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From Oh Polly and PrettyLittleThing deals to spin-off TV shows

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Get ready to pinch yourselves Love Island fans, because this time last year Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu were crowned king and queen of Love Island 2022. What a series. What a summer. What a time.

Love Island 2022 gifted us with two months of iconic moments and iconic characters that we’ll never, NEVER forget. Who could forget Ekin-Su crawling across the balcony to sneak a snog with Jay Younger? Andrew Le Page admitting to licking Coco Lodge’s tit (or whatever), Adam Collard's iconique return to the villa AND Indiyah Polack playing the recorder.

But keeping up with all these Islanders is a full time job (and it literally IS our job), so we’ve made it easy for you (okay, and us) by putting together a speedy recap for the 2022 cohort. Here is what the Love Island 2022 cast have been up to since the show finished.

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Where are the Love Island 2022 cast now?

Ekin-Su Culculoglu then1 of 72

Ekin-Su Culculoglu then

When bombshell Ekin-Su entered the villa, she made one thing clear: that she was there to stir things up, and she definitely did. That image of her crawling across the balcony is something that we won't be forgetting for a while and she even managed to win the nation over with her passionate, soap-like relationship with Davide. Ekin and Davide left the villa as the winners of Love Island 2022.

Ekin-Su Culculoglu now2 of 72

Ekin-Su Culculoglu now

Ekin hasn't stopped since leaving the villa. She launched her first collection with Oh Polly back in September 2022 and became a Beauty Works ambassador. She then went on to star on Dancing on Ice and even released her own TV series with Davide called Homecomings. As of 2023, Ekin is no longer working with Beauty Works or Oh Polly, she briefly split from Davide but they're back together.

Davide Sanclimenti then3 of 72

Davide Sanclimenti then

Italian heartthrob Davide quickly fell for bombshell Ekin-Su after she entered the villa. They definitely had their ups and downs but ultimately they came out on top and were crowned Love Island 2022 winners.

Davide Sanclimenti now4 of 72

Davide Sanclimenti now

Just like Ekin-Su, Davide has taken advantage of all of those juicy post-villa opportunities. He is currently a BoohooMAN ambassador and launched his first collection with them back in October. His ITV2 show Homecomings saw him take Ekin-Su back to his home of Italy, while she showed him her Turkish roots. The couple called in quits in June 2023 but reunited two months later.

Gemma Owen then5 of 72

Gemma Owen then

Gemma Owen and Luca had eyes for only each other for the entirety of the show. Billy tried to get in the way at one point, obviously flirting with Gemma, but she didn't seem to bat an eyelid and remained committed to Luca. They stayed together until the end and finished in second place.

Gemma Owen now6 of 72

Gemma Owen now

As we all expected, Gemma became a PLT ambassador and brought out her own edit with the brand, so there was no surprise there. However, we were surprised when she and Luca called it quits in November 2022 after managing only a few months outside the villa. Gemma announced their split on her Instagram story (in true influencer fashion), but Luca seemed a bit blindsided by the announcement as he addressed it saying that he would have liked more time to process it.

Luca Bish then7 of 72

Luca Bish then

Right from the start, Luca Bish only had eyes for Gemma and the two remained solidly together for their whole time in the villa. The only time they had a slight blip was when Billy came into the villa and started openly getting to know Gemma. But Gemma only had eyes for Luca and didn't give Billy a chance. Although we did all majorly cringe when the videos of Gemma and Billy were shown in front of Luca on film night.

Luca Bish now8 of 72

Luca Bish now

Despite finishing the show in second place, Gemma and Luca called it quits after just a few months of dating on the outside world. Gemma announced the split on her Instagram Story and shortly after it seemed that Luca threw shade at his ex-girlfriend. Since the split, Luca has spent a hella amount of time travelling the world and becoming friends with Love Island 2023 winter star Ron Hall.

Tasha Ghouri then9 of 72

Tasha Ghouri then

Having been in the villa from day one and until the end, coming fourth with boyfriend Andrew, Tasha Ghouri had quite the journey in the villa. We saw her show off her dancing skills, let everyone know about her superpower AND she found the love of her life.

Tasha Ghouri now10 of 72

Tasha Ghouri now

As we all hoped, Tasha and Andrew are still together and have moved in together (if they ever break up, we'll stop believing in love). Tasha also became the first ever ambassador for eBay, proving that recycled fashion is bang on trend.

Andrew Le Page then11 of 72

Andrew Le Page then

Andrew very quickly fell for Tasha, however we all know about his infamous slip up in Casa Amor (in case you somehow missed it: he licked Coco's tit, or whatever). But after explaining the situation to Tasha and clearing things up with Coco, Andrew was able to move forward with his relationship with Tasha and officially make her his girlfriend.

Andrew Le Page now12 of 72

Andrew Le Page now

After finishing in forth place, Tasha and Andrew have remained just as strong on the outside world as they were in the villa. To show how committed he is to Tasha, Andrew got an adorable tattoo dedicated to her with the words 'I love you' in sign language and the two have moved in together, so it looks like they won't be splitting any time soon. In 2023, he's busy celebrating his goddess of a girlfriend and playing the influencing game.

Indiyah Polack then13 of 72

Indiyah Polack then

To put it lightly, Indiyah had quite a dramatic ride in the villa. Originally she was coupled up with Ikenna but during her third week in, she decided to pursue things with Dami. Things were going great until Casa rolled round and Dami ended up coupling up with Summer, while Indiyah chose Deji. But after all that drama was put to bed (it took a little while, mind you), Indiyah and Dami decided to recouple again and they stayed together until the end, finishing in third place.

Indiyah Polack now14 of 72

Indiyah Polack now

After leaving the villa in third place, Indiyah has kept herself busy. Not only is she a Boots beauty ambassador but she is also PLT Marketplace's first ever ambassador. She's also one of the co-hosts on Love Island: Aftersun and the official Love Island podcast, alongside Sam Thompson. And her and Dami? Stronger than ever, which means that Indiyah is officially living the Love Island dream rn.

Dami Hope then15 of 72

Dami Hope then

Dami Hope started off the show coupled up with Amber and the two remained together for the first week in the villa. However he quickly realised he wanted to get to know Indiyah and when Amber was dumped from the Island, he took this as the perfect opportunity to do so. They had a bit of a blip in Casa Amor when they both decided to couple up with bombshells but when they reunited in the main villa, they realised they wanted to be together. It was basically a Love Island fairytale.

Dami Hope now16 of 72

Dami Hope now

Dami and Indiyah are still going strong and the two are often seen supporting each other at events. Dami spends the majority of his time posing in threads we can only dream of owning and partying it up abroad.

Adam Collard then17 of 72

Adam Collard then

Adam made a surprise appearance when he returned to the show for the second time in 2022, in the attempt of finding love AGAIN (sure, Jan). After originally appearing in series four, Adam set his sights on Paige who apparently didn't know who he was (sure, Jan). The couple stayed on the show just shy of the final and left the villa in fifth place.

Adam Collard now18 of 72

Adam Collard now

Although Adam had seemingly shed his bad boy image, his relationship with Paige fizzled out almost as soon as they left the villa. There was speculation that he'd cheated on Paige but he quickly address the rumours saying, **"**It was blown out of proportion" – despite everything Paige said in interviews and on podcasts re the break up. These days he's living the fitness influencer fantasy and starring on Celebs Go Dating with Love Island 2021 star Chloe Burrows.

Paige Thorne then19 of 72

Paige Thorne then

Everyone's favourite hunnybun Paige Thorne had an emotional ride in the villa. She fell for Gemma's ex Jacques (awks), who then decided he wanted to leave the villa, with a very dramatic goodbye, of course. However, Paige was then swept off her feet when bad boy Adam returned to the villa for the second time and the pair placed fifth in the competition.

Paige Thorne now20 of 72

Paige Thorne now

Even though Paige and Adam left the villa together with the potential of a relationship, things quickly fell flat and the two removed each other from their Instagram grids (the ultimate 2022 snub). Paige later confirmed that they had split but she's kept herself busy living the influencer dream (obviously not her Forever Unique era - awks).

Danica Taylor then21 of 72

Danica Taylor then

If there is anyone we could count on for a dance during the villa, it was Danica Taylor. However, she seemed to be unlucky in love and she ended up coupling up with six boys during her time in the villa (a Love Island record). But towards the end of her journey she coupled up with new boy Jamie and on day 51 in the villa the two of them were dumped from the villa together.

Danica Taylor now22 of 72

Danica Taylor now

Shortly after they left the villa, Danica announced that she wasn't seeing Jamie anymore. But she didn't let that get her down as she has been seen making numerous club appearances (dancing obviously) and taking over TikTok.

Jacques O Neil then23 of 72

Jacques O Neil then

When Jacques O'Neill walked in and Gemma announced that he was her ex, the whole villa was shocked. However once everyone got past the initial awkwardness and Jacques and Luca became best friends, he then decided to pursue his relationship with Paige. Their relationship wasn't perfect with Paige believing that Jacques was too immature, but ultimately he decided that he wanted to leave the villa and left with a VERY emotional goodbye.

Jacques O Neil now24 of 72

Jacques O Neil now

After choosing to leave the villa, Jacques received lots of support from the public as he chose to put his mental health first. In a post on Instagram he revealed, "I wasn’t mentally prepared for how it was going to be at all - underestimated it massively". He has kept a relatively low profile since leaving the show, but he shares the odd fitness/career update from time to time. Apparently him and Paige are back in contact, but Paige has stressed that is is just a friendship.

Antigoni Buxton then25 of 72

Antigoni Buxton then

Despite turning lots of heads when she initially walked into the villa, none of the boys swayed from their original couples which left Antigoni Buxton on her own.

Antigoni Buxton now26 of 72

Antigoni Buxton now

After being dumped from the villa, Antigoni chose to pursue her music career.

Jay Younger then27 of 72

Jay Younger then

Jay entered the villa with Remi on day 9 and after taking Ekin-Su out on a date, they coupled up. It didn't last and Jay then coupled up with Paige, Danica and finally Chyna, who he ended up being dumped from the villa with on day 35.

Jay Younger now28 of 72

Jay Younger now

Jay continues to promote his fitness on his Instagram and we're pretty sure that he has his top off in the majority of his pics (not that we're complaining).

Coco Lodge then29 of 72

Coco Lodge then

Coco wasn't in the villa for a long time, but she sure made her mark after creating one of the most iconic moments of the series. When she joined the show during Casa Amor, she got hot and heavy with Andrew which resulted in his iconic one-liner, "I licked her tit, or whatever". She coupled up with Andrew following Casa Amor but it didn't last.

Coco Lodge now30 of 72

Coco Lodge now

Coco quickly made light of her short-lived time in the villa by jumping on to TikTok to discuss secrets from the show and her viral moments. She's spent the majority of the last year living a lavish influencer lifestyle, which means she's basically constantly on holiday. Must be nice.

Ikenna31 of 72

Ikenna Ekwonna then

Ikenna Ekwonna was one of the original boys from this series and during the first 12 days that he was in the villa, he was coupled up with Indiyah. But on day 15 Ikenna was dumped from the villa after he received the least amount of public votes.

Ikenna now32 of 72

Ikenna Ekwonna now

Although Ikenna was originally coupled up with Indiyah, there seems to be no hard feelings between him and Dami as the two seem to be besties outside of the villa. In a post on Instagram with a picture of him and Dami, Ikenna said, ”Maybe I did find love in the villa #bromance”. Aww. In 2023, Ikenna is living his content creator dream (especially on TikTok) and playing the odd bit of footie, because it seems like all former Islanders are either playing football or boxing these days.

Summer Botwe then33 of 72

Summer Botwe then

Casa Amor’s Summer Bowte coupled up with Dami and it left us all SHOOK. Sadly for Summer after Dami returned to the main villa he realised where his heart lies (with Indiyah, aww) and on Day 44 she was dumped from the Island.

Summer Botwe now34 of 72

Summer Botwe now

Summer is fully embracing the influencer life and has collaborated with brands such as Shein, Fashion Nova and Ego. She has also started her own Youtube channel posting Q&A's and vlogs for her followers.

Chyna Mills then35 of 72

Chyna Mills then

Chyna Mills coupled up with Jay at Casa Amor and was brought back to the main villa, however their romance was brief as they were dumped from the villa just days after returning. Ouch.

Chyna Mills now36 of 72

Chyna Mills now

Chyna might have not found love in the villa but outside the villa she seems to have met her match with Strictly pro Neil Jones. The pair are engaged and expecting their first child together.

Amber Beckford then37 of 72

Amber Beckford then

Cast your mind back to the start of the series and you’ll remember that Amber Beckford was an OG cast member. After being coupled up with Dami by the public, the two stayed together for a while but after 15 days, Amber was dumped after receiving the least amount of public votes.

Amber Beckford now38 of 72

Amber Beckford now

Despite her short lived time on the show, Amber seems to be living her best life in London right now, but compared to the rest of the 2022 OGs she has kept a relatively low profile.

Cheyanne Jackson then39 of 72

Cheyanne Jackson then

Cheyanne Kerr joined the show during Casa Amor and sadly didn’t make it back to the main villa. But how could we forget that moment at the Casa Amor recoupling when she revealed that she thought she had a connection with Jacques who then chose to remain loyal to Paige. Yikes.

Cheyanne Jackson now 40 of 72

Cheyanne Jackson now

Since leaving the villa, Cheyanne has been busy on her YouTube account spilling secrets about her time in the villa, she also joined Youtuber Anastasia Kingsnorth on her YouTube channel to talk about the drama at the recoupling. In 2023, she keeps busy promoting products on Instagram and going on holiday.

Billy Brown then41 of 72

Billy Brown then

When Billy Brown entered the villa he made a beeline for Gemma who was coupled up with Luca from the start. However his attempts to woo her fell flat as Gemma remained adamant that he would just be a friend and that she'd stay loyal to Luca.

Billy Brown now42 of 72

Billy Brown now

Since Billy left the villa, he reunited with some previous Islanders to play in the BoohooMAN football tournament and he has also opened his own tanning shop in Epsom called Brown's Tanning. He's spent the majority of 2023 keeping his followers up to date with his fitness – and by that we mean, the majority of his recent Instagram grid snaps are him with his top off.

Nathalia Campos then43 of 72

Nathalia Campos then

Ekin-Su, Ekin who? Nathalia Campos didn't stick around for long but in the time that she was in the villa, she had some healthy competition with Ekin as they both were keen to impress Davide. Ultimately Ekin came out on top and Nathalia was sent packing.

Nathalia Campos now44 of 72

Nathalia Campos now

Nathalia returned for the Love Island reunion to take on Ekin again with a bake off in front of all the Islanders.

jamie allen45 of 72

Jamie Allen then

Jamie Allen joined the cast as a bombshell on day 45 and was dumped from the island on day 51 alongside Danica.

Jamie Allen46 of 72
CREDIT: Instagram

Jamie Allen now

Jamie returns to football and now plays for Curzon Ashton.

Deji Adeniyi 47 of 72

Deji Adeniyi then

Deji Adeniyi coupled up with Indiyah during Casa Amor week. He left the villa in a couple with bombshell Lacey.

Deji Adeniyi 48 of 72
CREDIT: getty

Deji Adeniyi now

Nowadays Deji is modelling and living his best influencer lifestyle.

Lacey Edwards49 of 72

Lacey Edwards then

Joining as a bombshell Lacey Edwards lasted for just four days before being booted out with Deji.

Lacey Edwards50 of 72
CREDIT: Instagram

Lacey Edwards now

Dancer Lacey is back to her showgirl life and enjoys holidays, festivals and all the fun stuff that comes from being an Islander.

Josh Le Grove51 of 72

Josh Le Grove then

Josh Le Grove joined as a Casa lad but didn't managed to make much of a connection during his time in the villa.

Josh Le Grove52 of 72
CREDIT: getty

Josh Le Grove now

Josh Le Grove is now qualified personal trainer and model with over 200k followers on social media.

reece ford53 of 72

Reece Ford then

Manchester born Reece Ford took Ekin-Su on a date and lasted just four days in the villa.

Reece Ford54 of 72
CREDIT: instagram

Reece Ford now

The former footballer is now part of the many ex-Islanders who turn to modelling when they left the show.

George Tasker55 of 72

George Tasker then

Another Casa lad is George Tasker, sadly he didn't make it to the main Love Island villa and was dumped after Casa Amor week.

George Tasker56 of 72
CREDIT: instagram

George Tasker now

Nowadays George spends most of his time in the gym and hanging out with his pals, including his Casa Amor chum Jack.

jack Keating57 of 72

Jack Keating then

Jack Keating wasn't able to find love on the dating show and was another Casa Amor casualty.

jack Keating58 of 72
CREDIT: getty

Jack Keating now

Shortly after leaving the villa, Jack announced he was soon to become a dad. Earlier on in the year his partner gave birth to a little girl that they named Maya.

Afia Tonkmor59 of 72

Afia Tonkmor then

Afia Tonkmor entered the villa with Ekin-Su but didn't have quite the same impact. She left after less than a week when she failed to recouple.

Afia Tonkmor60 of 72
CREDIT: instagram

Afia Tonkmor now

Afia now promotes a vegan lifestyle on Instagram and does the usual influencing malarkey.

Jazmine Nichol61 of 72

Jazmine Nichol then

Geordie Jazmine Nichol was another Casa Amor chica who failed to make a connection.

Jazmine Nichol62 of 72
CREDIT: instagram

Jazmine Nichol now

You can have ONE guess as to what Jazmine is up to since living the villa. Yep, you guessed it influencer and model extraordinaire.

Mollie Salmon 63 of 72

Mollie Salmon then

Mollie Salmon did have a little flirt during Casa week but wasn't picked in the recoupling.

Mollie Salmon 64 of 72
CREDIT: instagram

Mollie Salmon now

Nearly all of Mollie's insta pic featured a gifted item of clothing from the likes of Ego, Lavish Alice and Boux Avenue so she is doing all right for herself.

Samuel Agbiji65 of 72

Samuel Agbiji then

Samuel Agbiji joined the likes of George, Billy, Jack and Josh as a Casa bombshell but didn't manage to woo any of the ladies.

Samuel Agbiji66 of 72
CREDIT: instagram

Samuel Agbiji now

Samuel splits his time between Manchester and London and now focuses on modelling and showing off his gaming skills on Twitch.

Charlie Radnedge67 of 72

Charlie Radnedge then

Charlie Radnedge caught the eye of Tasha but she ended up staying loyal to Andrew, he was dumped along with Antigoni on day 25.

Charlie Radnedge68 of 72
CREDIT: getty

Charlie Radnedge now

Being besties with Made in Chelsea star Miles Naziare has its advantages. Charlie now hosts the Playtime Podcast with Miles and has appeared on a few eps of MIC.

Remi Lambert69 of 72

Remi Lambert then

Remi Lambert joined on day nine but failed to couple up after taking Paige, Indiyah and Ekin-Su on dates. He was dumped on day 12.

Remi Lambert70 of 72
CREDIT: instagram

Remi Lambert now

Remi is now modelling, just like 99% of the other Love Island 2022 stars.

Liam Llewellyn71 of 72

Liam Llewellyn then

Liam Llewellyn was an OG Islander but quit the show on day five because he wasn't vibing with villa life.

Liam Llewellyn72 of 72
CREDIT: instagram

Liam Llewellyn now

According tot his insta bio Liam is all about 'Mac Strength & Conditioning' which we think translates to being super fit and helping other be super fit.

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