Love Island: Omar Nyame’s link to ROYALTY revealed

He went on a date with Mimii Ngulube upon entering the villa


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The Love Island contestants often know someone from the world of showbiz; it's usually a former Islander, or perhaps a TOWIE star, but royalty? Come off it.

Well ACTUALLY it turns out the latest 2024 bombshell, Omar Nyame, does have a cheeky link to royalty (no not THAT kind of cheeky link, get your mind out of the gutter.)

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During a chat with producers before entering the villa, where he opened up about 'his typer on paper', 'what he brings to villa', and all those other random deets, Omar confessed to a) being a cadet and b) having been in the presence of THE QUEEN once upon a time. God rest her soul.

When asked to offer something not many people know about him Omar let us in on a little secret...

"I used to be an air cadet," he revealed, "And once marched for the queen."

We assume he means Queen Elizabeth II and not you know, Queen Victoria who passed away in 1901.

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Who is Omar Nyame?

He is the 3rd bombshell to join the Love Island villa.

The first was Joey Essex, as in TOWIE icon Joey (still not over that).

The second was VIP host and model, Uma Jammeh.

How old is Omar Nyame?

The Love Island newbie is 25 years old.

Omar and mimii
Omar and mimii ©itv

Where is Omar Nyame from?

He is a London lad from Croydon and according to Mimii has 'the accent'.

What does Omar Nyame do?

The bombshell is a PE teacher and during his date with Mimii Ngulube claimed it was to prepare him for becoming a dad.

It feels like a line, and you know what? It totally worked.

omar ©itv

Does Omar Nyame know Stormzy?

He sure does. Turns out he has rubbed shoulders with music royalty as well as ACTUAL royalty. He was at Stormzy's 30th birthday party and even joined him on stage at Glastonbury last year. Sorry, superstar.

What is Omar Nyame's Instagram?

Check him out at @omarnyame.

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