A guide to the best blonde hair dyes for a brass-free shine

These are the best at home blonde hair dyes for salon-level results at half the price

the best blonde hair dyes

by Lucy Smith |

There's no denying, blonde hair is high maintenance. From grown-out roots to those dreaded brass tones, there's lots to contend with.

That said, some products will definitely make your life easier and, to be quite honest, when your roots grow out in two weeks anyway, it almost doesn't seem worthwhile paying £££ for a salon trip.

If you ask us, box dyes are the way forward and, whatever your experience with that one dye that turned your hair orange, fear no more, because we've found all the best ones to save you from looking like a carrot top as you emerge from lockdown.

The best blonde hair dyes - our top three

1 - John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Hair Dye (10N, Extra Light Natural Blonde)

2 - Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Dye (B+++ Maximum Bleach Blonde)

3 - Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Intense Lightener (00A Absolute Platinum)

From silvery platinum to dirty blonde, there's a whole hoard of colours on the market and, chances are, there'll definitely be one for you, even if you're an mahogany brunette right now...

So, without further ado, we present to you, the best blonde hair dyes for every hair type, colour and age.

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Best blonde hair dyes 2022

Best blonde hair dye uk
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Best blonde hair dye for an even, non-streaky finish When it comes to dying your hair at home, it can be pretty tricky to ensure an even coverage across your whole head, especially the back. John Frieda's unique Precision Foam formula spreads super easily, allowing for everyone (even beginners) to achieve that flawless salon finish colour. We cannot recommend it enough. Pros: Colour is true to packaging and leaves hair looking shiny and nourished. Cons: Some reviews claim colour begins to fade after one month. Customer review: "I pretty much always need at least two boxes with other brands but with this one is fine. It doesn't go patchy, doesn't dry my hair and the colours are always nice and rich and if they do fade back they fade back evenly."

Best at home blonde hair dye
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Best blonde hair dye for minimal lasting damage If you're thinking about bleaching your hair, some damage and/or dryness is inevitable, but with Garnier's Olia dyes, you can rest easy knowing that the 60 per cent oil powered formula is doing its very best to condition your locks while still striving for that platinum shine. Pros: No ammonia so it doesn't reek, and has a non-drip formula. Cons: Some reviews claim it covers roots better than ends. Customer review: "Due to lockdown I've had to redo my roots at home and so I bought this and honestly does the trick! Be sure to cover your hair with a bag or shower cap to lock in heat while you wait for it to develop! My go to home brand for bleaching my hair blonde."

Best blonde hair dye uk
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Best blonde hair dye on a budget We all know that feeling when your roots are coming through and you simply cannot afford a trip to the salon for a half head. Enter, the £4.79 solution ud83dude4c. Schwarzkopf's platinum blonde lightener will take your hair up to eight shades lighter and, according to reviews, it'll do it without the dreaded yellow tinge. Pros: Neutralises undertones and works well on brunette hair. Cons: Some reviews claim it leaves hair a little straw-like. Customer review: "Brilliant lightener, had to use this twice and my hair is still in amazing condition! Lifted from a medium reddish brown to a light honey blonde and I love it."

Best at home blonde hair dye
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Best blonde hair dye for covering greys L'Oréal's Preference hair dye is the hair dye you're going to want if grey hairs are your nemesis. Ageing may be a privilege, but for £7.99 we might invest in some anti-privilege measures...Pros: Easy application and leaves hair soft and shiny. Cons: Some reviews claim it fades quite quickly. Customer review: "I can wholeheartedly recommend this dye. Application is effortless, the smell is pleasant but very strong so would suggest an open window/door policy when using this! At time of use, I had very mousy brown hair with more grey hair than I care to mention but this completely took care of it."

Best blonde hair dye uk
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Best at home blonde hair dye with professional results Josh Wood is the king of hair colour and so, naturally, he's the king of at-home hair colour, too. Many a celeb frequents his salon and, for those of us that can't afford a £200 dye-job, his at-home treatment is just the ticket. Pros: Non-patchy coverage and leaves hair in good condition. Cons: Reviews claim the result colour is darker than pictured on the box. Customer review: "The results are multi-tonal, no patches, and my hair is in great condition. The colour is a little darker than expected, which wasn't the plan when I dyed my hair, but I would still use this again and again, in the same colour. I have fairly long, thick hair, so I had to use two boxes - this isn't unusual though."

Best at home blonde hair dye
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Best blonde hair dye for easy application We've seen Holly Willoughby apply this stuff while having a chit chat on Instagram and, honestly, we're sold. If this will give us hair like Holly, we're well and truly here for it. Pros: Leaves hair shiny and protects against dryness for up to eight weeks. Cons: Slightly more red-y toned than pictured. Customer review: "It works a treat for me and I can honestly say that my hair has never been in better condition since ditching the hairdressers, It has never grown more and I also save a fortune!!"

Best blonde hair dye uk
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Best blonde hair dye for a quick root fix This is the dye for you if your hair's in pretty good nick, but you just need to give it a quick touch up. Plus, it doesn't smell foul, which is always a pleasant surprise. Pros: Gentle formula and doesn't dry out hair, even with two weekly/monthly touch ups Cons: Won't cover 100 per cent of greys, but works fab on white hair. Customer review: "This hair dye is brilliant! Easy to use and most of all, a really nice natural looking colour. Natural looking roots too . Will definitely be buying this from now on!"


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How to: dye hair at home

Whether you've got blonde, red or even purple hair, you can dye it at home, so here's some top tips.

You will need...

1 - A plastic dye brush and bowl (you can get these on Amazon super cheap)

2 - Make-up wipes

3 - A disposable shower cap (again, Amazon)

4 - Latex gloves, a couple of pairs (once more...Amazon 😂)

5 - A barrier cream (like Vaseline)

6 - Hair clips/bands to section

7 - And your box dye, of course. If you have thick or long hair, you might want to buy two boxes.

Method plus dos and Don'ts

1 - Put on an old shirt that you don't care about. You'll want something you can button open, but also something you won't mind the dye dripping onto (even if it says non-drip, there's no guarantee).

2 - Lay everything out in front of you ready to go. You don't want to be elbow deep in dye when you realise you haven't opened one of the bottles.

3 - TEST YOUR COLOUR. If you want to avoid green hair, test your dye of choice on a small patch of hidden hair before you start.

4 - Smear the barrier cream around your hairline to prevent staining. Don't forget to do on and around your ears.

5 - Section off your first layer of hair with a clip (we recommend between four and six layers total, depending on your hair's thickness).

6 - For the best results, use your brush and bowl (don't squirt it on from the bottle), follow the instructions on the box and apply the dye to dry hair, starting at the root and combing down through to the ends.

7 - Wipe away any dye spills as soon as they happen to avoid any nasty stains.

8 - And, while the dye develops, use your shower cap to prevent any further drips/stains.

9 - Finish up the process/any conditioning treatments provided as instructed and enjoy your flashy new 'do 💁🏼‍♀️.

10- avoid getting dye on your skin, but if you do don't worry just follow this quick easy guide to getting it off.

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