EXCLUSIVE: Samantha Kenny reveals the RUDE reason she was told off by Love Island producers

The recently dumped Love Island 2024 star has lifted the lid on her numerous rule breaks

Samantha Kenny

by Nathan Katnoria |
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From the strict alcohol limit to no chewing gum, there are plenty of rules that Love Island contestants have to follow while they’re in the villa. But, as the old saying goes, rules are made to be broken and although we may not see them on camera, it appears that plenty of rule breaks go on behind the scenes.

Recently-dumped Love Island 2024 star Samantha Kenny recently joined us at Closer HQ to spill the tea on her time on the ITV2 show and during our exclusive chat, she revealed that she’d been reprimanded by producers more than once.

“I got told off quite a few times, to be honest,” the Scouse queen – who had been in a couple with Joey Essex before his ex Grace Jackson bombshelled her way into the villa – admitted.

Samantha Kenny
Samantha spilled all the Love Island tea at Closer HQ after being dumped from the villa ©ITV Pictures

When asked which rules she’d broken, Samantha said that she’d gotten in trouble for nicking other people’s booze and therefore broke the two drink per night limit imposed on the Islanders.

“Mainly for drinking too much, for robbing people’s drinks,” she explained.

“That was on the first couple of days, there’s this clip where I’m sat with Harriett [Blackmore] and I’m literally rotten. Even when Joey coupled up with me, I was drunk then.”

Samantha Kenny and Joey Essex
Samantha was caught stealing drinks from the other Islanders ©ITV Pictures

And that's not Samantha’s only rule break as she confessed to doing something rather rude during her time in the villa.

Samantha continued, “Also for saying certain words and calling people certain words I shouldn’t say on telly.”

Naughty, naughty. And it doesn’t take a genius to work out that her choice remarks were probably aimed at former flame Joey – or Grace.

She was already caught on camera branding the TOWIE icon a “pr*ck” and an “arsewipe”, so we can only imagine what words were edited out.

Samantha Kenny and Joey Essex
Samantha and Joey were coupled up until his ex Grace entered the villa ©ITV Pictures

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about Samantha getting in trouble with producers as last week Patsy Field and Munveer Jabbal told us that the Islanders were almost given a complete ban on alcohol thanks to her minesweeping.

“Samantha got told off for nicking people’s drinks,” Munveer said. “You’d leave it for two seconds and it’d be gone.”

Patsy added, “We almost got all of our drinks revoked.”

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Nathan Katnoria is heat and Closer online’s senior digital writer. He became obsessed with Love Island when Malin Andersson came back to confront Terry Walsh in series two and hasn’t looked back since. When he’s not interviewing former Islanders, Nathan is scrolling through their Instagram feeds for relationship updates and piping hot tea.

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