The best dark hair dyes inspired by former TOWIE star Clelia Theodorou

Plus, the best brown hair dyes to recreate the look

best brown hair dyes

by Caitlin Casey |

She's always been a sultry brunette, but former TOWIE star Clelia Theodorou has hit the bottle (and the hair extensions) and gone for an even darker, longer hairstyle.

Uploading a clip of her swishing her newly dyed and lengthened tresses, Clelia recently thanked her glam squad at Brendan Drayton and Easilocks hair extensions for her "longer and darker" new 'do.

Fans were loving the makeover, with one writing, "You have such gorgeous hair 😍" and plenty more leaving heart eye and fire emojis in the comments.

Honestly, look how soft and shiny her hair is? Complete GOALS.

Clelia was axed from the show that made her famous in September 2021, alongside loads of others. And while the likes of Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green made a brief return for the TOWIE Christmas special, Clelia, and her boyfriend Tommy Cole were sadly was no where to be seen.

Perhaps we'll be seeing her back in Brentford in 2022?


It's not just Clelia that has switched to the dark side recently though - celebs like Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and others have rocked the darkest of dark hair and it's a trend that's here to stay.

Last summer we saw Giovanna Fletcher chop her locks and go dark and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner unleashed a new brunette do via Insta - see below for her beaut dark plait.

Not every dark hair dye is the same though, you have your browns and brunettes as well as your more experimental purples, reds and blues if you're feeling a change-up.

Get Clelia's look: what is the best hair dye for dark hair?

There are loads of choices on the market for hair dye so it's no surprise it can be pretty overwhelming to know which dye to go for. We thought about all the things that are important when it comes down to choosing a dye and here's what we found:

Permanent or semi-permanent: Are you willing to take the plunge permanently? If not, you can always choose a semi-permanent dye that will wash out over a few washes. Dark hair is pretty hard to wash out, so always be aware of that even when choosing a semi-permanent dye.

Think about the application: There are a variety of applicators in different dyes when you buy them. Whether you want an easy foam, all-round applicator or even a head wrap to pull out certain strands of hair.

Be prepared for the outcome: Chances are, if this is your first time dying your hair, it may not come out exactly how you expect. It all depends on if your hair has been dyed before, how precise you are in your application and how big a change you’re going. Take it easy and be patient with your dye.

How to look after brown hair: You'll be forgiven if you think going brunette is much more low maintenance than going blonde or red (which both need regular work to keep the colour fresh), but you can still do the most to look after your brunette locks, including using toners, intensive hair oils and masks.

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As always, if you're going to dye your hair using a new dye, make sure you do a patch test on your skin to ensure total safety with your new 'do.

If you’re fond of your hair dye, you’re likely to have come across Garnier before. Its Nutrisse selection includes a nourishing and protecting formula which leaves your hair glossy. This will tackle dryness for up to eight weeks and has a lovely fruity fragrance, including natural oils such as avocado, olive oil and blackcurrant. Sign us up.

Application: Applicator and developer cream

Number of shades: Over 20 dark shades to choose from, including red, brown, purple, blue and black

Review: "Went from blonde to my natural colour using this hair dye as it was on offer. Easy prays to do and now my hair feels AMAZING so will definitely use it again."

Say hello to this L’Oreal Paris Preference Infinia dye which boasts a formula with "colour enriching pigments". Another dye that lasts for a decent eight weeks with full coverage and uses flower oils with floral fragrance to leave your hair silky and healthy

Application: Developer cream and colourant gel

Number of shades: Over 12 natural dark shades

Review: "This dye is amazing, leaves hair soft and shiny. I would not use any other brand except this to dye my hair as it is so good!"

John Frieda is a legend in the hair world, and this is our choice of the top foam dark hair dyes you could choose. This 'Precision Foam Colour' dye uses foam technology for ease of application, especially if you’re in a rush. All you need to do is massage in and rinse out for lasting results.

Application: Colourant, developer and foamer

Number of shades: Seven natural dark shades to choose from, including black

Review: "Very simple and mess-free to use in the comfort of your own home especially during the current period. Results last up to approximately 6 weeks for me so definitely recommend this product for roots in particular!"

A slightly more expensive hair dye, this Josh Wood hair colour is perfect if you’re looking for top salon quality. Josh Wood is another famous hair name, and this dye is ammonia-free whilst conditioning for shine. All it takes is thirty minutes to develop and you'll have perfect hair.

Application: Colour, activator and stain remover wipe

Number of shades: Four different shades to choose from

Review: "Rich deep beautiful colour my hair is really soft and the colour is really professional. I will always buy this from now on I used light brown it turned out darker than the name just what I wanted. Lovely."

Another Garnier option, this Garnier Olia hair dye is a classic in the haircare world. With a non-drip formula and flower oils to leave hair soft, it's even better now that it’s available on ASOS so you can grab it whilst you’re doing a cheeky haul. It's ammonia-free and leaves your hair feeling silky.

Application: Colour and developer

Number of shades: 13 different dark shades to choose from

Review: "Always such good quality. Love the conditioner it comes with too, makes hair silky and soft immediately after dying."

If you’re looking for a dark hair dye that has a creamier formula, then the Clairol Nice 'n Easy Crème Oil hair dye is a great choice. With a blend of three salon tones and highlights in one dye, it gives a completely natural look and leaves your hair soft with the built-in conditioner. Also great for sensitive skin as it’s a gentler formation.

Application: Colour and activator

Number of shades: Over 10 dark natural shades to choose from

Review: "First time using this brand. Easy to use and no mess. So happy! Would definitely recommend it."

If you’re looking for a vibrant dark black-blue hair dye to use, this L’Oreal Colorista gel is a great option. This collection is particularly for those looking for a colourful tone to their dark hair. With high intensity and three times as much more shine, you’ll be wowing everyone in no time.

Application: Colour gel and activator

Number of shades: We’ve picked out this blue-black colour especially but you can also get silver, copper, and grey too.

Review: "Great quality hair colour. The colour is good and the shine is just exceptional. Weeks on colour still good and shine still there."

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What’s the best hair colour for 2022?

We’re biased but we totally LOVE darker hair RN, showing off those locks with a glossy brown or dark blonde colour.

If that’s not your thing though, don’t fret. Over the past year and a half, we have realised that anything goes. What better way to get back out there than with a totally new 'do?

Silver hair has been a top trend over the past year, as well as black hair has been popping up and ginger and brassy copper red hair taking a shine, too.

If you’re feeling even more experimental, why not try a two-tone, with the blond in your fringe and black in the rest of your hair? We saw it on TikTok, so it must be good.

How can you get hair dye off your skin?

Even if you wear gloves, sometimes you can find your skin gets stained from applying hair dye. Check out this quick easy method to get hair dye out of your skin.

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