TOWIE: Joe Blackman swipes at Freddie Bentley following explosive show finale

TOWIE series 33 reached its apocalyptic conclusion last night

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For weeks and weeks our TOWIE faves have been downplaying the series 33 finale by teasing it as just 'explosive' and just 'wild'.

No, hun. The word is 'apocalyptic'.

We know we partially manifested this level of drama, but PHWOAR, never in our wildest showbiz dreams did we expect things to do go down like that at Harry Derbidge's 30th (the theme of which we totally predicted weeks ago, by the way).

TOWIE series 33 concluded last night
TOWIE series 33 concluded last night ©©Lime Pictures

*💣 WARNING: TOWIE spoilers ahead, babes 💣*

In case you missed the dramatic finale, Saffron - 'It's Saffron, not Saff' – Lempriere squared off with new girls Becks and Livvy, Junaid Ahmed and Dani Imbert finally made up with Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green, Diags asked Jodie Wells to move to Essex, and Harry and Ella Rae Wise's series-long feud came to a climactic conclusion in a full-on public row at Harry's birthday bash.

The argument was heated, and things got taken up a notch when Harry's boyfriend Joe Blackman and Ella's bestie/TOWIE newbie Freddie Bentley tagged in to defend their respective baes. A string of insults were soon chucked, including Freddie coming for Joe's "glittery shirt".

Freddie has certainly ruffled a few feathers this series
Freddie has certainly ruffled a few feathers this series ©©Lime Pictures

Never one to let his opponent have the last laugh, a few hours after the TOWIE finale aired, Joe took to his Instagram to come for Freddie's own choice of outfit for the occasion, writing, "Imagine slagging off someone's outfit while they have a pom pom on their shoulder."

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It's safe to say that Freddie has been ruffling feathers all over Essex this series...

A few episodes back, Freddie clashed with Junaid at Chloe's fundraiser party. Freddie accused Junaid of being “rude” and “muggy” and looking like "a f**king ostrich”.

While this has now been put to bed – and apparently we're now entered flirting territory – Freddie's feud with Harry and Joe is still raging on.

Elma Pazar, Freddie Bentley and Ella Rae Wise
Freddie revealed he'd been involved in a row with Junaid ©ITV Pictures

How did the Harry Derbidge x Joe Blackman vs Freddie Bentley row start?

After Junaid spilled the tea about his bust-up with Freddie, Joe claimed Freddie was “causing problems” and added, “There’s just something off.”

Freddie appeared to fire back at Joe during an Instagram Q&A when one of his followers asked, “How do you feel about Joe slagging you off during last night’s episode?”

Freddie replied, “I mean, I definitely wasn’t shocked because it happened a lot 😂😭 outta the blue really…

“But what I will say is people in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones… If anyone wants to create a narrative about me then that’s absolutely fine, it says more about them than it does about me and the TRUTH always wins 😇.”

Freddie Bentley
Freddie addressed Joe's comments on Instagram ©Instagram/@freddiebentleyofficial

Freddie took aim at Joe’s boyfriend Harry when he accused him of “downplaying” their friendship and “badmouthing” him.

“I’ve also known the likes of Harry for over ten years, although we have not been close. I used to work for him in Harry’s World – his little shop,” Freddie toldOK!

Harry Derbidge and Joe Blackman
Both Harry and Joe are in Freddie's bad books ©ITV Pictures

“Harry downplayed our relationship with the whole cast. I do think he was a bit shocked I came on because I had to keep it a secret, but I don’t owe him that. Two weeks before he went to Bali he was round at mine having a takeaway, but he made out to everyone we didn’t have a friendship.”

He added, “I’m no wallflower and I’m a big character and I think it throws people. I am all about everyone winning so it is a shame because we could have had an amazing friendship, but I have heard he has been badmouthing me."

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