29 hottest Love Island contestants EVER – including Ovie Soko and Davide Sanclimenti

They're all destined to be on TV...

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by Hollie Richardson & Eden-Olivia Lord |

If there's one thing the Love Island stars have in common it's that they're all very hot.

The 2022 series is finally here and with it brings a whole host of impossibly tanned, toned (honestly, when we look at Davide we think he's a statue sometimes), twenty-something singles to make us feel bad about ourselves and/or develop problematic crushes on. But it's not like there's not already literally hundreds of former Islanders already out in the world leaving their legacies of hotness and lasting unrealistic beauty standards.

From Max Morley and Alex Bowen to Montana Brown, Ovie Soki and 2022's rugby lad Jacques O'Neill, we've seen our fair share of fit reality stars in the villa.

We also can't help but remember the Islanders who grew on us over time; remember when Greg O'Shea had only just entered the villa but still questioned why Jordan Hames tried it on with India Reynolds? Or when Jack Fowler left the nation swooning following his adorable parenting skills with baby Aubrey?

love island jack fowler baby challenge
Jack completely melted our hearts during the baby challenge ©ITV

So we thought we'd take a look back at series past at the 29 hottest Islanders EVER (so far).

A definitive list of the hottest EVER Love Island stars


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A reincarnated Max Morley for 2022, we've got a little soft spot for Gemma Owen's ex-boyfriend Jacques O'Neill, could be the smile and baby blues, could be that he's also a professional rugby player.

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Oh Dami Hope. The Irish accent. The banter. The gentle giant nature. The fact he's a GENIUS. The nose piercing. We're falling HARD.

Davide Sanclimenti love island
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Davide Sanclimenti entered Love Island 2022 as possibly the hottest bombshell ever to set foot into the villa. He announced himself as an 'italian snack' and the whole villa fell at his feet. Honestly, there must be something wrong with this man because he looks like he was carved by ANGELS.

Mike Boateng
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Police officer Mike insisted, "it should be illegal to be as sexy as me," and after watching him in the villa for just a few days, we were inclined to agree.

Rebecca Gormley
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Rebecca turned pretty much all of the boys' heads when she entered the villa in week two, setting two of the boys' heart rates through the roof during the sexy dance challenge and going on dates in the hideaway with Connor and Callum, and she made no secret of the fact she was there to step on the girls' toes and steal their menfolk.

Leanne Amaning
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Great things come in small packages, and Leanne is the petit beauty we were rooting for from Day ONE.

Sophie Piper
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Rochelle Humes' little sister Sophie had the boys fighting over her as soon as she stepped foot in the villa, which made a nice change from the usual turn of events. Both big Connagh (with a G) and little Connor (OG Connor) wanted to couple up with her, but she eventually chose OG Connor (for some unknown reason, see below).

Connaugh Howard
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Big Connaugh (with a G) was the first bit of absolute PHWOAR in the 2020 winter series, and despite getting pied off by Sophie he wasn't short of admirers, with Siannise Fudge, Jess and bombshell Rebecca all fighting over him.

Josh Denzel
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Josh is Mr Smooth with his laidback attitude and sharp style. Oh and those abs, obvs. That nose-ring just totally does it for us, too.

Ovie Soko
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CREDIT: Ovie Soko u00a9 ITV

Let's not pretend that Ovie is not the fittest person we've ever seen on TV. Not only is he dreamy but remember when he took India Reynolds away from all of that drama with Jordan Hames and Anna Vakili? Love him.

Amber Gill
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Amber was confident from day one (remember when she questioned whether Callum MacLeod could pull off any sunglasses?) and no wonder she's absolutely gorgeous. She won the show alongside Greg O'Shea and after he dumped her via text she went on to become a millionaire - yes, really.

India Reynolds
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India wowed the nation when she arrived in the villa alongside Harley Brash and for good reason too; the model is absolutely gorgeous and came third alongside Ovie.

Michael Griffiths
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He treated Amber Gill and Joanna Chimonides like trash in the villa but there's no denying it - Michael is fit. And him starring in Dreamboys is proof...

Maura Higgins
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Maura is one of the best contestants that's ever gone on Love Island; from trying to seduce Tommy Fury to putting Tom Walker in his place we were obsessed from the get-go. We almost forgot to mention that she's absolutely stunning; no wonder she was a model and Grid Girl before her stint in the villa.

Jack Fowler
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Jack Fowler is practically perfect in every physical way. He melted hearts around the nation when he proved to be the hottest dad ever during the baby challenge.

Megan Barton Hanson
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Most guys in the villa are obsessed with Megan, and so are we. The reason she managed to split up Wes and Laura within just 24 hours is because she's sizzling hot.

Samira Mighty
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Samira is a natural beauty who inexplicably gets overlooked in the villa. She's also definitely our best dressed and looks SMOKING in her orange bikini.

Montana Brown
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Montana Brown - advocate of the underboob trend - rated herself a 'solid eight out of 10'. We disagree - she's obviously a full 10.

Zara McDermott
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Zara turned Adam's head as soon as she strutted into the villa with her olive skin and lusciously long locks. She sure knows how to rock a high-thigh bikini bottom.

Chris Hughes
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King of the quiff Chris nearly ripped out of every tee-shirt he somehow managed to pull over those bulging muscles.

Jess Shears
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We were obsessed with Jess' model good looks and caramel skin - she should have lasted longer in there.

Terry Walsh
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This one's for all the tattoo lovers out there. It's just a shame they covered his impeccable pecks.

Alex Beattie
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No wonder personal trainer Alex caught fellow villa babe Montana Brown's eye. We can't cope.

Scott Thomas
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Those curly locks and that northern accent swooooon

Olivia Buckland
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We loved Olivia's feistiness, with her tattoos and nose-ring scoring extra HOTHOTHOT points.

Alex Bowen
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Of course Olivia's husband Alex Bowen had to be on the list. He's one of the best things to come out of Love Island 2016.

Max Morley
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There's a reason Yorkshire lad Max won the first Love Island series, with his sun kissed hair and sporty bod.

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In more Love Island related news, although many Islanders are scouted for the show on social media, there are still lots of stars who went through the application process like Amy Hart and Anton Danyluk.

2018 Islanders Samira Mighty and Alexandra Cane have revealed their top tips for anyone applying to enter the villa and, we have to say, it’s great advice.

“If you're going to do a show reel for the show make it really fun, eye-catching,” Alexandra said.

Samira added, “Have a lot of personality because you're not going to get anywhere with no personality. Also go in expecting the unexpected. Don't expect much. Don't go in and be like 'I'm going to win' because you just need to have fun.

"It's serious in there but have fun and when you go to the interview just be fun. Be yourself."

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