Roman Hackett on life before TOWIE: ‘I was worried about the racist comments’

He's opened up exclusively about his time on TOWIE

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Roman Hackett is one of the few 'new' TOWIE stars who managed to survive the cull, so of course we had to chat to him about his time on the show, his co-stars and future plans.

Roman, 19, joined the show earlier this year as Dani Imbert's friend and a potential love interest for Ella Rae Wise, however she's no longer on the show.

Since starring on the show Roman's made a name of his own, he's shared his model life with fans and he's even good friends with pretty much every single cast member (which is rare on TOWIE).

However during our exclusive chat with Roman, he admitted that he was a little apprehensive about joining the show as one of the few non-white cast members.

"Before I first joined, one thing I was worried about was the racist comments because I didn't know what it would be like.

"But since being on the show I don't think I've had one racist comment."

During a recent episode of TOWIE Roman opened up about being involved in a Black Lives Matter campaign and when we spoke to the reality star, Roman explained exactly what he got up to.

"I got involved in it because from international football you saw all the racism happening so I thought it would be good get other people's sides out of what they've experienced."

He went on to say, "I live in Essex and on the show it's such a good platform to talk about so people can see what you've been through in the past.

"I'm a young black man and I might have experienced bad stuff in the past. People might not want to talk to me about it so I thought I might as well open up to them and let them know what I've been through."

You can watch our full chat with Roman below...

WATCH: Roman Hackett on life before joining TOWIE - ‘I was worried about the racist comments’


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Following the news that TOWIE was having a major shake-up and the new series will focus on the cast's real lives and "showing more of their personal passions and professions", we had to ask Roman what we can expect to see from him for the rest of the series.

"I had so many modelling shoots recently that TOWIE will cover which we will see on the show.

"Also my mum's business, her concierge company. So you'll be seeing me in the office with my mum and you'll also see more of my family as well.

"You'll see my mum all the time and you might even see my nan," he added.

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