Amanda Bynes hospitalised for mental health evaluation

Amanda Bynes has been hospitalised for a mental health evaluation after reportedly setting fire to herself.


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The 27 year-old actress was seen laying in an LA driveway earlier this week with her trousers in flames, and it is thought she started the fire with petrol.

She was really frantic and she was like "my dog has been burned”

A man who was driving past at the time claims to have spotted Amanda with her trousers on fire.

He said: ‘It's dark, it's 8.45 and I just see her laying down, stomach up and her pant legs on fire, a trail of, you know, fire and gas, and I pull over.’

Andrew Liverpool said that when he pulled over he saw Amanda grabbed her dog and tried to leave in a taxi, but he stopped it from leaving.

‘She was really frantic and she was like "my dog has been burned,”' he said.


Amanda was reportedly arrested shortly afterwards, having ran into a store in Thousand Oaks, California carrying her pet dog drenched in petrol.

Her parents are absolutely sick with worry about their daughter

Police who responded to the emergency call on Monday night questioned Amanda and concluded that she met should be taken to hospital for her own safety.

Ventura County Sheriff's Department deputies questioned the actress and concluded she met the criteria for involuntary hospitalisation and mental health evaluation.

Amanda is currently under the ‘5150 hold’ – which is named after the California state code – but it is thought she can only be held for up to 72 hours.

The former children’s TV presenter’s parents have since been to visit their daughter, according to reports, and are said to be ‘sick with worry.’

‘Her parents are absolutely sick with worry about their daughter,’ a source said.

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