Ferne McCann: ‘Jordan Hames wasn’t my One – I want someone KIND’

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann tells Closer why she’s already moved on from her fling with Love Island’s Jordan Hames and reveals the positives she’s taken away from her difficult times

Fearne McCann

by Lily Smith |

Ferne McCann caused a stir earlier this month when she was spotted cosying up to Love Island star Jordan Hames, telling Closer at the time that she was “excited” to see where things went.

But as Ferne McCann confirms that her romance with Jordan, 24, has already fizzled out, she reveals she isn’t giving up on finding her dream man.

She says, “It was a one-off, one-night thing – it was very casual. I saw him at the Animal Hero Awards, and then he met me in London a few days later for a cup of tea. But that was it. He’s not my ‘one’, and I don’t think I’m his. We’re at two completely different stages in our lives.

“I want to get married and have more children soon. I want someone who makes me laugh, but who’s got himself together. Someone who’s kind and who I just click with and can just be myself with. There’s a lot on my list!”

Ferne, 29, has been single since splitting from Arthur Collins in 2017 while she was pregnant with their daughter Sunday, now one. Collins is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence after he orchestrated an acid attack in a London nightclub.

While Ferne declined to answer any questions about her ex, she says she is extremely proud of the little girl Sunday is becoming, and all the more so because she has raised her alone as a single mum.

She says, “I’m so proud of myself. People say she’s a credit to me and she really is. Her behaviour is all learned behaviour – like there are certain things that she does and I think, ‘Wow, she’s like that because she must have seen me do that.’

“And it makes me more proud because I’ve had to do it all on my own. Sometimes being on my own can be the hardest thing, but it’s also rewarding.”

Ferne described the scandal with Arthur’s arrest and her early pregnancy as one of the “most difficult times of [her] life” – being trolled about dating him and her unborn baby at the time.

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Reflecting on that period, Ferne reveals she has taken positives from it, saying the suffering made her mentally stronger.

She says, “Life experiences shape who you are today and, when you go through really s_**_y times or trauma, like I did, you learn how resilient you actually are. You don’t realise how strong you can be until you’re tested. I found out things about myself I never knew I had inside me, and you grow the strength you need.

“I still have bad days – when I’m on my own in the evening, and Sunday’s gone to bed, my mind runs away with itself. But I’ve learned to pull myself together, stick on something distracting on TV, and message my friends. I definitely don’t go on Instagram in those situations, in those down moments.”

While she says the majority of social media comments are now positive, Ferne has recently been trolled for her lips, with cruel jibes over her “trout pout” and “overinflated mouth”.

But the star – who had a nose job in 2016 – has learned to brush off any negativity.

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She says, “Back in the day, trolling really affected me, but it doesn’t any more. I’ve seen the worst things anyone could possibly say about me and I’ve grown this new strength. That time made me find out who my real friends were and, now, I just surround myself with my true friends and family – and their opinion is all that matters.”

Ferne overhauled her body after giving birth to Sunday. Having always been a size 12, Ferne slimmed down to a size 8, with fans praising her and demanding to know the secret behind her body transformation.

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She says, “I prioritise a healthy lifestyle much more now that I’m a mum. It’s so important – not only for your physical health, but for your own mind as well.

“Being a mum can be full-on and exercise is like therapy. When I’m having a bad day, I’ll go and train and it’ll feel like a release.

“It can be hard to motivate yourself to work out – but when you do, you feel so amazing afterwards. I exercise three or four times a week, and I love it. It’s about balance, too – I still have my cheat days and I love to indulge.”

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