TOWIE: Chloe Meadows reveals ‘bitter’ star as love feud divides cast

TOWIE returns Sunday 24 March


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This time next week we'll have had five days to process what the hell happened in the first episode of TOWIE: Bali and we have a feeling we will need every second.

The reality TV show returns Sunday 24 March and to say we are hyped would be the understatement of the century; an unprecedented amount of drama occurred during the trip to Bali and we cannot wait to see it play out on our telly screens.

One person who knows all too well what went down on the Essex family vacation is Queen B Amber Turner's BFF, Chloe Meadows.

Chloe and courtney
Chloe and Courtney ©TOWIE - ITV - LIME PICTURES

The oat-latte loving, cowboy-boot wearing reality TV star was the latest to be featured on the show's 'Postcards from Bali' segment (TOWIE's official Instagram has been posting the segment on the grid and she was more than happy to spill some tea).

Chatting about the Ella x Dan x Amber drama Chloe couldn't help but shade her bestie's ex as she lifted the lid on the Bali gossip and Dan Edgar's dalliance with Ella Rae Wise.

"I think he's doing it because he's bitter," she admitted, "Maybe with Amber, with the Amber situation, like I think Amber hurt him."

Chloe and amber
Chloe and amber are besties ©TOWIE - ITV - LIME PICTURES

By now it's a secret to absolutely NO ONE that Dan, who split from Amber last year, has been getting frisky with Ella and thus caused a rift between Ella and Harry Derbidge, as well as pretty much every single cast member.

Chloe also said what surely everybody has been thinking when chatting about Dan and Ella hooking up, because sorry but has everyone forgotten about the voice note saga? Does nobody recall Ella accusing Dan of getting a little too close for comfort when he was still with Amber?

Courtney Chloe and amber
Courtney, Chloe and amber ©TOWIE - ITV - LIME PICTURES

"With what went on before with Ella and Dan maybe that means there's no smoke without fire," Chloe said. "Because if Ella was accusing him of flirting in a club before and now he's getting with her maybe that does mean that he liked her."

Thank GOD we have Chloe M to be the voice of reason in these trying times.

"To get back at your ex the perfect person to get with is someone you've had, like a bit of a history with before," she went on. "That's really going to piss your ex off."

We can't imagine Amber was particularly thrilled about Dan and Ella sharing a li'l holiday fling, in fact, Amber unfollowed Ella on Instagram, despite them making amends last series – seriously, Ella almost joined 'girl band' and everything.

But we supposed there's nothing like hooking up with someone's ex to turn them into an enemy, eh?

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