Amber Turner TOWIE: her romance with co-star Dan Edgar from the start

They're one of TOWIE's most turbulent couples

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Amber Turner and Dan Edgar are up there with some of the most prolific on-ers and off-ers on TOWIE.

While they might be solid now, during their four-year relationship there's certainly been times we've not been able to keep up with whether they're together or not.

If you're feeling just as confused as we are, we've put together their complete relationship timeline to clear things up.

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TOWIE Amber Turner Dan Edgar relationship timeline

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Amber and Dan might be one of TOWIE's strongest couples now, but their relationship began amid infidelity rumours. Dan's on-off relationship with Kate Wright (now Ferdinand) was at the centre of many a storyline, up until their split in 2016. Amber joined the cast in 2017 as the girlfriend of Jamie Reed but they split soon after when Jamie accused Amber of cheating on him. After a period of 'seeing each other', Dan and Amber made things official in 2018.

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Things weren't to last though and just a month after going official, they called it quits, with a source saying, "Amber and Dan have decided to go their separate ways after dating for the last month. Dan has been less than impressed by the way Amber has handled herself since going on the show."Ooft. Dan briefly reconciled with his ex Lauren Pope before the couple decided to give things another go.

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2018 passed in a blur but by December of that year after a particularly dramatic series, Dan and Amber had split again with friends saying they thought it was "for good". A source said, "They are both heartbroken."Amber does love Dan so it was a really hard decision, especially so close to Christmas but they both agree it's for the best."

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Shortly after their split during a group holiday to Thailand, Dan was reported to have grown romantically close to his long-term pal Chloe Sims, and by March the former friends were making a go of things, leaving Amber feeling betrayed.Amber's BFF Courtney Green said, "She's not even fuming, she's just so confused. She doesn't believe it's true, like 'what is going on?' I feel for her. She has spoken to Dan."That's the thing is that we didn't have any answers for her, we were speaking to her a lot and we were saying we couldn't work it out. It was completely out of the blue."

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But wait! It later came to light that Dan and Amber had met up for a secret belated Valentine's Day date in March, shortly before that fateful Thailand holiday.Chloe Meadows said at the time, "I'm not sure what is going on with them two."As of right now they're not together but who knows. Amber is quite hard to get information out of. I think he's a really nice boy. I like Dan but do I think he has treated her right so far? No."I just hope he realises how good he has it because Amber is a really nice girl."

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Despite Dan moving on with Chloe Sims, in April Courtney said Amber's feelings towards her ex-boyfriend haven't changed.She explained to The Sun, "I am on Amber's side. It's still an ex boyfriend and it's still who she loves.She even hinted that Dan may still be into his ex-girlfriend even though he's now dating Chloe."It's not that they're not the real deal, it's more that it's just gone a bit too quick and obviously Amber is my best friend and he's her ex-boyfriend so I'm always going to be a bit wary of the situation."But I just said, 'Listen if them two end up together then that's fine'. It's just the fact Amber is my best friend."

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Fast forward two months and Amber and Dan confirmed they were BACK ON - much to the chagrin of friends and fans. The TOWIE stars were on holiday in Ibiza and put on a full loved-up display by kissing on the beach. Perhaps not so surprising, though, because Amber said in tearful scenes on TOWIE, "So obviously the day he went to Thailand me and him were fine, there was no issue, and then he rang and told me that Chloe Sims had admitted that she had feelings for him."I was like 'what did you say back' and he was basically telling me his head's gone, he doesn't know what to do and he doesn't want to be with Chloe, but he's lost his head about thing".

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In June, Amber was forced to defend their reunion after she was targeted by fans on Instagram. She wrote, "Thanks to everyone who's commented something nice!!!"People make mistakes and we all can live OUR lives however we want. Don't need to be told what we can and can't do."Everyone else is irrelevant and we are happy."

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But despite putting on a united front, it wasn't long before cracks started showing AGAIN when fan's insisted Amber deserved better when Dan refused to back her in an argument with Yazmin Oukhellou over their rival fitness apps.One fan said, "Why does Fan priorities EVERY SINGLE BOY in the entire world over Amber... Honestly he'd prioritise a random person on the street's feelings over Amber's.""Seriously what kind of boyfriend is Dan," said another. "Literally crying about being friends with Lockie making Amber feel even worse. You know if Dan was to speak about Yaz the way Lockie does about Amber there would be an issue but Dan clearly doesn't respect his girlfriend enough."Ouch.

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But despite the criticism, Dan and Amber currently appear to be on track, with the couple even planning on getting a dog together.

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