TOWIE: Junaid Ahmed ‘back together’ with former flame

His bestie Chloe Brockett has just quit the show

Junaid Ahmed

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Well, at least one TOWIE cast member is making peace with some of their fellow Essex crew because recent news has us concerned that all friendship groups have disappeared into the aether.

Just when we thought that Ella Rae Wise and Amber Turner were back on talking terms, during the TOWIE trip to Bali Ella went and snogged Amber's ex Dan Edgar and all hell broke loose.

In fact, Ella's honorary 'big brother' Harry Derbidge found himself caught up in the chaos and has now fallen out with Ella because of it. Say it ain't so.

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Chloe Brockett has, of course, said 'ta ra' to her TOWIE way of life after rowing with Elma Pazar last season and apparently the whole cast were in a rage when Diags' girlfriend, Jodie Wells, was the only plus one invited along to Bali.

Never a dull day in Brentwood, eh?

Surprisingly, one person who seems to be staying out of the dramz this time around is Junaid Ahmed.

Nope, that wasn't a typo, the self-confessed 'bitch with a heart of gold' appears to be on good terms with everyone at the moment and it's throwing us off kilter.

junaid and harry
junaid and harry ©towie - itv - lime pictures

Sharing a video on his Instagram, Junaid, who looked UNREAL in a sparkling purple get-up might we add, was joined by OG TOWIE icon Harry and added the caption, "Looks who's back together💜 @mrharryderbidge."

Being the icon that he is, Harry reshared the story and wrote, "This boy drives me mad."

junaid instagram

Junaid and Harry have always had a 'Will they? Won't they?' element to their friendship, especially when Junaid confessed he had feelings for Harry but when Harry started dating his boyfriend Joe Blackman it all came crashing down.

Last season saw the two of them go at each other in the street and Harry was left raging when Junaid started making comments about Joe behind his back. Even Harry's bestie Amy Childs admitted she was worried they wouldn't make up, saying, "I don’t know whether too much has gone on, I don’t know."

Joe and harry
Joe and harry ©towie - itv - lime pictures

But fast forward to now and it looks as though the boys are back on amicable terms at least, even if Harry did try strangling Junaid in the Instagram video.

Emily Vierke is a digital writer who has dabbled in the world of celeb, beauty and fashion. Emily has a soft spot for TOWIE OGs Amy and Harry, mainly because she was also not aware that the capital of India was New Delhi she DID, however, know that know it wasn't France.  Her all time favourite TOWIE scene is Gemma Collins asking James Lock, “What’s up? You ill?”

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