Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Samantha Kenny exposes DIRTY villa secret and it’s making us ITCHY

Samantha Kenny has revealed all and now we can't stop itching tbh

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We'll be honest; we wouldn't trade places with any Love Island star for anything. ANYTHING.

Yes, it might all seem like luxury brand deals, newfound celebrity, and swag bags galore, but to get all that you've got to do two things we are just not prepared to do: attempt to find love on national television AND actually live in the Love Island villa.

love island villa
inside the love island villa ©ITV

Sure, the Love Island 2024 villa may look like a boujie Majorca mansion on the outside, but in reality, it's sharing a room (and sheets) with a dozen other Islanders, bed swapping, minimal toilets, communal bathrooms and sharing your stuff with (basically) strangers. Drop us out.

If you think we're giving diva right now, bear in mind that we've been interviewing Islanders about their experiences inside that villa for almost ten years and, frankly, it just gets grimmer and grimmer.

For example, last week, dumped Islanders Munveer Jabbal and Patsy Field swung by Closer HQ and we asked them about the horrors of sharing a villa with strangers, to which Munveer didn't hesitate to reveal the worst room in the house.

"The bathroom," Munveer said and we can only imagine.

"It was just... filthy," he added.

From the look on his face and the fact he is talking about the bathroom he shared with a dozen other people, we're going to assume he means 'filthy' in a bad way and not in the kinky way (just in case there was any confusion).

"Wasn't great," Patsy agreed. "Us girls were trying to quickly go and run out as fast as we could before any boy could come in."

And if that's not enough to put you off, then allow us to add some ants to the mix. Well, according to recently-dumped Liverpudlian queen, Samantha Kenny.

Samantha Kenny
Samantha Kenny ©©ITV

Yep, the Love Island villa has ants and no thanks.

She exclusively revealed to Closer online, "Everything was kept in containers because we used to get ants."

And from the sounds of things, that's only set to get worse, as Samantha also told us that she was basically the only Islander who did any washing up.


Joey ©ITV Pictures

It pains us to say this isn't actually the first time we've written about ants in the Love Island villa, in fact, it's not even the first time this year...

Speaking exclusively to Closer online earlier this year, All Stars winner Molly Smith revealed, “There were quite a few ants in the kitchen because, if you didn’t clean it straight away after using it - which a lot of people didn’t, lots of ants would come swarming everywhere.

“You know that chocolate cake from our date, Gee [Georgia Steel] was going to give you a slice of the chocolate cake, but then she ended up making her own dessert, that got swarmed with ants.”

Eww. Is true love even worth it?

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