Love Island: Yewande reveals the HUGE mistake she made on the show

yewande biala

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Yewande Biala was booted from the show after Danny Williams recoupled with Arabella Chi

In one of the most shocking Love Island 2019 episodes so far, viewers (and the islanders) waved goodbye to Yewande Biala after Danny Williams picked newbie Arabella Chi in the recoupling.

However before her exit she made it clear that she was fuming with her former love interest and even savagely told him, "What goes around comes around, have a nice life".


Now, the 23-year-old scientist has spoken out about her Love Island exit and revealed the biggest mistake she made during her time in the villa was being reserved.

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Amy Hart

Amy is the 26-year-old Islander from Sussex who has never had a boyfriend before.She worked as an air hostess and cabin crew manager for British Airways for eight years.On launch night, Amy announced on Instagram that she had left her old job to "start a new adventure."Amy has also taken part in beauty pageants and was crowned Miss United Kingdom in the Miss Beautiful International Pageant in 2017.

yewande biala

And despite having her guard up Yewande confessed that she doesn't regret going on Love Island at all.

"What better way to break down your walls than to go on a love show and force yourself to open up a little bit more," she explained.

"It did take me a while because I think with all the other couples it was natural for them to be more affectionate and that environment forces you to act a little quicker and speed things up.

"When I went into the villa I was living the way I would on the outside and was kind of taking things slow - like you would normally - and that was probably one of the mistakes I made."

yewande biala

She continued: "The situation did help me open up a little bit and showed me I can be more affectionate and I can break down some of my walls.

"It was hard to do but I don't regret doing it because I know that now I can and it made me a little be stronger as well."

You go, girl.

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Yewande Love Island booted off

In more Love Island related news, Tyla Carr has announced she's split from her baby daddy seven months after they welcomed their son Archie into the world.

On Instagram, she explained: "I am recently single, I've been super quiet because I'm really not sure what to say, it's an awful situation, but I will explain a few things in good time.

"This night out was really needed so thank you to all my lovely girls this night helped me get away from all the stress and just be me for the night. So thank you girls :)".

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