Single mum Lauren Goodger: ‘I’ll date again after this baby is born’

She stunned fans by revealing she’s pregnant again after dumping boyfriend Charles Drury, but insiders tell Closer Lauren Goodger has already got her sights set on finding romance after she gives birth to her second daughter

Lauren Goodger

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Just days after she asked partner Charles Drury to leave their home following claims he’d cheated, Lauren Goodger left followers gobsmacked by revealing she’s pregnant with their second child.

New mum Lauren – who already shares six-month-old daughter Larose with Charles – is expecting another baby girl with her builder ex. Her happy announcement came after reports thatCharles, 24, had slept with Instagram model Amy Gilbert when he and Lauren were on a break in November – despite him already knowing that the 35-year-old former TOWIE star was pregnant with their second baby.

In an interview, Lauren said she was excited about adding to her family, though admitted, “It’s a rocky time”.

And following reports that she won’t give her cheating ex another chance, insiders tell Closer that she still hasn’t given up on her dream of finding love and settling down.

A source says, “It’s all over with Charles. He’s moved his stuff out and Lauren is feeling really strong. She’s admitted she did a lot of parenting to Larose on her own anyway, and so focusing on that is keeping her strong.

“She’s resolute that she won’t get back with Charles. It really hurts, because her dream of a happy family set-up has been dashed. But she’s coming around to the idea that this doesn’t mean she’ll be a single mum forever. She’s a hopeless romantic and hasn’t given up on her dream of finding real love.”

Having appeared on Celebs Go Dating in 2018, Lauren told Closer at the time that her goals in life were to meet her Mr Right and to start a family. She said, “Settling down and getting married is the aim of life, right? I do want all that. I want a family and I want to meet the right man for me.”


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And despite her recent dramas, Lauren hasn’t let go of that dream. The source says, “Her main focus right now is obviously Larose and her pregnancy, but she’s still hopeful she’ll get her tight and loving family unit again one day. She’s said that it’s the modern world we’re living in now, blended families are the norm. She’s said she’s keen to get back on the dating scene again after her little girl is born and insists she’ll never give up on finding love with her Mr Right.”

It’s not the first time that unlucky-in-love Lauren has suffered heartache. Viewers watched her turbulent relationship with her then-boyfriend of 10 years, Mark Wright, play out on TOWIE

in 2011, and have followed her subsequent relationships over the years, which include failed romances with Jake McLean and ex-jailbird Joey Morrison.

And psychological therapist Emma Kenny, who interviewed Lauren for Closer’s “On the Couch” therapy feature in 2013, says it’s important that she does not give Charles a second chance.

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Lauren Goodger

After years of dreaming of being a mum, Lauren finally welcomed her first child, a daughter called Larose, In July 2021. Sadly when Larose was just a couple of months old, Lauren split from the baby's dad Charles Drury, but is smashing being a single mum.

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Addressing the abandonment issues Lauren had spoken about in their session – revealing how her mum sent her to live with her dad when she was four, though kept her brother and sister – Emma says, “It means she craves the attachment she didn’t receive in childhood. Often that will take the form in adult relationships of really needing to be with another human being, even when he’s not good for you because you just fear what it’s like to be alone, and it means you may put up with relationships when you deserve better. That seems to be Lauren’s experience, which is that she never leaves a relationship until it’s completely in pieces.

“Charles is young, and two babies in a very short period of time is incredibly challenging anyway – both physically, emotionally and psychologically – and the fact that she’s on her own now is going to be something that gives her extra stress. That said, at least she won’t be dealing with the horrible to-ing and fro-ing of a relationship that isn’t working.”

While Emma says she thinks Lauren is “desperate to make her family work” and that the star will “put her family ideals above her personal needs”, she continues, “I don’t think she should give Charles another chance at all. She should absolutely concentrate on her children because there she has power and she can make an impact, and she can prevent them from growing up and feeling abandoned. She must not repeat the cycle.

“I would also say people like this probably need a bit of therapy. Speak to Relate, work through that stuff because you will just keep doing it. Being single is not a bad thing – it is empowering, you get to know yourself, you get to feel safer in who you are. You don’t take rubbish from other people after that because you know you can be on your own. And it means when you do come to a new relationship, you’re actually in a good space.”

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