Ella Rae Wise speaks out following explosive row with Chloe Brockett

Both TOWIE stars Ella and Chloe have spoken out following their alleged altercation

Chloe Brockett and Ella Rae Wise

by Hannah Mellin |

Over the years, we've seen some spectacular falling outs and on-screen fights between A LOT of reality stars, but some of the most memorable involve the ladies of Essex.

The ongoing drama between Chloe Brockett and Ella Rae Wise, who both joined the show in 2019, is definitely up there with the most eventful, long-winded and spiteful reality TV fall-outs.

Ella has seemingly addressed speculation that is growing around her after she was reportedly involved in a nightclub 'brawl' with Chloe.

According to reports, Chloe threw an ice bucket at Ella's head but missed and hit another woman instead.

Both girls have yet to speak publicly about the altercation, but Ella recently broke her silence during a Q&A on her Instagram Story.

When asked by one of her followers, "How do you handle arguments so well?" She responded, "Just ignore them, the best thing is silence.

"Their problem is with themselves and not you. Says more about them if they can't leave you alone after you are staying silent."

@ellaraewisex's Instagram story
©@ellaraewisex's Instagram story

While she doesn't name drop Chloe here or explicitly reference their altercation, it seems likely that this may be what she was referring to in this response.

Chloe also recently broke her silence in regards to the "brawl" in a TikTok she posted, where she referenced "being the drama."

The TikTok showed Chloe miming the sound "Is it me? Am I the drama, I don't think so. Maybe I am" - which could be a reference to the stories surrounding her.

Earlier this month, Ella and Chloe were both at the W London Hotel in central London in when a fight broke out.

According to The Sun, Chloe was with a group of her friends, including former co-star Kelsey Stratford and Ella was partying with TOWIE stars Dani Imbert and Roman Hackett.

A video shows the bleeding woman being held back by other guests including TOWIE co-stars Roman and Rem Larue.

A witness who was on a night out at the Soho venue with friends told the publication, "Chloe and Ella were rowing and it turned nasty.

"We saw Chloe throw an ice bucket at Ella but it missed and hit another woman. She was seriously bleeding.

"Security were holding and restraining Chloe to the floor during the commotion while she kicked her legs to try and get them off of her.

"It was a truly awful display and completely unprovoked."

Chloe recently alluded to the incident on her Instagram story as part of a Q&A. When asked, "How are you? Like in yourself/headspace xx" Chloe responded, "I'm really good... I was struggling a few weeks ago but I feel good atm, positive and lots of exciting things coming up."

@chloebrockett's Instagram story
©@chloebrockett's Instagram story

While she didn't refer specifically to the altercation, it is likely she was referring to it due to when it happened and the subsequent backlash that followed it.

When asked as part of the same Q&A, "are you going to be on any more tv shows?" Chloe responded, "of course! Watch this space."

@chloebrockett's Instagram story
©@chloebrockett's Instagram story

While she didn't refer to TOWIE specifically, from this response it seems likely she with be remaining on TOWIE in spite of the incident.

Will Chloe Brockett still be on TOWIE?

After the incident, there were reports that Chloe was called in by TOWIE bosses to explain her actions, ahead of filming for the new series that will commence in June.

There have also been reports that even if Chloe does return, some of the cast are reluctant to film with her.

A source told the publication, "The general feeling amongst the cast is that Chloe's actions were unacceptable.

"Nobody wants the show to get a reputation like that and some stars have told bosses they won't film with Chloe when shooting resumes."

The TV insider added, "There have been threats of walks outs over the issue so producers know they're serious.

Ella Rae Wise is also set for a permanent return after being part of the now infamous TOWIE cull in 2021, so that could make things even more tricky.

Over the years, many of the TOWIE cast have got into scuffles and trouble outside of the show but then returned.

Jon Clark was suspended from TOWIE in 2018 after slapping co-star James 'Diags' Bennewith during a night out in Newcastle. Shortly after Dean Ralph was also suspended from the show following a 'serious incident'.

So why did Chloe Brockett and Ella Rae Wise fall out?

Back in 2019, Ella, Chloe and Kelsey joined TOWIE as a trio of friends, but it all soon turned sour when Ella accuses Chloe of spending all of her time with Kelsey, resulting in an argument in a club.

They soon made up, only to fall out again when Chloe got annoyed when Kelsey and Ella gave her some harsh advice when it came to her ex Harry Lee. They definitely didn't make up after that and have constantly been making digs at each other ever since. Over the years, they have both admitted that they don't get on because they are both 'very fiery'.

However, things have got worse recently as Ella had a huge fall out with Kelsey, who has since grown close to her childhood friend Chloe again. Honestly, we struggle to keep up.


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What happened with Ella Rae Wise and Kelsey Stratford?

After all the drama between Chloe, Kelsey and Ella in their first season, Kelsey stuck by Ella's side and they became a little bit of a double act, until they fell out, of course.

ella rae wise kelsey stratford
kelsey and ella were friends ©Getty

In 2021, Kelsey accused Ella of getting off with a guy she fancied, which led to a breakdown of their friendship. Following this Kelsey only went and became friends with Chloe again, causing further drama between the two.

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What happened with Kelsey Stratford and Chloe Brockett?

Kelsey and Chloe have known each other since childhood, and recently reunited after falling out after Chloe had a fling with Ella's ex-boyfriend.

Since neither Kelsey OR Chloe speak to Ella, it's no surprise that Ella has found herself forming friendships with some of Chloe's current 'enemies', including Dani Imbert and Yazmin Oukhellou.

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