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Demi Sims

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She's the younger sister of Essex legend Chloe Sims and currently stars on TOWIE but how much do you know about Demi Sims?

The Essex star first graced our screens way back in 2014 but since then she's also starred on Celebs Go Dating and has dated a few people in the spotlight too.

So, who is she? Who is she dating? And how old is she? Don't worry we've got all the answers...

Is Demi Sims' in a relationship?

Demi Sims has had an eclectic love life but her biggest relationship was with from fellow reality queen Francesca Farago, who rose to fame on Netflix’s 2020 smash, Too Hot to Handle.

The couple are thought to have met on social media and spent the first weeks of 2021 working on a fashion campaign together in Mexico. However, the pair split in April just weeks after Francesca moved to London and joined TOWIE.

Most recently, Demi was rumoured to have rekindled her relationship with her ex Leonie McSorley after they flirted up a storm on Instagram.

Demi and Leonie first began dating in 2019 and made their relationship official last year when the Scottish model and influencer confirmed she was “wifed off” after asking Demi to be her girlfriend.

The pair even teased marriage when Leonie commented that she was “getting bride vibes” from one of Demi’s Insta pics, to which she replied, “Proposal soon? 🥺🙋‍♀‍❤‍.”

Unfortunately, a proposal didn’t materialise and Leonie confirmed she and Demi had split last December.

However, by the looks of her Instagram and party lifestyle, Demi is currently one hundred per cent single.

When did Demi Sims and Francesca Farago start dating?

They were first rumoured to be dating in early January 2021 after Francesca’s short-lived engagement to THTH co-star Harry Jowsey, when eagle-eyed fans spotted them flirting up a storm on social media.

By February it was reported than US-based Francesca was "making a huge sacrifice" for her new girlfriend by making plans to move to London after just one month of dating.

Is Demi Sims' ex-girlfriend Francesca Farago still on TOWIE?

Err, that would be a no.

Francesca joined the show after going official with Demi and appeared to get on well with Demi's sisters and her friend Harry Derbidge but they've since called time on their relationship and the Canadian reality star hasn't been seen on the ITVBe show since.

More recently though, Francesca has been rumoured to be joining the cast of Ex On The Beach...

When did Demi Sims and Francesca Farago split?

The reality stars called time on their relationship in April, with Francesca confirming the split on Instagram.

Although Francesca insisted "nothing bad happened", she went on to add that Demi has blocked her on the 'gram because, "she thought seeing me on social media would be too difficult for her".

How old is Demi Sims?

Although she seems wise beyond her years, Demi is just 25 years old. She was born on 6 September 1996, making her a Virgo.

What did Demi Sims do before TOWIE?

Demi looks very different nowadays compared to when she first starred on the show in 2014 when she was just a student and has swapped her brown locks for a platinum blonde bob and fuller lips.

demi sims towie before fame

Why did Demi Sims dissolve her lip fillers?

Demi revealed she'd decided to get her lip fillers dissolved in December 2021 as she told fans, "Good morning, so I’ve had all of my lip filler dissolved, I haven't had my lips done for a year and half because I was waiting for them to dissolve naturally but it was taking ages! So I decided to get them dissolved and now these are my natural lips. I’m so happy.”

Demi Sims lip fillers dissolved
©Instagram/Demi Sims

However, the TOWIE star decided to add some filler back into her lips just a few weeks later. She explained, "So a few weeks ago I had my lips dissolved, and it was the best thing I ever did! It takes one week to dissolve fully but I saw the results after 24hrs, my lips had been stretched and like anything on your body if it was stretched it would end up a bit loose after losing its volume, so I had to get the tiniest bit put back in to fill out the wrinkles, but I absolutely love them!"

Demi added, "They’re way more natural than before 😍 Couldn't thank @vogueaestheticsx enough! If you’re looking to do the same defo check them out.”

Has Demi Sims got vitiligo?

Demi has been incredibly open about having vitiligo, a long-term condition where pale white patches develop on the skin. It's caused by the lack of melanin, which is the pigment in skin. Vitiligo can affect any area of skin, but it commonly happens on the face, neck and hands, and in skin creases.

Despite admitting that she used to hide her vitiligo for years, she's since been praised by fans for sharing snaps of her condition on Instagram.

Opening up about her condition, Demi said, "I remember how worried I used to be about my patches, always putting make-up over them and editing them out my pictures and now I am so proud of them."

Who is Demi Sims sister?

Demi is the youngest of the Sims sisters, with eldest sibling Chloe Sims the longest running TOWIE cast member and arguably the Queen of Essex. She was at the centre of some MAJOR drams a few years ago when it was finally revealed she'd been sleeping with fellow cast member Pete Wicks for TWO YEARS, despite always having maintained they were just friends.

The trio recently survived a brutal TOWIE cull that was many familiar faces axed in favour of a more streamlined cast.

As the cast headed to Sandbanks in Dorset to film scenes for the new series, Chloe admitted that the shake up separated those who were willing to be open about their lives compared to those who were more secretive.

She told The Sun, "I think it’s how open you are and need to be. I don't think the difference between the cast who have left and the cast who have stayed is anything to do with being legends. I think it's how much you’re willing to share; how raw you're willing to be.

"A lot of the cast who have left had private relationships off Towie and that doesn't really work because you have to share everything. I’ve been an open book and shared the ups and all the downs - and there’s been a lot of them."

Safe to say the Sims sisters are not holding back this series...

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Middle sister Frankie Sims, 26, followed in her sisters’ footsteps in 2019 when she also joined the cast of TOWIE, and in November last year admitted during a Q&A with fans that she couldn’t wait to join the TOWIE mummy club.

They’ve also got a brother called Charlie - who was on TOWIE and dated Ferne McCann.

What happened with Demi Sims and Megan Barton Hanson?

In 2019, Demi crossed the reality TV threshold into E4’s Celebs Go Dating, and met 2018 Love Islander Megan Barton-Hanson, who had recently admitted she was bisexual.

Despite the then-rule banning inter-celeb relations on the show, Demi and Megan hit it off and ended up attending the wrap party together. But it wasn’t to last, and shortly after splitting, Megan began dating Demi’s ex, musician Chelcee Grimes. Ouch.

Megan has since told heatworld, "Since we’d broken up, we hadn’t spoken and it had turned a little bit bitter. But we always got on, just not in a romantic capacity, so I had so much respect for her. She wasn’t an ex who I didn’t want to see again.

Megan Barton Hanson Celebs Go Dating
Demi and Megan on Celebs Go Dating in 2019 ©E4


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What happened with Demi Sims and Leonie McSorley?

After her very public split from Megan, Demi was single for a while before hooking up with another reality star, Ex on the Beach’s Leonie McSorley, going official when Leonie uploaded a pic of the two of them with the caption, "Wifed off".

In October last year, Demi set tongues wagging the couple were engaged when she uploaded a snap of herself in what looked suspiciously like a wedding dress with the caption, "You are worth finding, worth knowing and worth loving."

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When did Demi Sims join TOWIE?

Demi followed in big sis Chloe’s footsteps when she joined the regular cast of TOWIE in November 2018.

But long-term fans will remember when she first appeared on the show way back in 2014 during seasons 12 alongside Chloe, and it’s fair to say she looked completely different. We wouldn’t have recognised her.

Is Demi Sims still on TOWIE?

Yep, Demi survived last year's cast cull alongside her sisters and they appeared on series 29 which started in September 2021. We're currently waiting for series 30 to start filming as coronavirus restrictions have delayed production, however it's claimed the cast will be returning to work in June.

Whenever TOWIE returns to our screens, viewers can expect to see Demi back on the box.

Does Demi Sims have Instagram?

Er, obviously. You can find her on the ‘gram at @demsims.

Does Demi Sims have Twitter?

Her Twitter handle is demi_sims.

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