Pete Wicks teases GHASTLY new show after quitting TOWIE

'All my dignity has gone'

Pete Wicks

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TOWIE just won't be the same without everyone's favourite dark prince aka Pete Wicks.

Ever since the iconic cast member announced his departure from the show and slammed basically the entire cast, we have all been wondering what the hell is next for Essex's resident charmer.

You need not wonder any longer as Pete has a couple of hundred things in the pipeline and this next move is truly going to make for hilarious viewing.

sam and his BFF Pete

During the most recent episode of his Staying Relevant podcast that he co-hosts alongside former Made in Chelsea star and golden retriever BFF, Sam Thompson, Pete announced a potential ghost-hunting trip and honestly, need we say more?

Pete merely mentioned that he believes in ghosts and admitted, “I am someone who has got a gift apparently.”

That it was all it took for everyone’s favourite little brother to jump at the opportunity to make yet ANOTHER career move alongside Pete.

“Can we make it a show? Can we make us go ghost hunting a show?”

“It’s the only one we haven’t tried. Might as f**king well,” Pete replied in reference to the fact that between them the duo has taken part in 90% of reality shows.

Pete and Sam are hilarious at the best of times but imagine them in a haunted mansion with nothing but each other. It truly writes itself.

From Celebs go Dating (where the bromance was born) and Celebrity Big Brother to Celebrity Masterchef and Celebrity Coach Trip, Pete and Sam are running out of options. That’s not even mentioning TOWIE and MIC, the two reality TV shows that made them both famous.

Pete’s former flame and Queen of Essex, Chloe Sims went through the ghost hunting experience back in 2018 and apparently WET herself in terror.

We can’t imagine much scaring Pete to be honest, but we recommend Sam perhaps taking an extra set of underwear.

That's not all the lothario has planned as Pete also explained that in a bid to 'stay relevant' he found himself dressed up as character from Bridgerton promoting dog food. Now those are photos we cannot wait to see.

Chatting about the experience, Pete confessed, "I did think to myself, 'I used to have a real job,'" and admitted, "Dignity wise - gone."

LISTEN: The Staying Relevant podcast

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