The TRUTH about James Lock’s fling with Chloe Brockett

The TOWIE storyline we can’t wait for

james lock chloe brockett fling yazmin oukhellou

by Hannah Mellin |

TOWIE fans have been left shocked after it was claimed that James Lock had a secret fling with co-star Chloe Brockett.

The news of the romance also riled James’ recent ex-girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou, who is reportedly heading back to the next series of TOWIE to make a dramatic return to confront them both, especially as she's been close friends with Chloe over the years.

A source told The Sun, “Lockie and Chloe had seen each other a few times and Yaz found out.

“Yaz is furious with Chloe and can’t wait to get her hands on her.

“Lockie says he regrets it and has tried to shift the blame on Chloe. It’s going to be really messy but fantastic viewing for TOWIE fans.

“There’s some proper drama for the show when it returns.”

Another source also told MailOnline, “Chloe's romance has really shocked a lot of people.

“No one expected them to grow close, especially given Chloe's friendship with Yazmin. Her relationship with James has been over for months now but she still feels betrayed and let down by the way Chloe's acted.”


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Yazmin dated James on and off for four years before they split for the last time in March last year at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The pair caused controversy as they headed to Dubai for a ‘work trip’ when only essential travel was allowed.

Confirming they have split for the final time after reuniting in 2019, James told, "We tried to make it work and we really thought it was going to be different this time but things don’t always work out as you’d expect.

"I have a lot of love for Yaz and a huge amount of respect for her but we’re just better apart."

In May this year, Yaz fuelled rumours that she was dating Lauren Goodger’s ex-boyfriend Jake McLean, who she dated briefly in 2019. According to insiders at the time, Jake and Yazmin spent time together again in Dubai and “rekindled things” – but from a quick glance at Yaz's Instagram, it looks like she’s currently single.

When did James and Chloe get together?

It’s not known when Lockie and Chloe hooked up, but it’s most likely to have been when TOWIE returned to screens late last year.

While Yasmin decided not to return to the last series of the show and stay out in Dubai to focus on a new ‘work venture’, Lockie returned but was absent from the early episodes.

What has Chloe said about the situation?

Normally outspoken Chloe has stayed VERY quiet on the rumours, probably because she’s saving it for the TOWIE cameras, perhaps?

What has Yaz said about the situation?

Despite staying relatively quiet about the rumours, Yaz took to social media to address the reports that she was "fuming" about the situation on Monday.

Sitting in the bath, Yaz told her followers, "I'm just getting so pissed off with this sh-t now. I forget, because I haven't been in the country for three months, I haven't really been in the press, haven't really had sh-t said about me, especially sh-t that's not true.

"It all makes me want to go back to Dubai to be honest because it wasn't happening to me there."

james lock chloe brockett fling yazmin oukhellou

She continued, "Like apparently I'm fuming and I'm not that way inclined anymore as a person. I just want people to be happy. If you're happy, cool you do you, I'm doing me and that's how I'm living my life at the minute."

Yaz then returned to Instagram to add, "If you haven't spoken to me, how do you know what I'm thinking, I'm feeling, what I've said, what I haven't said. Because you haven't spoke to me.

"This is why it just pisses me off, if I haven't been in this country for seven, eight months... I've moved on, I'm doing me. I'm so not in this mindset of all this negative sh-t," she said.


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Will Yaz return to TOWIE, and when?

Yaz’s rumoured TOWIE return comes after ten cast members – including Ella Wise, BFFs Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows and Kelsey Stratford – were axed in a brutal cull of the cast.

Sharing a statement on social media, TOWIE bosses explained the reasoning behind the shake-up. They said, "TOWIE will be evolving with some changes.

"As it looks ahead to future series, the next instalment of our BAFTA award winning show returns to Essex to follow a smaller group of cast members."

She’s also fuelled rumours of a return as she’s returned to Essex after living in Dubai for a year.

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