Saffron Lempriere’s lifts the lid on ‘heated’ TOWIE scenes and reveals ANOTHER cast feud

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At this point we could count on one hand the amount of people in TOWIE who are currently still friends.

Every time we wake up there's another 'feud,' or 'fall out,' or 'divide' amongst the glam reality TV stars of Essex and we have to wonder, do the cast of TOWIE ever have a day off?

It all seems to stem from the whole Dan Edgar and Ella Rae Wise snogfest that caused Ella to be unfollowed on social media by Dan's ex and Ella's former enemy, Amber Turner. We can also only assume that she is no longer an honorary member of 'Girl band,' and therefore has also lost the budding alliances of Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows.

We guess Ella won't be joining girl band any time soon then... ©TOWIE - ITV -LIME PICTURES

Enter Harry Derbidge. The OG TOWIE star has always been a key player on #TeamElla, HOWEVER he recently confessed that him and his 'little sister' are no longer pals. The fall out came after Harry spilled all the tea to Amber that Ella had been canoodling on the beach with her ex.

Don't even get us started on how fuming Jordan Brook is that he wasn't allowed to bring Sophie Kasaei on the Bali trip when Diags was given the go ahead to invite HIS bae, Jodie Wells. Who the hell is the barber going to serenade on a yacht, now?


Anyway we digress, back to the always chatty Saffron Lempriere doing what she does best and spilling TOWIE tea.

It turns out that Ella may have lost Harry as a chum but her friendship with Dani Imbert is all back on, so much so that in the new series of TOWIE, Dani goes head to head with Harry all in defence of Ella.

The official TOWIE Instagram account shared a video of Saffron from their 'Postcards from Bali' segment where the gossip queen opened up about the drama from their hols.

"Dan and Ella...they're getting steamy," she revealed.

"Obviously, girl band are aware of that."

To be fair, who isn't aware of that delicious dalliance at this point?

Amber and dan split last season ©TOWIE - ITV -LIM PICTURES

"Dani and Ella are back in business," she went on, "And when I say business, Dani's fuming with Harry at the minute. Basically Harry's filled in Girlband about Ella and Dan."

Well, somebody was going to dish the dirt on Dan getting it on with the person he was rumoured to have cheated on Amber with. Did we think it would be Harry? Nope. Do we kind of love that it was Harry? Perhaps.

"Dani has come away," Saff continued, "They were snapping at each other, it got heated. Harry was like, 'pipe down.' Dani ain't someone to tell to pipe down."

We could NEVER have predicted how much would change in a few months.

Just last season it was looking as though Ella and Harry were BFFs for life and potentially joining Amber Turner's crew and now Ella is battling Amber for her Queen Bee status, hooking up with Dan, no longer mates with Harry and back on bestie terms with Dani.

Lord, gives us strength to keep up with the chaotic lives of these Essex lads and ladies, because even we're struggling.

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