Amber Turner hits out at cast following Dan Edgar and Ella Rae Wise rumours

The TOWIE star has made her thoughts known 😲

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by Nathan Katnoria |

TOWIE's Amber Turner has spoken out following reports that her boyfriend Dan Edgar has 'always wanted a piece' of co-star Ella Rae Wise.

Dan, who has had his fair share of romance drama during his time on the show, was reportedly accused of flirting with returning cast member Ella Rae Wise, despite settling down with Amber.

According to MailOnline, Ella sent a voice note to friends that circulated in Essex claiming Dan has always fancied her and Amber was furious when she heard the message.

Some of the cast recently returned from filming in the Dominican Republic, where fans were introduced to new faces Mia Sully, Pia Smith, Elma Pazar and Junaid Ahmed.

When back in Essex, Amber took to her Instagram story to hit out at her co-stars that are 'hungry for airtime', writing, "The hunger for airtime this series is REAL & we've just started 😳.

"Sick of Press posting LIES for clickbait it's actually embarrassing."

It's not clear if she's referring to the Dan/Ella situation or the news that NINE (that included Dan) of the show's stars were booted off a flight to the UK via Madrid for refusing to wear masks and vaping on the flight.

Amber's co-star Saffron Lempriere lashed out at her fellow cast mates, particularly Pia Smith, in a lengthy Instagram story where she seethed, "As for the name above, I told her to firmly shut up 24 hours before because it don't think when it speaks, but there we go certainly not my friend yes a new cast member with questionable respect and as for the person vaping please spend your time sending her messages all day".

If this is just one week's worth of drama, we cannot wait for the new series to return this summer.

It’s fair to say that Amber has had a rollercoaster ride on TOWIE since joining the show in 2017.

But fast forward five years and Amber is happily settled down with Dan after moving into his Essex apartment and she’s found herself a new best pal in Chloe Brockett.

However, with old episodes of TOWIE available to watch on the ITV Hub, it seems Amber hasn’t escaped her dramatic past just yet as she recently threw shade at viewers who still bring up storylines from half a decade ago.

Amber Turner TOWIE

In a controversial TikTok, Amber wrote, “POV: when the trolls are still commenting on stuff that happened on TOWIE in 2017,” and lip-synced to audio of Kim Kardashian saying, “I’ve got to be real with you guys… you look like f--king clowns.”

Understandably, the clip didn’t go down too well with all of her followers and some hit back, including one who wrote, “The only clown is the woman who chased Dan for 6 years 😂😂,” to which Amber sarcastically replied, “I’m still chasing him now babe I literally beg him to be with me every day.”

Another commented, “I can’t believe this girl is in her 20s/early 30s 😳 she looks soooo old.” But Amber had another tongue in cheek response as she replied, “I know so old! Got my facelift booked for tomorrow don’t worry.”

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There were some who were very much team Amber though, with one writing, “Yes they do. Don’t think they realise it’s a TV show either 😂,” while another added, “Been rewatching old ones and you’ve been amazing since the day you started 🥰.”

A third commented, “Least you kept it real though no fakeness.”

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How old is Amber Turner?

Amber is currently 28 years old. She was born on 10 July 1993.

Are Amber Turner and Megan McKenna still friends?

Amber and Megan were childhood besties but fell out shortly after she joined TOWIE. The pair did patch things up though, with Amber telling Digital Spy, "Me and Megan can argue as much as we like, but we would never not be friends. We support each other through everything and the only reason we row is because we love each other. She's my best friend and no matter what goes on, we'll always have each other's back."

However, it seems to be a different story these days and Amber and Megan no longer follow each on Instagram, which, in 2022, is usually a surefire sign that they're no longer pals.

Does Amber Turner have Instagram?

Yep, you can follow Amber on Instagram at @amberturnerx.

Does Amber Turner have Twitter?

No, Amber did used to be on Twitter but it looks like she's deleted her account.

Did Amber Turner date Joey Essex?

We think they did! But it was way before Amber joined TOWIE. In 2012, Amber was papped leaving London nightclub Mahiki hand-in-hand with Joey and it shocked us to our very core.

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