EXCLUSIVE Love Island: Munveer Jabbal reveals item he was BANNED from taking in the villa

Munveer and Patsy Field spilled all the Love Island tea

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We fear people sometimes forget that there are strict rules for taking part in Love Island.

Of course we all know the obvious ones; no phones, no keeping secrets from the producers, no trying to contact the outside world like some sort of sneaky alien.

But then there are other rules which we just don't understand or are downright cruel.

Remember how season one OG Hannah Elizabeth said producers banned her from taking in a pic of her son for All Stars? That just seems like some sort of torture.

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there are countless love island rules ©itv

Recently dumped Islanders, Munveer Jabbal and Patsy Field stopped by Closer for a cheeky catch up and Munveer revealed the product he was forbidden from taking into the Love Island 2024 villa and find ourselves on the fence with this one.

"Air fryer," Munveer told us and although he laughed we are pretty sure he was being serious about his precious cooking device.

Patsy Field and Munveer Jabbal
Patsy and Munveer were recently dumped from the villa ©ITV Pictures

"Yeah I love my air fryer," he added, "I would have taken it with me."

Although an honest and to the point answer, it also begs the questions; what is so special about Munveer's air fryer in particular and do they not already have one in the villa?

Is Munveer's some sort of high-tech superhero air fryer that can do things all the other air fryers cannot?

We must confess that it would have made for an iconic entrance if Munveer had slow-mo walked into he villa with his air fryer under one arm and those Disney prince locks blowing in the wind, but alas ITV told him no.

li kitchen
can anyone spot an air fryer? ©itv

Munveer joins a whole host of former Islanders who had items confiscated like Kady McDermott and her clothing choices, or those who couldn't even get them past security like Antigoni Buxton and her halloumi cheese.

It turns out that it isn't just the ITV producers pulling the strings either. Munveer's villa mate and former TOWIE star, Joey Essex, also banned his fellow Islanders from certain actions and do we think maybe he has too much power?

No? Okay.

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