TOWIE: the DRAMA between Saffron Lempriere and newbie Becks explained

The TOWIE newbie has got history with long-running cast member Saffron


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The drama keeps on drama-ing in the most recent series of TOWIE.

Surprisingly the only person who seems to be staying OUT of it in series 33 is Junaid Ahmed. Well, kind of.

The most recent episode saw him sit down and FINALLY discuss what the hell has gone on between him and Saffron Lempriere and it turns out it's about one of the show newbies.

All we knew was that Saff was livid with Junaid for some unknown reason and Dani Imbert was attempting to play peacemaker and force them to make amends and it has actually worked. Again, kind of.

Junaid and saffron
Junaid and saffron fell out ©lime pictures - itv - towie

The duo met up for a very much set up dinner by Dani and Saff let rip on why the hell she was so damn fuming at Junaid.

"These girls are on the scene at the minute," Saffron explained, "Olivia and Becks. They are connected to my ex that I've had a terrible time with."

Oh my god, the TEA that was spilled in that one sentence.

"Becks messaged me on social media, a lot of sh*tty messages," Saffron went on and we are going to need receipts, please.

Junaid, Harry, Ella anf Saffron

Speaking to Junaid in the most recent episode, Saff said, "I opened up to you and said, 'Do you know what Junaid? I don't know how I feel about them, I don't know if I wanted them around. A matter of days, you are out with them.'"

We hate to say it, but this does feel like a classic Junaid move.

To be fair to the self-proclaimed 'b*tch with a heart of gold', he did just sit there and offer a lot of, 'Hmm's and 'Yeah's and nods of acknowledgement and apologies as his sipped on his Prosecco.

Seconds later the 'Becks' in question was introduced to us was her pal Liv (who is also a newcomer), while giving Sophie Kasaei's lashes a refresh.

Liv, Sophie and Becks
Liv, Sophie and Becks ©©ITV Plc

It turns out that Becks' mate was dating Saffron's ex. Why does everyone know everyone in Essex?

No confirmation as to which 'ex' Saff is referring to, by the way. Is it the renderer we heard so much about? Or perhaps the chap she dumped on telly a few years back?

"I have actually heard though to grapevine that there is a bit of an issue," Becks explained before adding that whatever happens between her and Saff she will be "mature" about it.

Well, if we know TOWIE then all will be revealed in the next few episodes and we will see just how 'mature' Becks really is.

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