Sophie Kasaei reveals ‘brilliant’ and ‘naughty’ TOWIE stars who are completely different off-screen

Geordie Shore star opens up on the surprising TOWIE stars who aren't how they seem on the show

Amy Childs, Sophie Kasaei and Amber Turner

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We never thought we’d see the day that TOWIE welcomed a Geordie Shore star into the cast, but that’s exactly what happened when Sophie Kasaei joined the show earlier this year after falling madly in love with Essex gent Jordan Brook.

Sophie is now a fully-fledged Essex girl after moving into a swanky pad with Jordan and although she usually stays out of the cast drama, she was recently seen giving close pal Amber Turner some heartfelt advice following her break-up with Dan Edgar.

In an exclusive interview with Closer, Sophie has spoken out what Amber is really like and, frankly, it’s completely different to how she comes across on-screen.

Sophie told us, “Amber Turner in real life is absolutely brilliant to be around, I’ve got a massive soft spot for her, but on camera the scenarios she’s in don’t reflect who she is off screen. When we’re together we have such a laugh.”

The reality star also praised TOWIE OG Amy Childs as she added, “I love filming with Amy too, she’s so naughty.

“We’ve been on screen together for the same time and she’s great to be around.”

Opening up about adjusting to life in Essex, Sophie continued, “Essex is really different, the only thing I struggle with is having as many friends. I’m a social butterfly, I know so many people in Newcastle. I can message my friends at any point, and we’ll go head out – whereas in Essex, I’m a little bit introverted and that’s something I’m not used to.

“Jordan’s introduced me to his friends girlfriends, who are wonderful and that’s helped. I really struggle making new friends because I have to tell them all about Geordie Shore or I might be out for brunch and people can ask for photos, and for new people I’m hanging out with it can be quite different being in the limelight.”

As for the former TOWIE star she’d love to bring back to the show, Sophie admitted she wants the one and only Gemma Collins to return.

“She’s TV gold and iconic. I’d love to film a scene together in the same room eating pie and mash – there’ll never be another Gemma Collins,” she said.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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