TOWIE: wait, has Amber Turner fallen out with Sophie Kasaei?

A rather cryptic Instagram Q&A response has raised an eyebrow...

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So many members of the TOWIE cast are feuding right now that even we're struggling to keep up with all the #dramz – and we're Closer, FYI.

To be honest, it doesn't help that we're currently watching feuds filmed back in January (in Bali) play out on screen while all new feuds are playing out on social media in real time (a LOT can happen in Essex in three months).

TOWIE producers should really think about taking away the cast's phones until the final ep of the series has aired; so we're not watching two Essex soap operas play out at the same time – it's just confusing.

Chloe, Courtney, Harry and Jordan
Chloe, Courtney, Harry and Jordan ©©ITV

Actually, don't do that, ITV – we get 90 percent of our TOWIE tea from their Instagram stories, their passive aggressive meme shares and their spicy Q&As.

Speaking of which, has the latest TOWIE Q&A just shone a light on an all new feud? We truly hope not because we actually adore these two reality queens; but there's definitely something to unpick when it comes to the friendship between Queen B Amber Turner and Jordan Brook's girlfriend, Sophie Kasaei.

Chloe, Amber and Elma
Chloe, Amber and Elma ©©Lime Pictures

As TOWIE fans will already know, Sophie joined the cast of TOWIE last year as Jordan's girlfriend. While she's not officially a main cast member, she has rubbed shoulders with all the major players in the cast – especially Amber. The girls have filmed several scenes together and have always seemingly got along comfortably; in fact, Sophie recently said that she had a "massive soft spot" for Amber and that she was completely different off camera.

So what's with this very cryptic Q&A response?

Last week, Sophie held a no holds barred Instagram Q&A with her two million followers, and one TOWIE fan – who's clearly after a job at Closer online – asked the reality star, "Are you still friends with Amber? X."

sophie kasaei instagram story

Straight on the nose. We love it.

Now if Sophie wanted to brush past this question, surely she would've said something like, "Yeah, fine," or "She's a babe." Maybe with some choice emojis to complement a lacklustre response – something to throw us blood hounds off the scent.

Instead, Sophie responded by saying, "Friends with all the cast. I'm only on as Jordan's GF so not my place to get involved in deep topics xx."

Jordan Brook and Sophie Kasaei
Jordan Brook and Sophie Kasaei ©(Photo by Ricky Vigil/GC Images)

Ooft. Several things to unpick here: one, you are so much more than Jordan's girlfriend, Sophie, you are REALITY TELLY QUEEN SOPHIE KASAEI, two, 'not your place'? Three, 'deep topics'?

Your guess is as good as ours, but if you ask us, this reeks of undertones and only creates more questions.

Sophie has only appeared on series 33 of TOWIE on FaceTime so far, although she is expected to pop up in a few scenes when the main cast return to Essex. Sophie and Joe Blackman were among the TOWIE guests not invited on the Bali trip, as these trips are usually exclusive to main cast members only – although Diags' girlfriend Jodie Wells did manage to swing an invite this year, which apparently didn't go down well with some of the cast...

Sophie and Amber's representatives were both contacted for comment. Sophie's rep told Closer online, "They're definitely friends." Amber's reps are yet to comment.

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