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Best hair dyes 2024

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Investing in the best hair dye for home use doesn't have to be so scary. As much as we love a trip to the hair salon, sometimes forking out money for a cut and blow dry is a bit too much, so that's where our trusty box dyes come in handy. From DIY hair toning to at-home facials, we're basically becoming our own beauty therapists.

We once spent an extortionate amount on a full head of highlights, but now we're looking for alternatives we can master from home. For a fraction of the price as well as a lot more time on our hands, you can get a box dye job that's just as good as the hairdressers. But, don't forget a toner if you're looking to apply a blonde hair dye.

Closer's best hair dyes at a glance:

Best natural colour hair dye: Clairol Nice'n Easy Crème Permanent Hair Dye, £7.99 on Amazon

Best cruelty-free hair dye: Garnier Nutrisse Hair Dye Permanent, £7.99 on Amazon

Best foam hair dye: John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Hair Dye, £9.99 on Amazon

Best hair dye - Closer
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Plus, even celebs like Davina McCall and Holly Willoughby's hair dye jobs at home look fresh, where these celebs have expressed their love for at-home dye. And we can't deny their 'dos are pretty fab.

The best hair dyes on the market today offer a quick and inexpensive way to refresh your colour -whether you need a hair dye for dark hair, you're looking to cover your greys or even try a totally different look. They also save you mega £££ as the standard box dye will set you back less than £10.

But, be careful; if you have especially thick or long hair, you may need two boxes of hair dye to ensure an even finish.

The results? Healthy and vibrant-looking hair without needing to leave your own bathroom. It's a yes from us. From cult-favourite permanent dyes to a trendy silver hair dye, here are the very best hair dyes to see you through this time in style.

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Best natural colour hair dye

Clairol Nice'n Easy Crème Permanent Hair DyeAmazon
Price: $16.94
Alternative retailers
Walmart$20.08View offer

Clairol Nice'n Easy Creme gives a natural blend of tones and highlights for a stunning natural finish, so if you're looking for something that's not too intense, this is the one for you. With loads of colours to choose from, whether it's black hair dye, brown, red or blonde, we love this hair dye. Your dream colour awaits.


  • We love the wide range of colours available to use
  • Some reviews said that the dye covered odd grey hairs perfectly


  • Some reviewers claim the coverage doesn't last as long as others
Wait time25 minutes or 45 minutes for greys

Best cruelty-free hair dye

A nourishing hair dye which promises 100% grey coverage. The Garnier Nutrisse Hair Dye contains four oils to ensure minimal damage - what more could you want? It comes with a whole range of colours from brown hair dye and beyond to choose from, with a 5 oils conditioner that restores hair after colouring which we think is a great addition to the dye kit.


  • We love the wide range of colours available
  • Reviews say the colour results are lovely and complement natural hair colours


  • Some reviews said the smell of the dye was too strong
Wait time25-35 minutes

Best foam hair dye

A permanent hair dye with revolutionary, non-drip foam which covers every strand perfectly, the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour is one to go for. It also comes with a nourishing, after-colour conditioner for long-lasting colour that we absolutely love and works a treat on dehydrated hair.


  • Reviews said the conditioner was nourishing and worked well
  • We love the non-drip foam for easy application


  • Reviewers who had longer hair said they needed to order two boxes
Wait time20-30 mins

Best easy application hair dye

Enriched with pro-collagen and pro-ceramide for a multidimensional colour, the L'Oreal Excellence Age Perfect Hair Dye is perfect for anyone who fancies super natural results. This dark beige blonde is the perfect shade for a layered-tone colour and we love that it won't sacrifice the health of your hair.


  • We love that this product leaves hair shiny and healthy
  • Reviewers said that the enriched formula nourished hair


  • Some reviewers said the product was not as good on grey hairs
Wait time30 mins

Best hair dye for bold colour

A vivid deep red dye which leaves your hair brilliantly shiny. Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour + Lift permanent hair dye is enriched with a completely vegan formula and concentrated pigment mix which can lighten hair up to 3 levels. We think that's a dye worth raving about, don't you?


  • One reviewer said the product was long-lasting and had lasted throughout the summer months
  • We love that this product will give you a bold, vibrant hair colour


  • Some reviews said the product needed to be applied more than one for full coverage
Wait time20-30 mins

Best creative colour hair dye

Fudge Paintbox Hair ColourantLookFantastic
Price: £9.31 (was £10.95)

Change up your style with the Fudge Paintbox Hair Colourant in this vibrant Pink Riot colour, a semi-permanent hair dye that can be applied alone or with other shades to create a customised look. Apply a little or a lot depending on how deep you want the shade to be.


  • Reviews say that the product isn't patchy or streaky
  • We love that Fudge are big on hair care, and this dye is packed with keratin proteins


  • After a few washes colour can fade easily, according to some reviews
Wait time15-30 mins

Best metallic hair dye

Schwarzkopf LIVE Urban Metallic Vibrant Permanent Blue Hair DyeAmazon

If you're committed to the blue crew, you'll want to go down the permanent hair dye route, and no one does that better than Schwarzkopf. This Blue Mercury shade has a beautiful metallic tinge that shimmers in the light and leaves hair (according to some reviewers) shiny and healthy looking.


  • Reviews were pleased with the all-vegan formula
  • We adore the smell of this one - it's infused with coconut oil


  • Some reviewers said the dye coverage could be better
Wait time20 - 30 mins

Best trending hair dye

Shake it up with a new 'do. Whether you're already blonde or used bleach to lighten your locks, this Garnier Olia 9.11 Silver Smoke Permanent Hair Dye from Garnier will improve hair quality at the same time as colouring it. Free from ammonia and oil potent, your hair will feel smoother and look better than ever before. If you're a fan of subtle lavender hair dyes as well, this will be your ideal mixture of the two, which we absolutely adore and think is a perfect colour boost in between hairdresser appointments.


  • Some reviewers said they used this as a toner, making it extremely versatile
  • We love that this product is ammonia-free, which means no strong hair dye smell


  • Reviewers said that if you do not leave the product on long enough it may go patchy
Wait timeup to 45 mins

Best semi-permanent hair dye

BLEACH LONDON Awkward Peach Super Cool ColourCult Beauty

If you fancy trying something different, we love Bleach London's Super Cool Colour hair dye. Available in 13 shades from perfect pastel to something more bold, this semi-permanent dye will last between 2-10 washes, so we would argue it is ideal if you're looking to switch things up on a semi-permanent basis.


  • We think there is a wide range of bold colours, perfect if you love choice
  • Reviewers love the colour pay off and thought it was extremely good after one application


  • Some reviews said the texture was quite runny so if you're inexperienced with hair dye, maybe steer clear
Wait time30 minutes

Best henna hair dye

Rainbow Research, Henna, Hair Color & Conditioner Medium AuburniHerb

If you're wanting to Rainbow Research Henna Hair Colour from iHerb has this brown hair dye that we just can't resist. This pure natural henna plant powder is free from all chemicals and can even supposedly be used to cover greys, as well as add body and shine to all hair types. We're snapping this one up FAST.


  • Reviewers said the product left hair soft and smooth, unlike others
  • We love that this product is free of all chemicals, preservatives and dyes


  • Reviews say the product will not last as long as other hair colourants since it is not a regular hair dye
Wait timeUp to 75 mins depending on desired results

How to keep your coloured hair fresh and long-lasting:

Now, when it comes to making sure that fresh dye stays fresh, that can be a pretty hard job to maintain. Make sure to follow these tips to ensure a smooth and long-lasting process:

1. Limit your hair-washing days. Aim to wash your hair at least every other day if you are guilty of overwashing, as this can fade the colour, especially with red hair dye.

2. Try a dedicated colour-locking shampoo or conditioner. If you use a blonde dye, a purple shampoo for blonde hair will keep your hair non-brassy.

3. Turn down the water temperature when shampooing. Hot water can cause dye to bleed from your hair prematurely. Turn it to cold if you can handle it!

Remember, avoid getting dye on your skin. But if you do, don't worry just follow this quick easy guide to on how to get hair dye off skin.

Is hair dye safe?

Yes, almost all at-home box hair dyes are completely safe to use on your hair at home. What you want to ensure that you're doing is doing a patch test at least 24 hours before, especially if you have a particularly sensitive scalp.

Most box hair dyes will have patch test instructions inside the box. If you're not sure, all you need to do is mix up the dye and then place a little bit behind your ear and on a strand of hair to test the results.

What this will do is make sure that both your skin and hair can handle the chemicals in the pack. If you see any reaction, including red patches, itchiness or hair loss, remove the patch test immediately and consult a GP.

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