TOWIE: what happened between Gatsby and Chloe Brockett?

Their feud has been brewing for quite some time

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

If you've been watching TOWIE then you'll know there's been a lot of drama surrounding Chloe Brockett and Liam Blackwell aka Gatsby.

However following a recent episode where it came to light that something went on between them off screen, we thought we'd take a look back at their rocky relationship.

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Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright
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Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright

Lauren and Mark dated for 10 years but split up in 2011, five months after getting engaged on the show. The pair had a lot of arguments while filming - remember when she pushed in him the pool? However Mark called things off with Lauren following cheating allegations. And despite splitting 10 years ago the pair have still been at odds with Mark going on a Twitter rant about his ex and Lauren accusing him of getting her kicked out of Sheesh.

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a lot has gone down between gatsby and chloe ©ITV

Shortly after Chloe joined TOWIE back in 2019 she was actually on good terms with Gatsby. In fact, she set her mum Clare up on a date with him but unfortunately nothing came from it.

Fast forward to 2021 (well, before the TOWIE cull) and Gatsby had a row with Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows - who are Chloe's BFFs.

Then when TOWIE returned in September 2021 and Chloe and James Lock aka Lockie's fling was exposed, the whole cast had a lot to say about it - including Gatsby (and Yazmin Oukhellou kind of mentioned it during her brief reunion with James).

Things took a turn for the worse when Gatsby claimed that Lockie found his fling with Chloe "embarrassing", something Lockie denied.

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chloe is at odds with gatsby ©ITV


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It didn't take long for things to kick off between Chloe and Gatsby on the beach and following a comment he made about "bikes", Chloe publicly slammed him after claiming he was throwing shade at her.

The drama didn't stop there though because while filming for TOWIE, Chloe claimed that Dani Imbert and Gatsby had split over the summer and he had even cried on the phone to his friend about it.

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gatsby and dani denied the split rumours ©ITV

However the couple denied the claims with Dani saying, "Fair enough if it was solid information but I know for a fact that he's not calling his friends crying because I broke up with him.

"Of course we're going to bicker. We bicker about stupid things like him not putting the toilet seat down, me not making the bed in time... But I love the boy and I wouldn't change him."

Dani and Chloe then had a heated row and just when it appeared that their feud had reached boiling point, Demi Sims threw a spanner in the works when she claimed "[Chloe] tried to have it with [Gatsby]".

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frankie and demi sims spoke about chloe and gatsby's relationship ©ITV

Dani then clarified, "Chloe and Liam didn't date. They literally spoke for a matter of two weeks, that was it. He ignored her messages and then it was done with.

"I feel like she gets a bit bitter and obsessed with other people's relationships."

After Frankie told Amy Childs, Saffron Lempriere and Pete Wicks that "Chloe had history with Gatsby", Amy then made Chloe Brockett aware of what was being said.

Side note: Frankie and Chloe's 'friendship' has definitely been tested over the years.

After all, they've both dated Harry Lee and earlier this year after Jack Fincham and Frankie were pictured kissing, Chloe revealed she received missed calls from him just hours after the snog.

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chloe's involved in drama with gatsby and now his girlfriend dani ©ITV

Now back to the drama, following a chat with Amy, Chloe shared her side of what actually happened with Gatsby.

"At the end of the day me and Gatsby were getting along as friends. We did go to Thorpe Park as a four [with Amber Turner and Dan Edgar]," she admitted.

Amber then said that while Chloe "didn't feel anything towards him, it was pure friendship", for Gatsby "he might have liked her a little bit more".

Now while the episode might have ended, the drama didn't. In fact, it continued off screen with Dani claiming more went on between Gatsby and Dani.

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chloe denied kissing gatsby ©ITV

She began by saying on her Instagram Story, "I already knew about their situation so I wasn't shocked. I didn't bring it up purely because I knew how minor the situation was - texts for two weeks, they weren't dating.

"It didn't go on for a long amount of time, so I just didn't feel the need to bring up something so minor."

Dani then went on to say, "Were they friends? Was it just a friendship? Absolutely not.

"I've got boy mates I'm not staying around their house, I'm not kissing them because they're friends and to me you don't do those things to a friend but each to their own.

"People have got different views on what a friendship is and for me, that's just not it."

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dani claims chloe and gatsby kissed ©Instagram / daniimbert

Chloe then broke down in tears on her Instagram Story and said, "I have never in my life kissed Gatsby, ever.

"If people want to say otherwise, that's fine. I am so drained by this show and the constant needing justify myself to people.

"I hate getting upset, but I'm so f--king drained. I know who I am is a person. This is the first time it's a lie. I'm coming off social media for the night because I actually feel so drained."

towie chloe brockett
chloe cried on her instagram story ©Instagram / chloebrockett

She continued, "I feel like I've spent so long being so honest and so transparent with everyone.

"To have people telling me what I have and haven't done is so hurtful because I know I've done nothing. I've never kissed him in my life and would own up to it.

"I would own up to it, it's just a kiss. But I haven't and that's why I'm getting so upset."

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Dani then went on to say on her Instagram Story, "I could not bully someone even if I tried. It's not in my nature. I could never make up lies about someone or bully them. It's just not me, unlike other people.

"Anything I've said is factual whether it's going to get owned up to or not. I'm not bothered but I'm not going to feel bad for making someone feel like that, when they've been making other feels like that for years.

"I'm also not going to let my boyfriend be made out to be a liar publicly. So I feel like I can comment on whatever I want to comment on. It's truthful, lie detector tests are a real thing so if needed..."

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