Love Island Tommy Fury: ‘Guys think women are just pieces of meat’

Tommy Fury

by Rebecca Twomey |

Tommy Fury – the younger brother of heavyweight Tyson – discusses bro code and his dream celebrity women, Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner’s pal, Pia Mia with Closer

He’s lived in his brother, Tyson Fury’s shadow for pretty much all of his 20 years, but that’s now set to change as Tommy Fury – who is also a professional boxer, joins the Love Island cast 2019.

While Tommy, 20, may be a tough guy in the ring, he tells Closer that he’s secretly a big softie and a true romantic, adamant that men should treat women with respect and kindness.

He says, “Most guys out there think women are just pieces of meat, and that’s cruel… if I see a girl who’s really upset and I see someone who has done something bang out of order, I want go over there and stick my chest out… I’ll say, ‘you know what mate? You could have gone about that a bit differently.’

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“I’ve been brought up to have manners for everybody. Men and women are equals in every field. And why would I treat someone, how I wouldn’t like to be treated myself? I respect girls’ feelings. That’s why I’m always upfront and honest. I’d never go and cheat behind someone’s back because that’s not me. I wouldn't like a girl to go behind my back and cheat. I’d rather be upfront about it.”

With a potential eight-week stint in the villa ahead of him, surrounded by some of the hottest 20-somethings in the UK, Tommy will have plenty of time to find his perfect woman who he describes as “blonde hair, blue eyes, good tan, gym girl.”

ariana grande
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So who are his celebrity crushes? "Ariana Grande, that girl is fire," he says, "Pia Mia. She’s unbelievable. I’d wife her off now if I could. 100%. She’s just unreal.

"I’ve never seen a woman yet where I’ve thought, Jesus Christ. And then I’ve looked at her in that Chris Brown video where she’s dancing on the beach. Jesus, that is me. All day, every day of the week."

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But despite his muscular physique and confidence – something Tommy admits he has "a bit too much of" he isn’t afraid to reveal his insecurities. "It’s the brutal truth that I’ll never know, deep down inside whether a girl’s for me or for my last name."

But he’s determined not to use his family’s name to help his chances of romance on the show, adding, "There’s nothing different about any one of us in there. We’re all there to find love and hopefully we can all do that."

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