is great. When it comes to me and Kate, we’re just so different as parents. I’m like Pete [Andre] in the way I’m strict. They’ve got strict bedtimes.

“Junior and Princess and Jett and Bunny always say, ‘Mum’s not like that, mum’s not so strict or regimented’, but in the week I want them to have a regular bedtime – they brush their teeth, read a story, go to bed earlier. That is how I grew up and that is how I want them to grow up.”

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This Father’s Day, Kieran will be spending the day with Jett, Bunny, Michelle and Valentino. He shares equal custody with Jordan, adding, “It’s every other weekend and then two or three days in the week depending on which week it is – there’s a two-week rota of how it works. But Kate had them for Mother’s Day this year, so I’ll have them for Father’s Day.

“We will spend the day doing something nice outside. The kids are outdoorsy and we go into the woods. They have a really nice life with me when they’re here. A lot of kids want to be on the computer and do YouTube stuff, but they love nature.

“I would love them to become a vet, doctor, or even a personal trainer, something normal.”

And Michelle is full of praise for Kieran. Talking about their tight family unit, she says, “I trust him, he’s very reliable and he will do anything for his children. I don’t think I know a better dad. I hope they realise how lucky they are to have a dad who’s so good.”

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