EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Samantha Kenny exposes Ronnie Vint’s ‘funny’ sleeping habits and it’s giving Dracula

And now for some Love Island tea that definitely doesn't suck...

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A dozen or so Love Island stars all sharing one big bedroom is always going to unearth a fair few bedroom habits. Especially considering the room is full of cameras and soon-to-be dumped Islanders who are more than happy to share all with Closer journalists.

Last week, we learned about Love Island 2024's Samantha Kenny's unique style of "sexy snoring" when the lights went out – thanks to some serious tea-spilling by her friend, Patsy Field – and this week, Closer online gave Samantha the chance to get her own back, by lifting the lid on her fellow Islanders' offbeat sleeping habits.

Samantha Kenny
Samantha Kenny ©©ITV

To be fair to all them, if we had to sleep in that cesspool night after night, we'd be doing some bat sh*t stuff when the lights went out. How does anyone actually relax in that room?

Anyway, we were fully expecting the Liverpudlian queen to get her own back and drag Patsy for fully exposing her snoring to the British public (at least she called it 'sexy'), but she didn't; instead, she shone a light on Ronnie's Vint's night time habits – and let's just hope Harriett Blackmore is wearing a full-on turtle neck to bed at night.

According to Samantha, while she's sexy snoring, Ronnie sleeps seriously upright with "four pillows behind his back" and it's giving Dracula.

Ronnie Vint
Ronnie Vint ©©ITV

Joey Essex's former villa bae exclusively told Closer online, "Obviously, I definitely snored... The way Ronnie sleeps is so, so funny. It's like Dracula; he sleeps with four pillows behind his back. It's so, so funny."

We're suddenly wondering how many necks our Ron has chowed down on in that bedroom over the last three weeks – it's safe to say this Dracula has had his fair share of wives in that villa, let's be honest.

We do wish Samantha had revealed this little nugget before the Heart Race Challenge; a sexy Dracula cozzie would have been a PERFECT look for 'Turbo' Ronnie.

Ronnie Vint
Ronnie Vint ©©ITV

We're guessing Mr Vint sleeps upright to protect his hair fibres (it can't actually be for comfort, can it?), which he has been vocal about inside the villa.

Recently-dumped Islander Munveer Jabbal revealed, "He was very open about it. He spoke to the boys and it’s basically hair fibres. The full backs are gone, but he’s using hair fibres. He owns it."

Patsy Field confirmed that he sleeps upright to protect them, adding, "He doesn’t want anything to drop or fall."

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