EXCLUSIVE: Love Island 2024 stars who smoke in the villa

Love Island's Samantha has lifted the lid on her fellow Islander pals

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We adore the Love Island drama as much as the next person but it's the unaired/unseen moments that have us hooked.

Whether it's the Love Island 2024 stars being banned from taking in certain items, Ronnie Vint's bizarre sleeping habits or Samantha Kenny revealing the rude reason she was told off by producers - we want all the tea.

Speaking of Samantha, after we spoke to her earlier this week about her 'feud' with Chris Taylor, the dirtyvilla secrets and quoting Gemma Collins, we also asked her about the series 11 Islanders and which ones smoke or vape.

love island 2024 stars
samantha has spilled the tea on her islander pals ©ITV

"So I vaped," she admitted.

"Omar [Nyame]? Patsy [Field] smoked. Jess [White], Ronnie, Sean [Stone]... Yeah I think nearly all of us.

"It was funny because I'd be like, 'Can I go for a vape?' and then someone else would be like, 'No I was first in the queue!'

"And then you'd just see my little legs running for a vape."


Remember the good old days on Love Island when everyone would be sat around the smoking area moaning and complaining about their fellow Islanders?

Well that all changed before Love Island 2018 with Paul Mortimer, ITV's Assistant Commissioner, telling Radio Times, "More than 50% of complaints about the show were about people smoking and because they’re a very sexy cast in a very sexy environment on a sexy channel, it made smoking look glamorous and Ofcom took a view that it was unacceptable…

"This year, we’ve got in place a plan for the smoking area to be outside the villa rather than outside the garden."

love island 2024 stars
minus joey, mimii and uma, the rest of these islanders either smoke or vape ©ITV

And despite having to smoke alone outside in the designated smoking area that hasn't put any of the Islanders off.

During an exclusive chat with Closer Online some of the Love Island 2022 stars revealed which one of their Islander pals smoked and Love Island 2023 winter's Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda lifted the lid on who vaped during their series.

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