Kris Boyson posts ‘it’s not always the man’ in wake of Ella Rae Wise split

The Ex on the Beach star has recently been on a 'sickening' date with a Love Island star


by Hannah Mellin |

Ella Rae Wise and Kris Boyson go way back, as viewers saw in the most recent series of Celebrity Ex On The Beach, as she looked incredibly chuffed when he walked out of the sea for her.

The pair instantly rekindled their relationship, with Ella revealing that she had "always fancied Kris" but he was in and out of relationships (most famously with Bianca Gascoigne) and they left the show official boyfriend and girlfriend 'or mr and missus as Kris calls it'.

When the show wrapped, Kris and Ella fans have been wondering what on earth has happened between the pair, as they haven't been spotted together since they were spotted on a couple of dates in October last year and failed to mention each other on social media.

Many speculated that things hadn't worked out, and they were right, Ella has confirmed that despite being 'friendly', they're not together.

In an Instagram Q&A, Ella was asked, "You and Kris? What's happening now seen anything of you since ex on the beach 🥺."

Replying from her holiday in Dubai, she said, "Will touch up upon the once I reach the uk 🥰 we are on good terms."

Kris then alluded to the split in a post on his Instagram story. He shared an interview from the page @more.successful where the original post was captioned, "It's not always the man" and the man interviewed in the video echoes similar sentiments.

He said, "Every time a relationship ends it's not always the man. There's plenty of women out here doing s--t they ashamed of.

"I had nothing to do with those 10 relationships she was in before we got into a relationship."

He then goes on to describe how bringing issues and hurt form a previous relationship can impact a current one.

While Kris didn't specifically reference Ella when he shared the post on his story, as this was his most recent break up it is possible it could be in reference to it. It is also worth noting that Kris posted this on Katie Price's 44th birthday, so maybe it was aimed at her? Who's to say?

This news follows Kris' adrenaline fuelled dinner date with Love Island star Elma Pazar.

It's unclear exactly why Kris and Ella ended things, especially after they seemed to be in such a good place after reuniting on Ex On the Beach. In March this year, Ella remained very coy about what really happened between her and Kris when they headed home to Essex, especially as they were spotted on secret dates in October.

In a Instagram Q&A, Ella was asked if she and Kris were still together, and she cheekily replied, "You'll have to continue watching to find out".

ella rae wise kris boyson

Like most reality TV shows, the stars don't really comment on what happened until the series has wrapped to keep the drama alive. Kris and Ella do still follow each other on Instagram though, so that's something.

Ella's confession comes after she and Kris were 'giving things a go' on the outside world, with a source telling The Sun in October 2021, "They met on Celeb Ex On the Beach and now they're dating.

"It's really early days and I don't know if they're official yet, but it's going really well and they really like each other."

Even if things with Ella didn’t work out, personal trainer Kris has got a fair few celeb ladies’ names in his little black book following his acrimonious split with Katie in 2019.

Ella remained coy when Closer caught up with her after she filmed Ex On The Beach, but she did revealed that her attitude to love changed whilst she was on the show.

"Maybe I do mask over my feelings sometimes, because it's easier," she said.

"I painted all men with the same brush and I would run away. I was quite damaged and I came away from boys and dating and focused on myself and it really helped me."

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She also hinted that fans would get some insight into her most recent fall out with Kelsey Stratford when one asked, “Did Kelsey steal your business? How do you feel about it? I’d be gutted and would never do that.”

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Following an altercation with Chloe Brockett, Ella has heavily hinted that she will be back on TOWIE this June.

It comes after she insisted she wasn't 'axed', she was 'rested' in an exclusive interview with Closer.

"Having a break was something I did really need. I feel like it was sort of a little bit of a blessing in disguise because being on TOWIE, the storylines themselves can always be quite tricky and personal. It was ongoing drama and realistically for me, I needed that time to focus on my mind and my goals.

"I do miss it. It was my home, it’s made me who I am today and opened so many doors for me. Hopefully if or when I go back it will be a completely different story," she admitted.

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