Dani Imbert blasts entire TOWIE cast for ‘losing their minds’ while filming finale

Dani recently clashed with Harry Derbidge in Bali

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And here we thought TOWIE's Dani Imbert was going to be the cool and collected one this series. To be fair, historically, this cool cucumber doesn't tend to start drama, but has proven time and time again that she will finish it if it's brought into her space unprovoked.

Exhibit A: that Bali fight with Harry Derbidge over those Joe Blackman rumours. Bless Harry, he held his own, but Dani somehow remained calm and collected while simultaneously dropping endless tea.

Harry and Dani clashed in Bali
Harry and Ella ©©Lime Pictures

As things stand – in terms of what we've seen so far on ITVBe – Dani has only really clashed with Harry over Joe and Ella Rae Wise's new relationship with Dan Edgar. She's also eye-rolled at Roman Hackett a couple of times, but generally, Dani has kept out of the on-screen drama so far (well, minus this 'mess') which means she's scarcely been taking to Instagram to blast the show or the cast this series.

However, yesterday (Thursday 18 April) the entire cast gathered in all black to celebrate Harry's 30th – the setting for the final episode of series 33. We're guessing TOWIE producers threw a 'faux funeral' for Harry's 20s as he's a trendy so and so.

If you've ever seen a TOWIE finale before, you know any brewing drama from the series tends to reach boiling point during the final episode and if Dani's recent Instagram story posts are anything to go by, series 33 is going out with a bang.

Dani ©©ITV

Across three different late-night Instagram story posts in a cab on the way home from filming, Dani blasted "everyone" on TOWIE for "losing their minds" during filming, branding some of them as "annoying".

She started off by writing, "Only just on my way home from filming the finale and the series couldn't have ended at a better time. Everyone is losing their minds. DND for a whole week x."


Dani continued, "Thought of the day: Trying to be a nicer person in a world full of annoying people is so hard."


She then concluded by claiming that some of her cast mates have let the showbiz world go to their heads.

She wrote, "Reflecting on my whole day and realised that being on TV really does go to a lot of people's heads. There's been a fair few bizarre behaviours today. I just keep laughing to myself in this long hour home cab journey."


But who exactly is Dani talking about? Surely she's not fallen out with the entire TOWIE cast? As things stand (on screen), Dani is in a pretty good place with virtually every member of the cast (even former frenemy Ella), so, at least right now, your guess is as good as ours.

We're unlikely to find out what went down at Harry's 30th until the final episode airs later this spring, but it's safe to say we'll be watching episodes and socials very closely over the coming weeks.

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