Love Island 2023 star’s surprise TOWIE link revealed 👀

They attended the House of Sims event

Olivia and Ellie

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A TOWIE x Love Island crossover has occurred and now all our dreams are coming true.

There are few things we are mildly obsessed with down at Closer HQ, we love a celeb hair transformations nearly as much as an expected break-up, speaking of have you heard about Amber and Dan?

But at the top of our list is when two of our fave shows clash to create the ultimate reality TV experience and at the House of Sims event last night that is exactly what happened.

Demi Sims and her older sister Frankie Sims celebrated the launch of their new TV show and it turns out that not only did half of Essex turn up but a few Love Island 2023 alumni also made an appearance.

The celebs all took to their Instagram Story to show how much fun they were having at the event and it's great to see them having such a wonderful time as sadly our invitations were lost in the post.

One face we were surprised to see was Love Island bombshell Zara Lackenby-Brown, the Islander even managed to make it onto the story of both Sims sisters.

Demi added the caption "House of Sims event🥳🥳🥳" and tagged Zara, her sister Frankie and the PR company.

Zara attended the House of Sims press party

TOWIE's fave besties Dani Imbert and Junaid Ahmedwere also having the best of times dancing the night away, eating cupcakes and not making us even slightly jealous.

Zara is London based but just IMAGINE her making a surprise appearance on TOWIE, heads would roll. What we would pay to see her go head to head with Amber Turner.

love island zara 2023
zara's had a journey in the villa ©ITV

Who is Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown?

Zara is a winter Love Island 2023 bombshell who entered the villa alongside David Salako on day three.

How old is Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown?

She is 25 years old.

Where is Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown from?

Zara is a London girl.

What does Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown do for a living?

Zara is a model, performer, property developer and TV / film actor. She also produces club tracks. Total fingers in many pies vibes.

Before going into the villa she said, "I’ve always loved being on stage and performing, I did musical theatre and performing arts at university.

"I’m fully trained in ballet, tap and jazz and have singing qualifications which led me to get scouted as a model. I’ve since gone onto do lots of modelling and dancing for music videos for UK and global artists, I’ve worked with people like Hardy Caprio, Headie One, Aitch, Tion Wayne and more."

zara in the villa

Did Zara Lackenby-Brown and Olivia Hawkins know each other before Love Island?

They sure did and one of their Islander pals spoke out about them discussing it in the villa.

What did Anna-May Robey and David Salako say about Zara Lackenby-Brown?

"Zara I believe is being misrepresented," David Salako exclusively told us during an interview for Closer's Love Island secrets, "I feel like she's coming across a bit like the villain but that's just how her personality is.

"She's confident, she's straight forward and she just says it how it is and that's not a bad thing."

love island zara and olivia
olivia and zara have clashed in the villa ©ITV

Anna-May Robey added, "I agree. She says what she thinks. She's quite fiery but she is really, really lovely as well, but they don't show that, when she's calm and she's nice.

"They don't show that, they just show when she's kicking off but she's a lovely girl."

Does Zara Lackenby-Brown know Demi Jones?

We have (of course) done some serious digging on all the Love Island 2023 cast and, as such, have learned something rather interesting about Zara - she's bestie with none other than winter Love Island 2020 star Demi Jones.

Yep, Zara is besties with the very same girl who had a dalliance with Luke Mabbott and was cruelly wronged by Nas Majeed.

Shortly after Zara's arrival was teased, Demi took to her Instagram Story to reveal her connection to the star.


She shared Zara's Love Island photo and wrote, "Our very own 🫶🏽🥹 one of my besties is going on the show tomorrow and it's all been a complete secret!

"Rooting for our queen 👸🏽 @itszaradeniz."

Good to know this new bombshell isn't afraid of breaking a few Love Island rules, too (let's face it, those Islanders make the best telly); we're pretty sure you're not meant to share your newfound Islander status with your mates, Zara.

What is Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown's Instagram?

You can find Zara on Instagram at @itszaradeniz.

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