Chloe Meadows shares ‘air was needed’ post and fans are FRETTING

TOWIE season 30 (30!) is filming in the Dominican Republic with four (four!) 'chaotic' new cast mates

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by Hannah Mellin |

TOWIE's Chloe Meadows and her bestie Courtney Green have made a triumphant return to the show that made them famous after they were cruelly axed in 2021.

The reason at the time of the snip was that TOWIE bosses wanted to focus on a more 'slimmed down' version of the show but bosses finally realised the error of their ways and welcomed them both into the TOWIE fold pretty much months later.

Chloe and Courtney even made it on the recent cast trip to the Dominican Republic (unlike Chloe Brockett and the Sims sisters), and were spotted filming scenes again alongside Dan Edgar, Amber Turner, Diags, Dani Imbert and  new faces Elma Pazar and Junaid Ahmed for series 30.

However, while we live for the TOWIE drama, one of Chloe's post from the cast's fancy trip abroad has left fans worried.

Chloe said that 'Caribbean air was needed' as she posed in very impractical looking two piece. But fans were left fretting about the state of her skin.

One wrote, "Lovely photo but she looks very sunburnt and sore x."

Another penned, "Ouch, looking very sunburned 😮", while another noted, "Sun tan lotion was needed! 🥴."

Chloe could do with knowing the best home remedies for treating sunburn before the heatwave that's due to hit Essex this week.

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Courtney and BFF Chloe out on the town ©Getty

Following Chloe's temporary axe from the show, she continued her career as an influencer as well as having a could-be-better-tbh podcast. But what we were really excited about is her new career as an interior designer.

In May, Chloe took to Instagram to share with followers her pass for an interior design show, that suggests she's now working for FANCY design company Frank & Faber.

Sweet work.

In March, Chloe told her followers that she had just completed her interior design course.

She wrote, "Am I an interior designer yet? Celebrating graduating last week with the girls that have got me through i.e Kev’s babes 👩‍🎓🎉❤️."

Could Chloe appear on series four of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr? We're manifesting it right now.

Chloe Meadows TOWIE

Chloe joined the cast of TOWIE way back in 2014 and was introduced as a best mate of Megan McKenna. Despite appearing fair and calm (different from the other cast tbh), Chloe has definitely had her fair share of drama, including a HUGE fall-out with her former BFF Megan and arguing with Courtney's ex-boyfriend Myles Barnett.

In 2021, Chloe and Courtney returned to TOWIE to finally confront Gatsby over his fall out with best pal Chloe Brockett. Yep, that feud is still ongoing.

Who is Chloe Meadow's boyfriend?

She's happily loved-up with her long-term boyfriend George Wales, and she tends to keep her relationship out of the limelight. However, Chloe and George are big fans of showing of their incredible house and dreamy walk-in wardrobe.

George is a city-trader and they have been dating on and off since they were teenagers. Awwww!

Speaking about her relationship with George back in 2019, Chloe gushed, "He's called George and is a trader for a bank. We went out when we were younger before TOWIE, we then split-up but got back together about a year ago.

"We are loved-up and really happy. I have never been this happy in my life. When you know you know. It is just so easy. Relationships are supposed to be easy and have fun. You're not supposed to have agg and drama. I'm praying he is the one."

How tall is Chloe Meadows?

We don't know for sure, but Chloe is said to be 5"6, but looks much taller thanks to being friends with Courtney, who is 5"1.

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