Chloe Brockett returns to TOWIE and hits out at ‘desperate’ co-stars

TOWIE is set to return to our screens very soon

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by Hannah Mellin |

TOWIE's Chloe Brockett, who joined the show in 2019 and has become something of a legend, has confirmed that she is back filming for TOWIE after reports that she had been 'snubbed' from the latest period filming in the Dominican Republic.

Chloe took to Instagram this week to share a number of photos on her story, with one simply saying, "I'm back bitches".

She also participated in an Instagram Q&A with fans (our Chlo loves a Q&A), where a fan asked her if she was nervous or excited about starting filming the new series.

She replied, "I'm very excited! I feel in a different headspace this series than I ever have before...i'm really excited to enjoy myself and film with my girls and the new addition to our group @elmapazar. I have a feeling it's gonna be a really good series."

Chloe also had a subtle dig at the drama that constantly surrounds her as she replied to another fan who asked whether there will be any fresh drama for her in the new series.

Teasing the drama, she said, "All I'm gonna say is...same sh-t, different day," with a 'desperate' sticker on her story.

After a six month break, TOWIE returned to filming with a trip to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Amber TurnerCourtney GreenChloe MeadowsDan EdgarAmy Childs,DiagsDani ImbertYazmin OukhellouJordan Brook and new faces Elma Pazar and Junaid Ahmed were all spotted in paradise.

Chloe was nowhere to be seen though, which led to reports that claimed she had been snubbed after she hit the headlines after being involved in a nightclub 'brawl' with Ella-Rae Wise in April. According to reports, Chloe threw an ice bucket at Ella's head but missed and hit another woman instead.

A source told The Sun, "There is no bad blood or reason – she just was not in the cast chosen to go on the trip.

“Naturally it is disappointing for Chloe but she is looking forward to returning to the show and moving forwards.”

Chloe then responded to the story on her Instagram story, saying, "The person you don't see, which isn't wrote about, or snippets of me you see on a show, which is dramatised for your viewing pleasure (as you all know...there's a disclaimer before every ep) is someone who has a family, feelings, worries, aspirations...happy times (believe it or not their not all put on my social media) and heartbreakingly sad times.

"Please, before you judge someone on what you read, what you think you believe, or the way I act on screen. Please remember this."

chloe brockett towie

She added, "Last year was one of the most amazing years of my life...and this year has probably been one of the worst.

"I will speak my truth one day about a lot of situations...but for now, people keep telling me 'everything happens for a reason', right now I'm not sure what that reason is. But I know I need time to recharge and gather my thoughts."

What happened between Chloe Brockett and Ella Rae Wise?

The ongoing drama between Chloe Brockett and Ella Rae Wise, who both joined the show in 2019, is definitely up there with the most eventful, long-winded and spiteful reality TV fall-outs.

As well as the nightclub altercation, Chloe and Ella have a history of pure and utter drama, including when Chloe slept with her ex-boyfriend in a 'Premier Inn'.

What happened between Chloe Brockett and Jack Fincham?

Jack and Chloe first sparked dating rumours way back in 2020 but called in a day in May 2021. Jack went on to romance Frankie Sims, and there was a whole lot of DRAMA after Chloe revealed that when photos of Jack and Frankie kissing surfaced, Jack had rung her.

Chloe has previously admitted that she's happy being friends with ex-boyfriend Jack, telling Closer, "[We’re] just on a friendship level, me and Jack. A lot of people always question what’s going on with us two, but we are just friends."

Are they just flirty friends or actually dating? Guess we're going to have to wait and see...

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