The heartbreak behind Victoria Beckham’s shock new face

After Victoria Beckham sparked concern with a plumper pout and taut face last week, insiders reveal how she’s been going through a ‘low period’

victoria beckham before after surgery

by Daisy McLure |

Appearing on American TV last week to promote her new beauty line, fans were quick to spot Victoria Beckham’s shock new look, and speculated it may be a result of non-surgical tweaks.

Many suggested that fashion designer Posh had had filler or Botox, with comments including, “Love Victoria Beckham but what’s been done to her lips is a shame.”

Another penned, “Victoria Beckham on GMA [Good Morning America] is freaking me out. She only moves her eyelids and lips when speaking... It’s so unnatural and distracting. The Botox/filler game can work for pics but wow it’s not good for life things.”

victoria beckham jimmy fallon
Victoria on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ©Getty Images

Posh, 46 – who has previously denied surgery rumours, apart from having a boob job in her mid-20s – has seemingly changed her appearance over the years, albeit subtly. But she has always credited her skincare regime and facials, apparently costing £2,000 a month, for her flawless complexion.

Recently, she insisted she hasn’t “been tempted by a cosmetic procedure” and added, “I’m not trying to look any younger at all, I just wanna look good for my age. I like how getting older feels. I’m OK with how it looks because it is what it is. Everybody is going to get older. [But] I don’t love how it [getting older] sounds.”

Despite years of denying speculation, Posh admitted in 2014 to having a boob job in her mid-20s, but said she regretted the surgery and had the implants taken out, adding, “All those years I denied it – stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate what you’ve got.”

victoria beckham before after
victoria in 2006 ©Getty Images

However, Harley Street aesthetic practitioner Amar Suchde, of AMS Aesthetics, believes that the star has used non-surgical procedures to achieve her latest look.

Amar says, “I think she has had some work, probably to add a more youthful effect. With age, we tend to lose deep fat tissue – which is our lower-face fat structure – so she has potentially had filler injected back into her cheek compartments to try to give her a lift.

“Her skin is also looking incredible, so she’s probably had some laser treatments to resurface it, and to top it off, I’d say she has had some lip filler injected, as well as some Botox in her forehead.

“I think she may have had a few tweaks like that subtly over the years, but the reason it may look more prominent now is because it could be that it is recent, so she still has the swelling. Once the swelling settles, I’m sure she will be looking back to her usual self, as she always looks great.”

victoria beckham before after
victoria in 2020 ©Getty Images

Meanwhile, sources say the speculation around her looks comes at a turbulent time in her life. Just last week, Closer revealed the mum-of-four had been to visit a team of therapists at a spa retreat in Germany after feeling “humiliated” amid reports that interest in her is waning.

It’s believed her Instagram “likes” have plummeted, her label is continuing to struggle – losing £40million since its launch in 2008 – and she’s failed to land a fashion magazine cover in almost two years.

It comes just a year after she was widely criticised for using public money to furlough 30 of her employees, despite having her net worth estimated at £335million. She quickly reversed the decision after the public scrutiny, and was said to be “distraught” over the backlash.

Posh is also said to have been feeling “abandoned” recently as over half of her close-knit family are now based Stateside. David, 46, has been spending increasing time with his football team, Inter Miami FC, while Brooklyn, 22, has bought a £8million LA mansion with his American fiancée, Nicola Peltz, 26. And Romeo, 19, is currently in Florida after landing his first professional football contract with Fort Lauderdale FC.

A source says, “Vic’s been feeling low over the last few weeks. All the uncertainty over her fashion line, which she has worked so hard for, plus the family being separated, is heartbreaking for her, so having a little work done gives her that confidence boost. She has always had insecurities over her appearance and puts a huge amount of effort into being the best version of herself, which also makes her feel good inside.”

Last week, fans also speculated well-groomed David had had work done after he also sported a smoother-looking face. And the source adds, “Vic is conscious of how adored David is for his good looks, and when he makes little adjustments, to be the best version of himself, it makes her want to up her game.”

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Victoria famously said about her husband, “David’s the good-looking one and I’m the funny one,” and during their loved-up lockdown at their family home in the Cotswolds, she shared an image of him topless and called him “Mr Perfect”.

And Closer’s psychological therapist Emma Kenny says that the combination of her recent tough time, and pining for her husband while he spends time away, could be the trigger for Posh’s new look. Emma says, “Victoria is going through a period where the kids are leaving home, she’s probably more alone than she has been for the past two decades, and she has a lot going on in her professional life.

“So when women go through spells of things changing in their lives, it can make them want to reinvent themselves to boost their confidence.”

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… and David Beckham looks different, too!

david beckham before after
david in 2021 (left) and in 2019 (right) ©Getty Images

While David Beckham once vowed never to undergo cosmetic surgery or use Botox, last week fans were left questioning his appearance as he seemingly sported a smoother forehead and complexion.

After seeing the 47-year-old pictured at an event in London, one fan quipped,

“David Beckham step away from the Botox!! Growing old gracefully is far sexier!” while another said, “His Botox doesn’t seem to have settled in well.”

David, who has won many “Sexiest Male” awards, as well as notching up high-profile modelling contracts since his football career ended, insisted in 2018, “I would never have my face injected!”

However, Amar Suchde of AMS Aesthetics suggests David may have had a helping hand to smooth his skin. Amar says, “It looks as though David might have had Botox to smooth out some lines, as well as probably having laser treatment to boost his complexion. His skin looks amazing and he obviously takes care of himself through exercise and diet, too.”

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